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Need Information On A 2001 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by DodgeViper01, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Good day everyone. I am looking to obtain more information on the Diablo 6.0's. Does anyone know how many were made in each color? I am looking for either an Orange or Black one. I have not seen either of them hit the market in months. Also how are they on maintenance? I am looking to drive the car around 10,000 a year. I know a few of you drive these cars quite a bit. Lastly, what is insurance like on those? Restrictions on mileage?

    Any details would be greatly appreciated

    Thanking you all in advance
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  3. I think you and I have to have a little talk tomorrow Mr. Woods. ;-)
  4. Any why is this?
  5. There are no records of 6.0's by color. Orange is extremely rare. A 2900 mile Orange just sold for 189k. Not alot of blacks, but 2 sold through the Atlanta dealer in the last 6 months. I know where a nice black is at the moment. The 6.0 is the best built Diablo ever. Regular maintenance only. Great clutch and tranny. 6.0 motor is virtually bulletproof. Interior is better than any Lambo ever built, including the Murci. AWD is unreal. Power is amazing.0-60 in the 3.4 range if you drop the clutch. My insurance is twice what my SRT costs me through state farm. Mine is about 2200yr. NJ is much higher though, right?
  6. Only 2200/year to insure a Diablo 6???!!! How old are you? If I bought one tommorrow (I'm 23) my ins. payments would be astronomical :) not that it's going to stop me
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  8. Orange 6.0!!!!! **drool**

    The only thing more rare then an orange 6.0 is a GOLD 6.0. *cough* A.J *cough*
  9. lol. Thanks.
  10. I'll chime in here on the insurance, I'm 24.88 years old. (25 on October 19th), thus being in the under 25 category my insurance is a bit high. State Farm insures my Diablo 6.0 for $1833/6months with $1000 deductible and incredibly high limits.

    Once I turn 25, the premium goes down to $1323 every 6 months. Yay upcoming birthday! :)

    There are no restrictions at all on the policy.

    Pics of my 6.0 @ click Lamborghini Diablo.

  11. Forgot the maintenance part of the question. You're looking at $3500 for your 15,000 mile service if memory serves me right. I havent had to have mine done yet.

    I've had my 6.0 since the 2nd week of June, so about 2.5 months, and have put on 2100 miles as of tonight. I drive it nearly every day Right now I think I need an alignment, but that's about it.

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  13. Insurance in NJ is a bit higher but rates will fluctuate depending on how many cars you have on the policy (your location and record as well). When you have a few cars or more on a single policy you reap the benefit of heavy discounts. The risk falls considerably as well being that for the most part these cars are driven seldomly and with great care. I live in NJ and not a single one of my cars costs me more that $1200 per year each (hence $3600 for 3). That's for full coverage and a $500 deductable.
  14. Yes, you got that right. NJ is crazy. I pay $4000 a year with full coverage on my RT/10 with a $1000 deductable.
  15. I used to have State Farm but just changed to Allstate.
  16. What does a 30,000 mile service cost? Any takers? Anything else I should know?

    By the way, Ben, I came across you through the High Rollers Run Post. I viewed your site earlier today. Pretty impressive line of cars you had; especially for your age.
  17. 2 Advantages of living in Indiana and being 50, State Farm charges me $675/6 months with high ded. $1000.
  18. does the driveway melt with over 1600hp just sitting there?
  19. Everyone says florida is high for insurance, but being from New York, it feels less expensive to me. :) :)

  20. Seems like for about the same price as a 6.0 Diablo you could have a Gallardo that you could use a daily driver much more easily (if that is what you're looking for)
  21. Two completely different cars. Each one has a purpose, but a Diablo owner or buyer will generally opt for the Murci, not the G car.
  22. I like the Diablo and I like the Gallardo. I also like the Murci. Reason I chose the Diablo is because of the body style, power, and the doors. The Gallardo didn't appeal to me for that. The Diablo 6.0 is also the ultimate for a Lamborghini interior, nothing comes close to comparing the 6.0 interior to anything else in the Lamborghini lineup present or past.

    Plus, the Diablo is alreay done on its depreciation scale. The percentages we lose now in depreciation are low compared to the Gallardos. In the end, it will cost me less money to drive the Diablo 6.0 than it would a Gallardo over a 2 year period.

    I've actually made money on my 6.0 as they have appreciated in the last 2 months due to low supply. :)

  23. Agreed. I love the 6.0 more than any of the new Lambo's. The 6.0 shape looks EXCELLENT!

    As for daily driving, I was not looking for that but I am going to drive my car quite often. Currently have a Viper with 22,000 miles after a year and a half. I hate having the cars sit in the garage.

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