OFFICIAL Murci Roadster Thread (put ALL Roadster pics/videos here) | LamborghiniChat

OFFICIAL Murci Roadster Thread (put ALL Roadster pics/videos here)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Merdav, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Lamborghini has finally released the roadster version of the Murcielago, powered by the same 6.2L, 580 hp, 479 lb-ft V12 as the hardtop model. Featuring an all-wheel-drive system, six-speed manual gearbox and a very complicated manual cloth roof, the roadster weighs in at 3671lbs and is priced at $319,250. F1-style gearbox adds $10,000 to the price. More than just a chopped-roof Murcielago, the roadster features numerous body strengthening techniques applied to the center tunnel, side runners and base of the A-pillar, and is capable of completing the 0-60 mph sprint in 3.6 seconds, topping out at more than 205 mph.
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  3. That's nice, but Lambo chat is further down the page.
  4. Car looks okay to me but the price just is WAYY to high for this car. At around $500K, you could get just about any supercar minus the Enzo.
  5. I was wondering the same thing
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  7. I personally still think thats too much for a Murcielago Barchetta. I'd much rather invest in something that won't lose value as quick (i.e. - F40).
  8. Guys, a Roadster is going to be 10% more than a coupe always. New MSRP on a 6spd coupe is 290, so 320 is right where it should be.
  9. This car is so sick!!!!!!!!!! Whats the availibility going to be like?

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    Supposedly second in the country. Orange color. 50K over stick, Oct Delivery. There were more pics, but they would only let me save 2 of them.

    Though the pics were cool :)

    Read the test of the roadster in automobile or car magazine, can't remember, and it wasn't very glowing. Said the top is hard to get used to, need a engineering degree to figure it out, and because of open top the top speed is compromised. Whatever. LOL.

    Personally I like the coupe, but the pics are for you guys. :)
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  12. Orange rocks!

  13. I would take a certain yellow 6.0 over orange anything, anyday ;)
  14. its an awesome car, when I graduate from law school I'll get 1 in azzuro blue w white interior :)
  15. I like the look of the Murcie Roadster. I am not offending anyone - I did not
    care for the look of the Diablo Roadster. It seemed to scream out loud - that
    you sell drugs.

    Anyway. I am ahead of all of you guys when it comes to the Murcie Roadster.
    I have a new original factory brochure. LOL

    Why would any fool pay 50K over sticker ? Wait four months and you will have saved 50K.
    Now if you want to cruise Vegas Blvd ? Go for it.

  16. Awesome

    with blue stitching, white dash, and blue carpet !!!!!!

    definately a babe magnet for, senorita bonita latinas !!!!!

  17. Look at you Ralphie! :D LOL

  18. Ryan

    You are the young strong one, that has to chase young ladies.

    We are all a bunch of old farts. Except for William XX C/T.
    He must have discovered the fountain of youth.

  19. Me and William are in the same boat (well he has lot more money than me) as far as chicks go. :D

    He is finishing law school, and I will just be starting next fall.

    You guys do the driving for now, I will hang with the chicks. After law school, I will join the klan led by AJ and Ben, with members WIlliam and Ralph right behind. :D :D

    God I love this part of the site!
  20. thanks for the pics. what a job that would be eh! i'll take mine in black/tan thank you very much.
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  22. Hah!
    Rowan Atkinson turns up in the strangest places now, doesn't he!?
  23. hahaha funny
  24. Those pictures are not of the real Murci Roadster. That looks like an aftrer market company is doing a chop-job on a coupe. That building does not look like the factory and those guys do not look like factory workers. And if you look at the engine cover, it has all of the engine louvers that were on the Murci Barchetta concept and are not on the Murci Roadster production version.
  25. I REALLY REALLY wana see more pictures i'm looking hard and long but havent seen much.

  26. WHAT ???? Why ?? Its a heavy AWD car !

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