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  1. According to the Lambocar site:

    According to a source at the factory there will be a new Lamborghini model shown during the 2004 Geneva Motor Show.
    This model will actually be presented on March 2nd 2004 to a selected few, you will need a pass to be able to get a preview of the car that Automobili Lamborghini SpA will show at the Motor Show when the doors open on March 4th.

    The 74th Geneva International Motor Show will be open from March 4 to March 14, and will draw a lot of visitors as always, with the introduction of a new Lamborghini I'm sure even more people will try to get a glimps of the Italian masterpieces that will be shown, among other cars naturally.

    What this new model will be can not be published right now, we'll have to wait and see if other news will be available from the factory before March, but at this moment the only thing that can be said is that there will be a new Lamborghini in the stand this year !
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  3. It's an SUV...just kidding
  4. I heard its a twin turbocharged 12 cyl hypercar aimed at destroying the Enzo and Carrera Gt.
  5. An entire new model line? Audi sure is moving fast if it winds up being that and not some Gallardo Barchetta or Gallardo GT-R. What I would give for a lightweight 2WD Gallardo GT-R or SV in mass production to challenge the Stradale.

    But you know you shouldn't get excited because Audi is just about out of business from the crushed Dollar/Euro and the horribly dissapointing Gallardo sales according to F-chatters, so they'll likely retract this announcement and withdraw from the show. LOL.
  6. Awsome!

    You speculate that it will be a variation of the current line-up...i.e. Murcie Roadster, some variation of the Gallardo, or a completely new car? A while back I remember them wanting to add a 2+2, perhaps that's what's coming?

    Either way, the more Lambo's the merrier :)
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  8. The new Lambo is going to have a 4 foot draft, 18 foot beam and a tuna tower. They FINALLY got with the program and are now facing their own reality! They are staying off the road they NEVER won over.

    Good for them and for you Allan...since you live on an island!
  9. No, honestly i have no idea. Im not sure if it is the Murci Barchetta or an all new car. Id kill for a Murci Gt or Sv. To soon for a Gallardo version to show up.
  10. I hear you can order it with outriggers and a fighting chair that doubles as a salon chair!!! Think of it... you can fish and do a coif. All in the cockpit of your new lambo....maybe even catch a baby Mako?????

  11. Whatever it is, im sure youll still be only able to read about it.
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  13. Whats the matter Allan? Feeling a little bit UN-noticed today????? I'm sure you can find some 14 year old tourist (from somewhere north of nowhere) to impress with your big bad white $hitbox. The missus may even feel a little competitive and show a little interest in you as well!

    Good luck in your quest.
  14. Sounds cool, a twinturbo V12. Has a car manufacturer ever built such a thing? In production I mean?
  15. MBZ is working on the S65. It is the same thing. Audi is merely trying to keep up with the Jonses' now.
  16. Why do you have to hide behind a new identity?

    My missus always shows interest in me, just as your Mr shows interest IN you.
  17. Now THAT was a stretch!

    AND it looks as though Lambo may have ONE sold....provided you can satisfy your straying wife, long enough to have her daddy buy HER one of those too (so you can borrow it and call it your own)! Damn I wish I had your life Allan!
  18. Im sure you do.

    But do as your avatar suggests. The best part of you will be remembered when you are 6 feet under.
  19. Sarcasm at its finest! Actually I don't. I am very happy to be in possession of my own balls...thanks!

    I'll make you an offer, since you have a hangup on Britney, I'll do what you apparantly cannot. I'll get your 'ol lady in shape. I'll get her to lose a few extra pounds riding me!
  20. By no means is this "critical" or whatever, but as of this writing, this info is currently here and there, but nowhere "official." Have you found the "According to a source at the factory" on this site to be as reliable as one would hope - particularly in regards to time and place?

    For instance, there's this previous NewsFlash which, though distracted by the - more than likely on the part of an enthusiast SUV sketch/speculation - (unlike the fighter plane-derived looks of the Murcie) is an early indicator that Lamborghini is speeding the plow of developing a full range of choices.

    To emphasize the speculative POV of the SUV comments/sketch on the preceding paragraph and link contents, the NewsFlash which you've quoted from closes with pure speculation:
    "Personally I hope it will be a new front engined GT, I think the market is still open for such a Lamborghini, like the classic GT's from the Sixties or even a 2+2 like the Espada ... but we'll all have to wait what Sant'Agata will bring to Geneva this year ..."

    Regardless, it demonstrates that Audi's myriad technologies has sped not only the cars up, but production.
  21. I wouldent be suprised if they made something to compete with the Carrera GT or Enzo. But its probley a Barchetta Murci It would be cool to see a Lambo SUV like the LM.

    Allan how exactly does the SV model Lamborghini differ from Regular. ?
  22. At that point will your mother still be sitting on your face?
  23. Lighter weight, 2 wheel drive, more power.
  24. So it WAS your mother!!I had a feeling it was when she arched her back and moaned , "Oh baby boy... if'n you eat it real good this time, I'ma gonna buy you another SV."
  25. Yeah thats a great comeback. I can hear your grandma cheering for you in the background.

    Personally im suprised you can saying anything other than "Would you like to supersize that?"
  26. If Lamborghini wants to make something that can compete vs the Enzo, CGT, it has to be very light... but thats not their style.Oh well expect something of 1600 kg.
  27. Wow, what a blow!

    "Hey little fish... come out of your barrel and give me something worth while to shoot at. You and your wife's Lamborghini are boring".
  28. NNO Ferrari - you started the flamewar - finish it.
    Disclaimer: I've tangled with allan, but over nonissues he's brought up. No fuel, no "match", no fire.

    Anyway, so allan, you mentioned hearing it's a 12-cyl turbo, while the site moderator "hopes" it's a front-engine GT and his previous NewsFlash/editorial speculates on that as well as 2+2 or SUV - *but* also hints at rumors which you allude to. If so, do you suppose they'll be focusing a bit more on road racing (though I know you don't care for it)?

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