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New Miura Owner

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by alberto, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Tomorrow I am to become the owner of a Lamborghini Miura (check gets dropped off at the dealer, car to get shipped to me in a few weeks)

    Any Miura owners here? I have some questions to ask, in particular how this early car (ninth overall built, fifth production) varies from the later cars.

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  3. Alberto, I assume you're referring to chassis #1006, no? I personally know very little about these cars, but would recommend you check out the Miura Registry if you haven't already. BTW, congratulations!
  4. Wayne:

    Actually, it is number 1021, the 9th built, and the 5th production car, at least according to the Coltrin book. It has been repainted red with tan.

    I have checked out the registry. I have also been in touch with the owner that restored it, who is not listed in the registry. He and I are going to meet the week of Monterey. He has been gracious enough to offer to give me pictures and other things he has about the car. Apparently, it has been on the cover of Road & Track and who knows what else. I intend to update the registry once I have more information.
  5. Congratulations on getting one of the most beautiful cars ever created!

    Here's a (big file) video review from the British TV show Top Gear on the Miura. He discusses the differences between the earlier and later cars.
  6. Alberto, although I can't help you with your problem, just want to tell you I had my first in-person look at a Miura. It was being detailed in Lyle Tanner's shop, and I was truly amazed at the car's presence. I used to have a Lotus Europa that I called a powered roller skate. The Miura is as low as the Europa (if I remember correctly) but infinitely more classy, and those Webers peeking out from the rear louvers! Post pictures!
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  8. GREAT video.
  9. **************** dot com
  10. Im a miura owner.

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  12. Alberto my family used to be the Lamborghini Dealer here, so if you have any questions at all please feel free to ask me.


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  14. You, are a VERY lucky man. Absolutely beautiful.
  15. Yes, I certainly am. I NEVER really thought I'd own one. Goes to show you, keep plugging away, keep faith and you never know what might happen.
  16. It looks mint! You scored!
  17. DAMMMMM,thats as SWEET as it gets!!
  18. Very very beautiful car.
  19. How much does a car like that cost?

  20. Yes I also wonder the value of a car like this. I have been half heartedly been looking for one, but even though they say the price is 60-100 for a standard earlier car, I have not been able to locate even a ratty example in that range, and thus wonder the real value that cars change hands at.

    170k Euros

    They wanted more than $160k for Sinatra's orange Miura, which didn't sell at auction.
  22. S and SVs command a premium.
  23. My experience during this search is that Miura prices are quickly going upwards. Most all price guides appear to be at least a little low, and some of them are way off the mark, based on the asking and selling prices of at least 4 or 5 cars that I know have sold recently and on their condition. The web site I think has the most accurate guide price based on that. Regardless, taking everything into account, I believe I got a fair to good deal on my car. It may turn out to be a very good deal, particularly if these cars continue their upward trend in the next couple of months, and more so if no major mechanical issues crop up as I put some miles on the car in the next few months. That said, I bought it because I have always dreamed of owning one and am very fortunate to be able to fufill that dream, not because it may be a decent investment.

    Be aware that SV prices are in an entirely different league than prices for P 400's and S's; there is a quantum leap in prices between SV's and the other Miura's.

    So, what did it cost? It cost me 9 years of grade school, 4.5 years of engineering college, 3 years for a masters in business, 20 years of hard work as a professional and a very supportive and understanding wife.
  24. Beautiful car Alberto!!!! Great color BTW!!
  25. Absolutely stunning! Did you buy it at Bobileff Motors?
  26. True for me except the masters degree, but with 28 years of hard work!! Great quote.

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