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New photos

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mark(study), May 21, 2004.

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  2. Interior looks beautiful
  3. Interior is incredible I love it.
  4. After living with the carbon fiber pannels on the interior, I miss them on the new Murcielage. I like the evolution of the rims.
  5. Check the dictionary folks!

    Sexy - See Lamborghini Murcie!
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  7. Wow, that's a classy looking interior. I like the light colors. There's a lot of cows in that one! This is dove grey so subdued though, I bet it won't be long before someone orders a full yellow interior...

    Nice beefy shifter. I much prefer those wheels to the stock Murcie wheels - I wonder how long before you can get them aftermarket for the coupe Murci.
  8. Looks great.All they need now is a real top for it!!
  9. Yeah, some 5lb carbon fiber tops like the CGT would be a great idea; even one single 10lb one would be fine.
  10. where were thoses pics taken?? i see a (orange i think) koensiggess(sp) in the background! any pics of that car??? also how much is the top of the car lowered on the murci roadster?? i dont really know what the norm is...
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  12. Is this a Koensiggess?

    I'll see if I can find more of the orange one.
  13. Car Show at Monaco
  14. nice pics... i wonder why that black one says "modena" on the plates....
  15. The Murcie in Titanium is Damn Nice!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Am I the only one that thinks it looks terrible from the side?
  17. Beautiful Pics!!!
  18. I'm weak at the knees!!
  19. Great looking rims!!
  20. I think so?
  21. Wow that Murcie roadster is awesome!

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