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New Larini exhaust on my 99 Diablo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by woodlands_vt, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. I recently dropped the stock exhaust for a Larini exhaust on my 99 Diablo VT. The car is now about 120lbs lighter, and seems quite a bit more responsive. What a difference!

    Here's the link to a short movieclip:

    This next link is what my old 99 VT Roaster's factory exhaust sounded like:

    Larini Systems also makes exhaust systems for Ferrari. See
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  3. 120 pounds is pretty significant. That's a LOT!

  4. Sounds great Luigi. I'm impressed. I didn't even know that Lambos actually ran... (Just kidding)

  5. Did you keep the cats?
  6. Removed the small "pre-cats" and replaced with test pipes. The car still passed inspection here in Texas.

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  8. Dumping the big cats makes big power. Do you have K+N air filter? They make a noticeable difference also.
  9. Hi Allan
    No K+N yet! I'll have to get some / do you know the part #?


  10. I dont know the part number off hand, but im Jrv does.
  11. BTW Allan:
    where did you get that cool Avatar from? That's almost the color of my car!

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  13. I stole it from another board.
  14. still sounds timid, I had my whole exhaust removed with just the first 2 cats on with piped ends and it sounds like a big block mixed with the Ferrari note but I still like the Ferrari exhaust note much better, just wished that Ferrari could make a more powerfull car for the money. It's bad when a STI can almost outrun a 360.
  15. Looks sweet, sounds sweet.

    I dunno much about Diablo exhausts...what are some of the popular systems these days with those cars and how much of an improvement do they bring...noise wise? Is it as big as so many people slapping Tubis on the Fcars, or do most keep the stock setup?...not you Allan obviously, but most people.
  16. Most owners swap the exhaust.
  17. The car is now 120lb lighter because of the new exhaust !!!

    That's about the weight of a woman. Unbelievable !!!
  18. How much trouble was it to replace the system. I am planning on doing mine (myself), also plan on removing all the cat's. I also have a 99 SV. The sound should be like the voice of angles!
  19. It can be done by yourself. You will need someone to help you lift the original muffler box though. Since you have an SV, have you done the ram air mods yet?
  20. I am in the process of going through the entire car right now and up dating everything. I have done the brakes and shocks (what an expense that was!) and am now into the engine. It has become a real education in stress management.
  21. What did you do to the brakes? What is wrong with the car?
  22. I added improved rotors which a friend has developed (magnesium alloy), as far as the rest of the car, it just has been sitting too long. The head gasket has developed a leak and needs replacing. I figured as long as I had to do that, I may as well go through everything. It's a great car, but sadly needs someone to drive it on a regular basis. When I bought it, I thought I would spend more time driving her, but every time out, some idiot tries to either run me off the road or do some crazy thing to f#$k around with me. I probably will sell or trade it in on a more low profile car in the near future.
  23. 120 lbs, wow. Are there any similar systems for the Murcielago? I'm looking to buy a Murci within the next 2 months, and I would love to do some slight mods (exhaust, no-cats, filters, maybe an ECU). Thanks.
  24. I dont know where you are driving in AZ but i lived in Scottsdale up until recently, and never had a problem with anyone.
  25. I know where to get what youll be looking for.
  26. Thanks Allan. I'll keep you posted if I manage to make a deal.

    Quick question, if I do those mods, what kind of HP gain could I expect? And, realistically, would it make that much of a noticeable difference?
  27. Exhaust, with no cats makes a huge difference, plus a loss of about 100pds. Quoted hp #'s are 635hp with exhaust. Air filters help also. People are also disconnecting the all-wheel drive for another 100pd weight loss. Im looking into ECU mods. Ive heard there is something from the factory, but im not sure yet.
  28. How does Larini compare to Tubi or Burtoni? I have always been a fan of Tubi w/out the back cats. Heard one SV back in '98 with tips and no cats and was to much noise.

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