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OFFICIAL Murci Roadster Thread (put ALL Roadster pics/videos here)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Merdav, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. How many tenths of a second does using e-gear take off of the 0 to 60 numbers. I read that using tiptronic transmission on a porsche takes a few seconds off of the 0 to 60 numbers. I'm curious to know how it effects a Lamborghini.
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  3. One of the hottest cars ever. :)
  4. looks like a great law school graduation gift for myself 2 years from now.

    Azzuro blue w white interior for me
  5. I haven't heard that the egear is slower than the 6 speed at all. Minimal affect I believe.
  6. nice stuff deleting my post !
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  8. Do you mean this one?

    "WHAT ???? Why ?? Its a heavy AWD car !"

    Its on another thread if thats the one you are talking about. If not, I have no idea what you are talking
  9. What is the best 0-60 time you can get out of a Murci stock 3.4-3.5. ? 6.0se didnt you get around 3.3-3.4 out of your 6.0 stock. ? after some time behind the wheel. ?
  10. 3.3 with exhaust, 3.4 stock. The 6.0 is quicker than the Murci if launched .......aggressively. The weight of the 6.0 is also slightly lower than the Murci, so the 21HP advantage is negated.
  11. I know of a few available, you interested? I can pm you some phone numbers...
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  13. Who cares ? :) If I get a Murcielago spyder I'll use it to cruise SoBe for hotties in thongs at 15 mph :) LOL
  14. Damn the Murciago looks so good with the soft top on, I cant understand how some people dont like that look I love it.
  15. So unfortunate what they did with the Roadster.

    I was in Monterey and got to check out both show cars. It looks fine, but I believe the car has no purpose whatsoever.

    First of all I believe the car has lost its lines by losing the top.

    Second, you can't enjoy driving it fast with the top down and you are not supposed to drive fast with the top in place! So the only good that it's going to do is to drive it in the same weather and conditions as you would an early production Viper. Summer nights on Sunset Blvd.

    It also is a major task putting the top together. If you get surprised by rain, forget about it. You'ld have a better chance of getting less water in the car driving fast to get to a covered destination than trying to assemble the top.

    The car is heavier than the coupe and it gives you limited usability.

    Most of all I believe Audi took the cheap corporate way out in designing the Roadster. They literally chopped off the top and gave you a rag top. I believe the Diablo Roadster was a masterpiece. Completely new panels were designed and fabricated in order to be able to affix the removable top on. I've heard complaints about leakage and rattles with the Diablo. I had a 98 Roadster and it did rattle, but isn't that better than what they've done with the Murcielago?

    If I'm not mistaking, about 2/3 of production is going to be Roadsters now. I believe this will make the coupes a lot more desirable, until Audi either starts producing more coupes or spends some funds, cuts a bit into their chop top profitability and designs a new way of having a convertible.

    I personally don't see a reason for a 200+MPH convertible!
  16. I agree to disagree with I will have one in 2 months, and I can't wait. My favorite car I have ever owned is my 92 Viper, with no top. In reality, you don't often get over 100mph, so the top issue is usually not in play. I have driven 184 without top in my Modded SRT. I guess in the Murci, for me, it would be a fair weather car(like most exotics anyways), and the speeds I would go without the top are certainly over the 160 range.. That being said, the first thing I will do is have a fiberglass top fabricated. I love the lines of the car without the top. The back section has a completely different look, and looks more aggressive to me. So, I respect your opinion, but I love the car. I don't think they will sell in that 2-1 ratio though, so we do agree on that.
  17. Aj,

    You gonna keep the murci, diablo, and srt, when you get the roadster ina few months?
  18. No. Just sold the 6.0 to a good friend. Still don't like saying it though.
  19. Down to one lamborghini? Whats going on here?
  20. lol. Roadster is on the way!!!!

  21. ...and I will be behind on a Vespa with a side car catching his overflow:D :lol:

  22. Ah I haven't heard! Well two murcies will be fun I am sure, but man the 6.0 was something. :)

    Good luck, AJ. :)
  23. Thanks. I have some plans for a 2WD Diablo in the near future. A 94se possibly.
  24. But you'll no longer be The Man With the Golden Diablo. :(
  25. Great to hear of your next conquest. I am always living vicariously through you. :D

    Btw, saw a pic of a golden diablo that was posted here by another F chatter (from a F car meet), it reminded me of your old baby. :(
  26. I've seen this car in person. WOW. Amazing looks, loved the black wheels, and it sounded incredible. I'm sure the new owner is gonna love it.

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