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    LAMBORGHINI designed here is by Nisan Kucam!

    i think its AWESOME. how a lamborghini should be!

    this guy/girl should be top winner in the this years car design!
    its like a gallardo on speed! literally.

    what do you guys think?!?!

    (if u want the original pic with none of my drawings, please go to the link there u will find the mucielago too!)

    my evaluation. Still, i love it!

    RED- those can the roof scoops..maybe a new lambo feature design?
    BLUE- those areas came from the Gallardo. hence, the sharp look
    GREEN- Murcielago "look" rims. they are diffrent i think. slightly sharper.
    YELLOW square- that area looks like the minority report car. the Lexus one.
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  3. I like it, but there is not enough tension between the front and rear. A lambo is supposed to look like a wedge - extremely low nose with a high rear. Makes it looks fast even standing still.

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