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Ok, Who's blingin' Murci is this????

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Blue S2, Jan 7, 2005.

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    I like the color and the fact that the wings were left up. I think it makes the car look soooo much better. Those wheels and graphics are pretty far out though! Originality points, definitely.
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  3. The wing is a little much too, imo.

    But the flames/streamers...why??? Methinks bicycle handle streamers, a deck of cards against the wheels and a brown hood scoop would have finished it proper!

  4. The color and vents look great, I agree. The wing is not too bad, but the stripes and the rims ruin it. On a car like that IMO, rims like that just look tacky...and the stripes--I mean c'mon!!
  5. looks like a hotwheels toy! neat!
  6. My alltime favorite Murcie color, love the side vents and the wing looks fine, not to flashy. The graphics, however, do not quite work...looks a little overdone to me.
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  8. the color is alright but the graphics... + the chrome wheel...
    makes that bling bling wheel look like a very fast cyper sperm with multiple tails...
  9. (any comment on the quad exhaust?)
  10. WOW, the graphics are a bit much, the color reminds me of Dodge SUBLIME from the 70s Hemi Cudas :)
    I LOVE the wing, wish it was bigger :)
  11. What nationality is the plate that is on it.....?

    The wing is OK.......the graphics and wheels have got to go.
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  13. Pass. :(

    Plate is written in Arabic.
  14. Oh look! I didnt even notice on the first pass. The calipers are painted lime to match!

    I wonder what the interior looks like...
  15. I think its Busta Rhymes's Murcie...
  16. Shaan - Busta isn't Arab!

    Wing is nice.
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  18. I thought that was just some other decal, like a lady standing up or something random like that. You never know what you will find on a car thats been blingafied!
  19. Nope, it isn't. Busta's has no flames and the rims are totally different and body color accented as well.

  20. My guess was Busta's also, but it doesn't have "flames" and arabic plates.

  21. "Now it was my car it even has spinnas man you know what im sayan!"

    No im just messin around i believe that car belongs to some Rap artest named busta rames. But he had a normal murcielago with no mods on it and he also owned a black one and the Diablo 6.0.

    I could be wrong though almost every celeb and rock star has a lambo or a Ferrari so its very difficult to point out whos car that is.
  22. This car was spotted in the south of France . It comes from Saudi Arabia or UAE .
  23. It's a naked lady decal, like the infamous trucker mudflaps.

    But in reality it looks like the lambo bull.
  24. i can't believe no one has noticed the exhaust...
  25. Damn thing looks like a calliope, whats with the exhaust? That poor car has been whored out, way too much over kill. I also fear to know what has been done to the interior.
  26. ->
  27. This car rocks...! If i was gonna buy a Murcielago, this car would NOT be my first choice, but the owner is kick-ass for personalizing his car... He or she rocks in my book...
  28. HAHA, i just noticed the exhaust after that recent comment! I passed it off as stock, didnt notice the extra pieces!!

    Ok, im willing to bet if you extended on or two of those and added a little slice for a reed that exhaust would play a chord!

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