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New Gallardo Spider

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Someone who just returned from the fqactory said new Spider
    was a beauty and will have 520 HP.
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  3. we need pics!!! we really do ;)
  4. Heard the same. I was talking to a Lambo sales guy the other day and he said the owners were in Italy and saw it. He said the top comes up & down like the 360 Spider and takes 20 something seconds.
  5. so none of that split window stuff i guess?
    or was that just a concept and they never really had any plans for that
  6. I can't wait to see this car. I wonder if it will be readily available like the Gallardo or if the 430 wait listers will think twice and make the switch. Anyone know if Lambo got the navigation sorted out for the US cars? Are 05 coups being delivered with nav.?
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  8. concept
  9. It is an awesome car...I will get pics as soon as I can release them to the public....and yes it has 520 is a show stopper!



  10. Steve do you know when you will first be getting them in?
  11. if it has a real power top, who will buy the murci with its ugly toupe?it will be at least 100k cheaper and only 60 less hp but lighter....
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  13. HAHA toupe! Thats exactly what it looks like when its on!

    The Murci Roadster is beautiful, but the Gallardo lines are more striking. I think it will make a great roadster.
  14. i read in autoweek while ago that gallardo spider is not completely enclosed like 360/430 but more of a part time top like muci spider or 550b. hope they were wrong and its got a normal power convt top.
  15. It has a normal...well sort of...power top that is full you could drive it in the rain. We won't be seeing cars here though until the end of the year at the earliest. It will have 520 BHP. I don't think it will effect Murcielago Roadsters at all....two very different cars.



  16. What about navigation? Has this been sorted out yet? Are they delivering Gallardos with Nav to the US yet?
  17. Yes...they are supposed to be available now, BUT...I have yet to see one
  18. Does anybody have the link to the pics from the Geneva auto show? That contained the best pics I saw of it. It was form the site . I can't find the pics on that site. Somebody posted the link on this board but I can't find it.
  19. Come on lads, i's not very practical, in fact its crap how the seating compartments are split. How the hell is the wife, missus, girlfriend going to 'entertain' you whilst driving.

    Think about it!
  20. I got a big fat shaguar for that, I would love something like this.
  21. That is a picture of the Gallardo S (Concept car), the spider pics will not be available for a while.
  22. The actual cockpit on the Concept S IS NOT split! If you look at the Geneva pictures, the cabin is very similar to the standard Gallardo. There is just a middle bridge floating between the seats to seperate the windscreen.

    So if you are really pressed, you can still reach across, etc... from above, and from underneath.

    Personally, ide tell her to wait! I DO NOT want any kinda stain in my car!
  23. Thats why 'creme' leather is an option.

  24. While you are driving, try radio for entertainment....
  25. The comment was obviously lost on you....

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