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New Autocar Gallardo test

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by allanlambo, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. Autocar, just tested the Gallardo. I wont go into the details of the test, they gave it highs, and a few lows. In their 5 star ranking it recieved 4 1/2 stars, same as the 996TT, the Modena recieved 4 stars. They did however record an 11.7 1/4 time. Not too shabby.
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  3. F-Chat General Discussion + Lambo in Autocar = who cares?
  4. As I recall the 360CS gets 5 stars from Autocar... (and the Perf car of the year award).
  5. which car scored the 11.7 1/4 modena,996tt, or lambo. ?
  6. The Lambo recorded an 11.7 .

    The 360 recieved 4 stars.
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  8. Lamburgin the true esence of the word show car, and nothing else
  9. Ok then, if its just a show car, why does it obliterate the Modena on the track and off?
  10. they are not in the same class, it has a 5l engine and the modena has a 3.6l, the lambo cost way more, if you want a real comperison check out enzo vs murcie. the cs would blow it away
  11. enough.

    Not another flame thread please.
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  13. apologies, i am loging out of this discusion
  14. Off topic - and lame

    Please lets not go down this lame topic yet again - for the 10,000th time
  15. Yes please....Allan, all due respect, alot of Lambo lovers on the board and we're all aware of your position. Great deal of respect of your views. Give it a rest....

    Remember, Mister F.Lambo was an emplyee of Ferrari, and was a tractor builder !!!

    Drive that VW and look at the coast...that's the only thing I wished I had right now !! Not 10 Lambos.
  16. I think you have my vote for Fchat moron of the week.

    First, you say that the Lambo cost alot more than the 360 Cs, which is not true, the Cs is more expensive, and the Gallardo beats it on track and off. looks may be subjective, but performance is not. Then in the same sentence, you want to compare the Murcielago to the Enzo which costs roughly 3X the price.
  17. Omg, another great comment. Mr Lambo was never a Fiat, i mean Ferrari employee. He told Enzo to go F@ck himself.

    As for driving my Vw, i choose to actually take my Fiat out, and watch the whales today. Never ceases to amaze me how boring that car is.
  18. These Lambo anti-Ferrari threads are seriously funny. But, it reminds me of the stereotypical crack addict having to keep getting his fix every time his high dies down

    I like Lambo's, but they will probably never have the strength of branding Ferrari enjoys, no matter how good their cars are vs. Ferraris and no matter how much time goes by. We won't be using gasoline anymore by the time Ferrari's brand is surpassed.

    Perception is reality no matter how many performance specs or stars you can produce.

    I like them both.
  20. jakermc, you're somewhat correct. I think allenlambo has the respect of most, if not all of the high school kids who post on F-Chat. BTW, I think this is great and I'm sure Allen is very proud.

    Glad this BS topic was moved out of General Discussion.
  22. Regular 360 - 4 stars, CS - 5 stars methinks.
  23. Dont think so.
  24. AWD + 492bhp.........I would actually expect like an 11.4-11.5 in the most ideal situations.
  25. Mr Payne:

    If the Gallardo posted an 11.7 in the 1/4 mile...that is one fast car!!! There are no production cars that can post 11.4- 11.5 1/4 mile except a Ford GT (Car & Driver Feb/04 test) and the Ferrari Enzo!!

    Not even the 570 HP Lambo's Murci. posts these times of 11.4's...
  26. The performance envelope is really gonna be pushed in the next few years. With the next Z06 and possible Viper Coupe (and God forbid, the next Cobra?).......the Gallardo will be overshadowed.
  27. If the Gallardo is going to be overshadowed, then put the next 360 model on your little "doomsday" list there too. It won't be putting down anywhere near 500HP.

    PS - the Ford GT's time in Car and Driver is from a factory prepped ringer that was making far more HP than Ford's stated 500HP goal.

    Two other magazines tested other GTs and found them to be in the low 12s, which is where a 500HP car weighing 3,500lbs. should be. The Gallardo should be in this range as well, Autocar's test results are much faster than any others I've seen.

    Some here argue that the ringer Car and Driver tested is the true GT while the other ones were prototypes. We'll know the real story when actual production GTs get tested later this year.

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