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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by david1175, Jul 12, 2004.

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    Need to sell my 2004 Gallardo...NEW, NEVER TITLED, US CAR!!! Only has 870 miles and is metallic black/black&yellow interior, 6-speed, painted calipers, clear bra, cd changer, etc. I naturally have all of the keys, books, etc.
    The car is as new. I will accept reasonable offers. I can be reached at 925.788.3470 or
    I'm in the San Francisco bay area. See the "dealer auction/ Manheim" thread for approx. pricing.
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  3. How did you buy this car without having it titled? Are you a dealer or a broker?

    And what does the "never titled" aspect do for the warranty?

    I'm not a prospective buyer -- just curious...
  4. 6 posts and you're allready trying to sell 2 cars??
  5. Yes, I am a broker. I bought my client an orange Gallardo and am stuck w/ this one.. It has the full warranty incuded and I have the original certificate of origin from Lamborghini. I'll take $172,500 for it, about $5k below dealer wholesale auction prices. I'm also selling my 1995 355 spider w/ 16400 doc. miles for $87k. Pics are posted in the classifieds.
  6. probably not the best way to introduce yourself to the group
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  8. If the car was never titled it means that the warrenty period did not start yet. So when its titled then you will start the warrenty period. So no warrenty time is lost as of yet.
  9. No, the warranty has not started yet.
    As for the others...Whats wrong with trying to sell a car? I'm asking below sticker ($172k) for a new car and its a good opportunity to meet other Italian car addicts.
  10. So, as a broker, I get to "buy" an expensive sports car, pay no tax or registration on it (I'm assuming...), put hundreds of carefree miles on it, abuse it if I'm tempted, then sell it as new with full warranty... Sounds great, how do I become a broker!

    I'm surprised manufacturers permit this.

    (obviously, I'm referring to a generic broker, not david1175)
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  12. I recently purchased a 98 GTS Viper that sat in the dealers warehouse for years until last year it was sent to Houston for a TNT upgrade package. I bought it soon after that and I am only the second one on the title which was issued to the original owner in 92-93 and it had and has no warranty.


  13. yes as long as the car is on the original mso and not titled.
  14. .........and JUST HOURS LATER, an, "As new" G-car is posted for sale, right at auction prices (without the 10% markup you say the broker/dealer deserves)....HOURS.

    You know, If I were your next door neighbor and we had known each other for ten years, I'd elbow you in the ribs and ask you (as a buddy) which stock you were planning on buying tomorrow and short it! a buddy of course. :D

  15. Because you are a broker and not just a member trying to sell their car. We don't take too kindly to your kind in these parts. :) You've already misrepresented yourself to start as the 1st owner of this car and not a broker.
  16. Darth, you are really stretching this argument. He is selling the car at old msrp! Your point again? That doesnt mean thats what he bought it for. The dealer cost on the cars is 157k on a 172 msrp car. You also need to realize the car has miles, its not new. Hey, I gotta bridge for youl. Again, show me the money, or at least some facts to back your argument. It isnt that way, just 'cause you say it Buddy.
  17. If you're willing to sell it for $150K, I can swing by and pick it up tomorrow morning. I'm not trying to be rude here or ruffle anyone's feathers - I'm just posting what I'm willing to pay for a 1000 mile Gallardo tomorrow, since the pricing was brought up. Let me know!
  18. The bar is dropping. 10% here, 10% there...... See you at the bridge party.

  19. Ah yes, very nice response. As I said , money talks and bulls*** walks. Show me the money!!
  20. Oh, one more thing....You're buying!

  21. Ok.LOL Im a cheap date though. Coors light.
  22. Why? You short that extra 10% you're just SNORTING to pay?

  23. VIN...?
  24. Yes, you can too as long as you: place a bond w/ CA DMV, take the classes, get the credit line, dealer liability insurance (another cheap and easy thing, right???), buy/lease a retail spaced zoned accordingly (light industry), jump through the hoops for the Board of Equalization (and pay), and a few other "easy" things and you too can be a "broker/dealer". And yes, I DO PAY TAXES.
    I am selling this car for NO PROFIT!!! If you want to write smart ass coments email them directly to me...If you want to buy this car for $166k (sticker is $172+), no bullsh*t, thats even better.
    Oh, and Mr. "they get them for $150k" are clueless. Show me where and I'll buy 10. I bought this car direct from the dealer w/ miles on it.
    This is an honest sale, I OWN this car. Vin# is ZHWGU11M94LA00149 if you would like to check into it.
  25. If your talking about my dealer cost comment, it is correct. Dealers pay 157 on a 172 car. However my comments had nothing to do with you, it was aimed at another member who likes to think G cars are spiraling down.
  26. I hope someone takes this car off the dealer posting as I was told there was a price increase May of this year. For the right price someone will have a nice car with awsome performance.
  27. I know these "need a new forum" ideas pop up all the time, but...

    Rob, how about a "For sale/trade/wanted" forum? We get these kinds of posts all the time, plus I'm sure people on here have a lot of parts they would like to sell or buy. Just an idea.

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