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Nice Gallardo No Reserve @ $140,000

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Dec 5, 2004.

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  2. Hey Tom,

    The odd thing is that I was thinking the same thing on the Gallardo - the prices are really starting to fall - I have seen a few great examples under 3 / 5K miles under 145K as of recent.

    I was actually going to get a VT Roadster (as you did) - even was considering giving you a call on yours that you are selling. However - I am now going down the path of getting a Gallardo to add to the collection. I figured by sping/summer - it should be in the 130's somewhere. And for a new machine - of this caliber - that would be a better deal than going with a VT Roadster (97/98 year).

    I do like the looks of the VT - it looks a little more aggressive and the doors swing up - but the Gallardo being new, more modern - I think is going to be a good value for dollar in the lower 100 range.


    Hope all is well,
    Rich Wallace
  3. good Sunday morning 2U, Richard.

    your point about new vs. old machines . the thing I struggle most to overcome about the Gallardo is its perception of it as a "true Lamborghini". although this is my own opinion only but it's widely reflected among others lambo purists in the mktplace.

    with that said, i couldn't agree more it's a good value for the dollar....the trick is to define "entry point". frankly, i think you're right on about your price prediction over the next couple of months.

    by the way, i had an offer to trade my VT roadster "straight up" for a yellow Gallardo w/ 4000miles but i passed.....Yeeak, had i paid $157,500 for one 5 wks ago, i'd have felt like a truck had run over me by now...

    it's good to hear from you. hope all is well w/ you and family.

  4. Tom,

    Did you think the VT lived up to your expectations... I have a friend with one here in town - he loves it. I go through cars almost like you do so getting one and flipping it for another is not foreign to me either. Just wondering if something about it you did not like - even though they are great cars - just not for everyone. (I heard it is much more tough to drive, Visibility, etc.) Was it not as fun or that you think they are going to fall in price due to some of the newer cars like the Gallardo losing value, etc.

    Second thought - do you know what you are going to get next - Gallardo, other - or just going to watch the market for a while and see what comes along...

    My other thought - with My Wifes liking - she thinks we should get a 360 spider once the 430 is out and starts to drive down the 360 prices a little. It is nice to have a wife that loves the cars as much as I do :)

  5. Rich,

    i absolutely love the car. this is by far the best car i've owned in all aspects. she far exceeds all expectation.

    in fact, this VT has turned me so much into a lambo believer that i want to get into a murcie next....however, i m torn whether to get it now or wait for a few months. i m leaving for SE asia after the holidays and won't return until late febuary. that makes waiting a logical choice but rationality rarely plays into my decision making when it comes to "cars".... LOL.

    btw, i m envious of having a supportive spouse who shares your passion and endeavors. tell your wife i m her biggest fan and the 360 spider is one of my favorites......
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  7. Looking at the "original" window sticker - I wonder why it says "gasoline tax Murcielago man." $6400.00 - .

    Compare to this sticker for another Sport Auto car - .

    I know the second one is an E-Gear, but is the gasoline tax really $1000 less on an E-Gear vs. a manual?

    And for whatever reason, the price of the electric seats are different between the two - even though they are the same model year.

    Wonder why?

    btw - Anyone know what "opz.pneumatici invernali" is?
  8. The simple answer is that the window sticker is showing the gas guzzler tax & option pricing for a Murcielago. Whoever bought it probably got stiffed for not paying attention :)
  9. i too bid $151,000 on a yellow one (manual) about 8 weeks ago, and didn't get the car (not ebay). they wanted mid $150's

    i also bid $157,000 on another yellow (e gear), and also didn't get that one (about 12 weeks ago). they wanted $160,000

    my number one concern at the time was depreciation

    i don't mind loosing a few bucks, but i didn't want to loose $50k-$60k in a year or two

    i heard that audi was trying to use the gallardo engine in one of its cars

    major negative
    that will make the gallardo perceived as an audi, not a lambo

    i hear alot of great performance things about the gallardo and feel it is far superior to a 360, 550, etc
    so this is sad
    i think they just made way too many, 1500+ in the first year
    heck, i think they only made about 1400 countach's in the entire 16 year run
    and, i think they only made about 2400 diablo's in it's 11 year run
    so 1500 in its first year is huge production by past standards
    i think they should have made 500

    so after all that, i opted for a diablo

    another problem imho
    without the sissor doors and v12, it's sorta perceived like a 924/944 was to porsche
    like the 308gt4 was to ferrari
    it's not traditional lamborghini
  10. Optional winter tires (you know...for those crazy people like me who actually drive their cars when there is snow).
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  12. count our blessings, joe..... :)

    we'd have lost close to 20grands in a span of 5 to 10wks....let alone in a couple of years. like you, i am willing to lose "lots" of money to satisfy the hobby but this is a pretty steep price to play.

    what engine do you hear audi wants to put the gallardo in? this would further solidify the popular notion of it being just a high-end, hi performance audi....i do feel for those who paid near stickers for these earlier.
  13. Tom,

    i heard that Audi was going to put the Gallardo engine in the Audi S8

    so far all i've heard is rumors
  14. I had a guy pass on buying my Yellow Diablo 6.0 because he thought it would depreciate faster than the Gallardo because it was "old". I tried to explain that he was plain wrong because the Gallardo was made in quantity and still had the "new" factor being depreciated around it, and that in 3 years a Gallardo would be priced around $120k.

    I have nothing against the gallardo, I love the car. I just couldnt figure out his thinking. :)

  15. Just wait until these cars start going off warranty in another year or so. The original owners will be lucky to get 120K by then. That's brutal depreciation if you factor in sales tax, gas guzzler tax, etc. And even if you don't.
  16. Being in the business..I would go with a Diablo 6.0. They are more "lambo: then a G-car could ever be. The 6.0 Diablo is a solid get so much more "car" for the money in one of these then you get in the G-car. I also feel the 6.0 prices will remain very stable. They may drop a little bit more, but definatly not 50k.

    The VT Roadsters are also a great choice of machine. These cars are wonderful to own and drive. They get the looks like nothing else on the road..including the Murci.

    Really in the world of the Lambo you only have 2 choices either the late model Diablo's or the Murci. The G-car has way to many short commings to be any real advantage over these 2 other choices. Yes the G-car is fast..but thats not everything...
  17. the buy it now on the car is 150k, which seems about right for a non egear car which was probably purchased in the 16x,000 range.

    I wouldn't advertise my car with pictures from track events though lol
  18. lol.....
  19. i would also worry about a possible 600 hp engine put in the g car next year, which would futhur drop the price of the car.... i had the recent opportunity to drive a murci and a g car, and to me the murci is worth the price difference...also, i personaly like the styling and engine sound of the murci much better...nothing sounds like a murci with a tubi!!!!!
  20. Tom,

    are '94 and '95 Diablo VT's ok ?

    what are there strong points and/or weak points

    very curious

    thanks in advance
  21. joe,

    i myself have no clue. if it's ok....I shall defer your inquiries to others much more knowledgeable and distinguish than myself when it comes to these 97.5 is absolutely bullet proof and a blast...

    keep in mind, i only drive my cars for about 2 to 3 months before get bored. sometimes i get bored with them and trade them out even before they arrive....

    we do have a gent. in our local club who purchased a 95 VT and it crapped out on him after 30 miles....and it has been in/out of rehabs for the past six months....he is trying to sell it. again, this is just a personal experience.
  22. oops
    sorry Thomas,

    I was referring to Tom B.


    thanks though
  23. I was also hearing this as well - here and a couple of sites. My thought is - if a newer more HP Glarrado comes out next year, Audi puts this engine in its High Performance Audi S8 (which I guess that would mean - S10). And just due to pure numbers of production of this car. I think in the next 12 months, honestly, we could see prices Sub 120's on this car.

    I still say even with all this - when they hit 120K for a 04 good example - my F-car will have a stable mate. The performance numbers on the Gallardo are fantastic for this Price Range - and to think it will be 2 years or less old. I love the Murcilago - but can you see nearly 100K more for just a tad better performance. Now the looks of the Murci is much more sinister - without a doubt... But at that point go with a VT roadster which looks just as sinister - very good performance for 145 - 165K...

    Of course I guess my argument would hold true for a Ford GT as well - cause they will be down to sub 100 in a year as well.... But it is a Ford ;)
  24. When the ford GT is selling for $80-$90k I will own 1
  25. Gallardo for ~100K (in 6-9 mos) or a modded RS6 now......


  26. They won't go that low unless you're talking about an early car with heavy mileage in that timeframe. Figure Q1/2006 for that price, particularly if Lambo greenlights improvements for the model.

    Just drove a new (stock) RS6 last week. Great car. I'd imagine that modded it would be a rocket...
  27. "The seller ended this listing early because of an error in the listing."

    Somebody must have picked this up.

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