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Nice Murci on Ebay (if you're color-blind)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Lee White, Jan 24, 2004.

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  2. WOW!

    now THAT is an interior!

    apparently nobody ever sat this guy down and explained "resale liability" to him ;)

  3. Ya, that's a little bit much. No, wait a minute, that's whole lot much.
  4. thats the car that belonged to the guy who got shot in Miami. He was displayed in the car at his wake. I posted the pic a few months back.
  5. What happened with the shooting? And that car would be great to advertise for Mcdonald's.
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  7. Allan do you still have the picture? what was the story???
  8. Is that the car with the yellow HRE's he said he. The seller claims he doesnt have room for a 300,000 car in his live anymore.
  9. this car is horrible even if it was a FCar it would still be horrible.thats riceresque
  10. I guarantee it will sell. There's something for everyone..
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  12. Allan: Are you sure this is the same car??
  13. Allan is 100 percent correct. I was offered the car a while back and said, not only no, but HELL no! The guy was a rap musician or something and he said that when he died, he wanted to be buried in one.

  14. I'd bid on it if it came with the dead guy still in it. What a conversation starter.
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  16. Now that is terrific! What a way to go! Tasteless to the end!
  17. Poor car.Horrible Ronald Mcdonald interior.
  18. said it before, buy it cheap, dye the inside black, drive the crap out of it like it was meant to be driven.
  19. Car is horrible the HREs are nice but I wouldent replace the stock speedlines.
  20. wow if it was a rap stars, then I am impressed that the radio stayed stock...
  21. Argh! I thought I was watching Revenge of the Momo Edition ! Or maybe Bling of the Dead.

    Would you buy a car that was the wake display for a rapper's corpse??

    Maybe they should note it's haunted. "At night, you can hear the faint sounds of the bass thumping..."
  22. Is that a factory interior or an aftermarket?
  23. i saw a similar car with the exact same rims on mtv cribs. except that was neon green.
  24. Me to I was expecting the usual lamborghini alpine flip up screen that started back in the diablo days.

    Could it be there is more then 1 of these lambo's rolling around florida or the us. ?
  25. Same car, earlier eBay auction, only 190,000 high bid then.

    I like the car, casket or not... just for a little less money.

  26. here we go i like this quote from the seller on Ebay.

    "Please look closely at the many detailed photos we have provided. As expected, records indicate a one-owner vehicle with no title problems and/or accident history of any kind. This Murcielago is definitely the one you want to own as it is an extremely well maintained, it has only 5000 miles, it is unique and different than the rest and is priced right!"

    im sorry but you should, by law, have to tell people if the car there buying had a dead person in it at some point. They mention the one owner, but fail to mention the fact that after he was shot and killed he was ebalmed and placed inside of it in a creppy looking pose behind the wheel at his own wake.
  27. THAT does it!

    I'm not telling ANYONE where I get my hair cut.


    (Who shall henceforth be known as "Shaggy")

    I'm not even coming out of my house, 'till the Superbowls OVER!

    So why didn't they BURY him in it?

    "You know the difference between a prostitute and the music business?
    The prostitute will quit screwing you after you're dead!"

    Per Jesse Dayton

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