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New Lamborghini Dealer in Boston?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by CarrozzeriaDesign, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. Has anyone heard that Lamborghini is opening a new dealership in the Boston area?
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  3. would be about time!!!
  4. lets hope so
  5. I also heard that, not sure what the name will be though...Boston Lamborghini?
  6. handles all their US parts/service I believe..
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  8. i know they are the official importer for new england, but things change, i, for one, would love to see a proper dealership with sowroom and all come to boston. now, the people at bsc are realy nice and i love stopping in from time to time, but i want a showroom with a constant supply of lambos for my photography
  9. According to the "Sticker" on the window all lambos are imported by Sportscar technical services inc. in Weston, Mass. Im curious how this company got to be the new distributor of lambo to the US, wasnt Vik keuylian the importer before out of vegas?
  10. They claim NOT to be a distributor. They just handle the paper work for the transaction between Factory and Dealer. My understanding is that LAmborghini does not have a Distributorshp in the US. I have been to the location in Weston, Mass and it is a hole in the wall. Bottom floor of an old building.
  11. my understanding is that lambo does not have a central receiving function like FNA. the cars are air-freighted to the municipal airport nearest the dealer.

    the guys in Weston MA are the technical resource for the US dealers. on the administrative side, they just do paperwork. maybe there's some DOT or IRS reason the window stickers show that.

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  13. Thas is correct! You would not believe the hole in the wall Lamborghini has there in Weston. Not what you might expect from a Company that now has Audi's money behind them.
  14. i would most certainly believe it - i've been there repeatedly. not sure i'd call it a hole in the wall myself, but i understand what you mean.


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