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Newbie question about Murcie seat belts

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by weatherman1940, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. It just dawned on me that the Murcie seat belts on US models are backwards. They pull from the center and hook at the outside. I'm wondering if this will take major getting used too...having the shoulder belt across your right shoulder instead of your left. Does it interfere with shifting or reaching for radio or a/c controls?

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  3. No it doesnt interfere, actualy it's better in a sense that cops can't tell if you wearing a seat belt and when they do pull you over for not wearing one you can always point to the other side and say you had it on and just took it off.
  4. The Vipers are like that - at least the GTS's are, which is what I had. I think I noticed it maybe the first time I drove the car, after that it never crossed my mind. It was never even something I thought about or felt "weird" having it the other way.

    I wouldn't worry about it, IMO>
  5. SRT Mike...I'm confused by your Viper statement. I've ridden in several and am looking at two to buy...all of them are typical American cars...the shoulder belt is on the outside and hooks in the center next to the console.

  6. I always reach the wrong way for the belt in my Diablo. Not that it's any real inconvenience - just not natural instinct. Doesn't interfere at all with any operating controls.
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  8. CGPerry...I am sure it is just something to get used to, more of an effort for some than others. Just seemed strange to me, having never had a shoulder belt over my right shoulder.

  9. Ever sat in the passenger seat of a car....not much different.
  10. Good point...except not moving controls in pass seat. I'm sure after one day I probably wouldn't even notice anyway. Besides...don't forget the power of the Murcie thrill...who will be thinking of

  11. You will never notice the belt once it is actually on. It does not feel any different and that is from a LOT of experience. It is actually pretty comfortable, you can ask several people on this thread. Putting it on is a little akward for the first few times though.

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