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  1. I posted this in the showroom section - but was PM'ed that I should put this in the Lambo area...

    I guess I will need to hang out in this section instead of the Modern F-car section :)

    Here is my new addition...

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  3. Excellent taste

    Silver or Blue are the only colors for Gallardos in my book!


  4. Rich,

    I am looking to do the same as you. I have a 98 355 GTS that i am thinking of trading in on a G car. I keep going back and forth. The price hit some of these cars are taking is what is holding me back. Looks like you can pick up an 04 with 1k miles for around 145-150k? How do the 2 compare as far as driving go? i keep hearing the G car is too heavy?

  5. Vince,

    I did really well on the purchase price you are pretty close on price...

    The two cars are very different - of which I love both. However the Gallardo (of course being newer, etc.) is hands down performance wise better. It is not really close in any regards. I would say the 360 is a closer comparison but the G I think is just above that - and it should be since the model is newer from a production standpoint. I think the 430 will be just above the G car - again for the same reason.

    It is heavier than the 355 and 360 - but honestly with the increase of 100+ HP this negates the weight difference.

  6. Rich,

    Thanks for the feedback. I have an 05 GT3 so if i want to really cut loose i'll take that car out. I really want a 6 speed as i hear the E-Gear is not all that great.

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  8. Hey Richard,

    Congratulations, the car looks awesome and I hope you really enjoy it. One issue though, I noticed you said "the dark side" in your mail in F-Chat, so tell me this, what do you now prefer?

    Sorry to put you on the spot but you did say it.....


  9. I really like both - but very different for each:

    Of all the Ferrari's I have had - each one has been classic and beautiful in design - and great performers in all aspects (when compared to cars in their class and years). I describe almost all f-cars as a timeless work of Art - no car designer can beat Ferrari in this aspect.

    This is my first Lamborghini - and I think most young boys growing up - no matter in the past or now - like ferrari - wants to one day own a Lamborghini. I would say this played into my decision a small fraction as well when I was evaluating my options (Since I have always wanted one). But when comparing a lamborghini - it is more edgy design - more wicked and evil looking. Not as much of a timeless Mona Lisa - but a new age or modern piece of art. (PS. With the exception to the F40, F50, and Enzo - these also I think are cutting edge looks)

    To tell you the truth - I would like to have about 10 of each... However I can't afford to have both from a time or financial standpoint (since I only drove my F-cars about 1 - 2K miles per year).

    So I would say I have equal passion and respect for each Make - I think for what I was looking for right now - The Lambo was my choice.. In 2 or 3 years when I move to the next one - I would bet that it could easily swing back to Ferrari (maybe a 430).

  10. Richard: Welcome to the club of first time Lambo owners who bought in the past couple months ! Congrats. The color combo and interior look particularly fetching, and i like seeing the stick, rather than the paddles. I suspect your weather is not much better than ours in NY, so i look forward to seeing you on the road in the near future. As i said to LamboJay, who lives near Albany- distances are measured in minutes, rather than hours, in Lambotime. Enjoy the car. It's a beauty...
  11. Richard, my dear friend.
    Greeting from the land of the rising sun....

    Congrats on the new toy.
    I swear you were leaning toward a Diablo Roadster but this is a splendid choice. She is a beauty.

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  13. Tom,

    Ohiogazimaus (I would have wrote that in Japenese - but I don't have the right fonts on this machine). You are in my old part of the world Stomping ground!

    I was wavering like a leaf in the wind over the VT Roadster and the Gallardo... Honestly the VT is such a beast - couldn't go wrong if I went that direction... Since this was my first Lambo - and not really knowing that much about the marquee - I thought going new with a warranty - was the way to go for my first one... Thus the final decision...

    I was going through the manual last night - this thing even has headlight washers... You would think I was driving a luxury BMW or something... This has to be the most refined sports car I have had - inlcuding my porsches... This car is also a little more conservative (if you can say that about a lambo) than the VT - which will make it a little more casual when the wife and I take it out to dinner and what not... It is much more difficult to be conspicuous in the VT... If my wife would have let me have 2 cars - I would have kept the 355 Spider and got the roadster... But she wouldn't let me have both - something about investments, finishing our basement, Kids college funds, etc. Darn practical women ;) I told her if I was single - I would be living in a 1 bedroom studio with a warehouse full of cars!

    But hey - that is why I have you guys - so we can share in each others cars!

    Safe travels,
  14. Man....

    It's waaaaay past midnite here....Just got back from Roppongi, one of Tokyo hoopening and cool clubs which is quite friendly for us "gaijin".

    I won't be here long....About to fly back out to Singapore (last leg) and then home. Can't wait....Besides being homesick, I am not sure how much longer I can afford paying $10 for a cup of coffee/beer and $200/$300 taxi rides.....

    Congrats again on the new acquisition. I will need to make my way to Cinci soon and check that beauty out. Btw, Mrs. Wallace is perhaps the coolest spouse and I am her biggest fan. You are so fortunate. I am envious....

    Later. I am crashing....for the nite.
  15. TomF-1 I wish I'd known you're in Japan. Myself and a friend were over there for the F1 race and had spent a good amount of time in Tokyo.

    I say I'd wished I'd known because we wound up taking the subways everywere and I don't think we spent more than $12 a day each.

    We were at the Hotel New Otani right by Akasaka Palace. There are some great inexpensive Sushi places overthere. They didn't speak any English but mind us gaigin being there either. Which was not all of the places we went into.

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