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New Lamborghini store

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by RAYMAN, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. [Removed by Rob for violation of Rule 2.1]
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  3. Cool site! Its about time for a Lambo store
  4. awesome site, can i get something free ;)
  5. aren't you gonna get sued into next decade?

  6. Sued? What makes you think I don't have a deal worked out?
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  8. if you had an actual deal worked out you'd almost certainly be required to attribute copyrights properly (which you really should do regardless). and you'd need a license to use the logotype et. al. on merchandise. printing photos that folks submit is kosher, but the shirts you're doing almost certainly require a license.

  9. Like I said, what makes you think I don't have a license?
  10. Out of sheer curiosity, do the folks that submitted the calendar photos that you are selling profit from you selling the pictures? i.e., do they get a cut for supplying their car and time?

    Just curious, not trying to start anything.

  11. No Ben, they get the privilage of having their car in the Calendar which has been shipped all over the world... literally.
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  13. Sorry Rayman, you know better than to post that here, especially because of your JRV affiliation.

    2. Commercial Posts:

    2.1 Please do not post any messages anywhere on this site that are primarily for the promotion or advertising of any website, forums, email address, business, MLM, activity, or other entities that you have an affiliation with (ie. no self-promotion).
  14. Then who gets the money for the profit of the calendars?

  15. That Lambo Store is an off shoot of JRV's Lambo web sight. It is not his. He is just trying to be a bit of a trouble maker to see how long this thread would last.

  16. Tom,

    The store is Raymond's not JRVs. Please be certain with your facts before you jump into something that you have no knowledge about.
  17. wiz is correct, no JRV affiliation. Although the calendar may be construed as such, it was a ltalk project that was being printed during the 'separation' so to say............ Politics suck, and I hate having to view 3 boards to do what one used to do :)

  18. Not entirely true. Everything there has an LT logo on it. Shirts, mouse pads etc. JR is most certainly getting something out of it. Whether it's $$ or advertising I don't know or care. The site may be owned and operated by Rayman but there is a JR connection.
  19. okay, i'll take the bait.

    i'll assert that you do not have a license to resell products with the lamborghini brand on it from lamborghini spa or any of its subsidiaries or agents so authorized to distribute such licenses.

    if you did have a license, it would require an approval process and if you had gone through an approval process with anybody who has any clue about licensing of this sort for consumer products, your site would have proper disclaimers on it and proper notations about ownership of copyrights.

    so feel free to prove me a liar: scan and post the signature page of your licensing agreement.

  20. AMEN
  21. Well, was the first. I started from the request of several users. JRV and Allan definitely are more passionate about Lamborghini than I am. However, LC has my mental stability and the 13,000 cross-over users on its side. ;)
  22. One thing this forum doesn't have though is a strong base of active posters by lambo owners. I see more questions from new and interested folks about the brand more than anything. It's nice, and I like it. Gives this site a nice slower and calmer pace. Rarely is there a F-car vs L-car flame war, and everyone is pretty courteous.

  23. Yes, I don't actively promote LC. If AJ or any others want to, that's fine with me, I'll support it, even a little bit financially. However, my heart is with Ferrari. Ferrari people love Lamborghini too and like to talk about them now and then, at minimum our Lamborghini section will provide that. If the community wishes to make more of it, then that's fine with me, but I don't have the motivation to lead it myself.

    Funny, that use to be a huge problem. Let me see, why did that calm down all of a sudden? I can't remember, but it happened about the same time Allan and Mako were booted. :)

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