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New toy arrived.....yesterday

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Aug 22, 2004.

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  3. G.D. Need I say more? The cornfields of Kansas will never be the same.
  4. WOW!! Congrats. Nice plate.
  5. awsome car my fav color combo too...
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  7. 1st time you've seen
    thanks, A.J.
  8. Beautiful car, and many miles of smiles.

    I do not understand the hate to the lcars, they may not be fcars, but they are still Italian.
  9. Stunning car Tom, congrats!
  10. Those seats are HORRIBLE!
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  12. lol. No, but those are your pics, and your tag, so its official.
  13. love, love, love it.

    must remember to get one of those.....;)
  14. What, they didn't have any in fly yellow...?!? Geez...


    Just kidding; it looks awesome... The Diablo Roadster is my favorite Lamborghini (hence the fly yellow comment:))... Have you driven it yet...? i mean REALLY driven it...? Any first impressions...?

  15. carbon, thanks.

    actually, i seriously consider a beautiful yellow SV....i love yellow lambo.
    took it out last evening but haven't "driven" it....initially, it's not as nimble as the 360 but she is powerful and a extremely street friendly....gearbox shifts as smooth as silk, great suspension, extremely comfortable interior and i really dig the power steering.....
  16. LOL, doesn't your 360 have power steering...? :D

    What made you choose the Roadster...? What about the color scheme, was that your choice as well...? It really does look awesome; i bet it looks a whole lot better in person, too...

    So now, how do you decide what to drive...? Twisty road, take the 360...? Mostly straights, take the Diablo...?
  17. man,

    i have always love the look of the diablo just don't do it justice. my jaw dropped and my hearts skiped when she was unvealed for the first time yesterday from the enclosed was just out of this world, man. my first impression is i need a pilot license to operate it and not a driver license.

    as to compare it w/ the 360....they are both very different cars. the diablo roadster is a much bigger car but it is amazingly fluid, quick and nimble around all the sharp turns and corners but.... the answer is yes to your question. i still love the it is by far my most favorite ferrari...
  18. Nice car. Wrong section.
  19. i couldn't agree more... The Murcielago Roadster at Concorso Italiano was awesome-looking, but the only Lamborghinis i really paid any attention to were the Countaches and the Diablo Roadsters... It's such a beautiful car...
  20.'s all good. we are all italian car lovers here, man. im as passionate about fcars as anyone on here.

    the intent was to shed contrasts and share valuable insights into driving experience b/w fcars and lcars from someone who owns and drives both..... that's all, bro. no harm intended.

    ps: yes, i am pretty stoked. thanks for the praise.
  21. I will move it later, he just wanted to get more views and tell everyone (I think). No harm no foul.
  22. What does your wife think? (again)
  23. omar,

    would you pls move the thread for me?
    thanks, guy.

  24. Welcome home. :)

  25. lol....

    thanks omar....
  26. thanks, ryan for your approbation.

    the roof is manually operated by four locks, two pins slide in on the front (similar to the 328GTS if you have seen one) and two locks down on the back (iam sure there is fancier name for them but im too tire to look it up in the

    while it's relatively light (about 15lbs), it does require 2 people to remove it. it tightly secure in similar fashion over the engine bay.... my initial fear is for that thing to fly out at high speed and kill somone. thankfully, at shahram's assurances (my newly appointed 24h/day lambo technical advisor) it is very safe and he is right. i will take pictures tomorrow and send it out.

    come to kansas but for goodsake, find more reasons to come than to see the car, would you? there isn't anything here worth coming out to see...yes, not even a diablo anyway, if you are here you can take her out at your leisure.

  27. wow.. I didn't see this thread til now. Tom, you crazy man.

    Congratesssssss !!

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