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Need a excellent dealer

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by vdavie, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Thinking of trading the 355 for a Gallardo so i need to find a dealer who is first class. I am in calif, but i will ship the car, not a problem. i will be buying the car without seeing it so i need to find an honest dealer. Ok guys, who should i call?

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  3. For a dealer in the US, I highly recommend you talk to Mike Wogronic at Fox Valley Motorcars (Chicago). Without a doubt, he is a straight shooter, and probably one of the best people I have dealt with in the industry. You can reach him at 630-231-3400. Mike is also on this board, under the name MichaelFVM. I have no affiliation with Mike, or the dealership, I have just had good experiences on a customer level with Mike. Good luck.
  4. I can highly recommend Harvey Ford at Nelson/Lambo Ohio. Bought my Diablo from him. Very nice guy. Will help in any way he can. Tell him I sent ya :) 1-800-606-9595

    Not affiliated and all that normal disclaimer stuff :)
  5. Give me a call - I can give you the guys at Nelson - and also who to talk with. I just bought my Gallardo there last week - and this is the home town I grew up in - so know them pretty well...

    They will give you a good deal - but mind you - it will not be as good as a private sell on your 355...

    Give me a PM and I can help you out.



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  8. I second that!!
    I bought my car from Jonathan and even after selling the car has gone out of his way to keep me happy. Jonathan and LoD are great to work with. As far as your trade, I traded my car in and LoD gave me a very fair price. His number is 972-241-0808.

    Good Luck.
  9. i bought my car from Vincent Golde of BMC San Francisco. nice person to talk to but you might have to do some negotiation to get the best price. i suggest you do your research so he knows you know what you're talking about. my family has bought two exotic cars from him.

    if you're looking into a used one, you might want to try Roy L. Cats, from Seattle, of the other board. this guy owns so many lambos and has gotten permission from factory to buy/sell lambos. he does this on the side and not as his main business so you might get a better deal from him

  10. LoD is very good (Jonathan). Also Todd Matthews at Motorcars International, MO. (Sister companies).

    They worked it out with me. Both are very fair and reputable. I have never heard of any problems with these two salesmen and dealers.

    Bill and also Mike Wogronic at Lamborghini Chicago/Fox Valley were also fun to deal with. Directly to the bottom line. - No nonsense.
  11. Call Chris at Lambo of Atlanta . They are one of the best "open door's" dealerships around.
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  13. Also Lambo salesman have to work for a living. They do not judge you by what you pull into the parking lot with. LOL. Also. Don't show up to your F dealer appointment in a Corolla ! I was going to show up with my former BMW garage queen. Battery is dead. I did not know. What else to take ? The motorcycle ? You cannot bring a sportsjacket when you ride a motorcycle. Oh ****. Bad news. Dead BMW = show up to F. Dealer appointment in white Corolla Deluxe. This is not good. LOL.

  14. Ditto. I also sent my car there for a service issue despite two other Florida dealerships. Charles, the Lambo mechanic does good honest work.

    Chris Constantin (404) 233-4269 Richard, Parts

  15. In N CA you should call Symbolic, ask for Nick or Sean;)

    LoD and Motorcars Intl are also top notch but since Symbolic will be doing the service might as well give them the sale...All the dealers are almost giving Gallardos away and all are in the same ballpark on price so you should be in great hands anywhere you go.
  16. I guess this really depends on whether or not you are purchasing a new car or a used one. If you are buying new, definetely call Sean or Graham at Symbolic. They are a great group of guys and if I were in your shoes I would not hesitate to purchase from them. If you are purchasing a used car on the other hand, you have a little more flexibility. I would most definetely buy from an authorized dealer due to the fact that the Gallardos have service campaigns due on them and if you don't buy from an authorized dealer you will most likely miss out on those having been done already. That being said, what exactly are you looking for? I happen to know where most of the cars are and if I do not have the one that you are looking for I can most likely direct you in the right direction. As for the price of Gallardos, they have leveled off. They are now at the price, that on the used market, makes them compete with cars that are not even close to their calibre.

    Chris Constantin
    Lamborghini Manager
    Lamborghini Atlanta
  17. Chris,

    i am looking for a used o4 six speed car. open to color. I know a few guys who just bought them so i have an idea what they are going for,i need to get a fair price for my 355. If i can get a fair price on my car i will do a deal, if not i will sell my car and buy from a private party. If you want to deal shoot me a pm.

  18. BTW - Chris at LOA - is about as top notch as they come... He was the one who actually convinced me to go with the Gallardo (as I was trying to narrow my list down). I would buy a car from Chris any day of the week - due to him being upfront and honest. The timing worked out with Nelson for me - they had exactly the car I was looking for - but I would not hesitate to buy from Chris...

    Chris - I meant to call you to let you know I did get one at Nelson. But your help and time will goes miles in my book - which in a year or so when I am going to get a Gallardo Roadster - I will be calling you as well :)

  19. Read Chris's comment above....A pretty good testament of his character. He is top notch on my list.
  20. I strongly recommend Lamborghini of Bangladesh! They were a joy to work with and their service is top notch. Shipping is a bit more than it would be at a US dealership, but it's worth it. :)

    Really though, Mike W. from Fox Valley Motorcars in Chicago is the man.
    Motorcars Int'l in Missouri are also a great bunch to work with.
  21. Vince,

    I have a couple of 6 speed throw my hat in the ring as well. I can always use your F355. We have been in the business no worries there.


    mobile = 336.202.7291
  22. Thanks everybody for there help. I have contacted most of the people that where mentioned. I am waiting for a few answers. I have to say some of the people i have talked to i think price wise are wishing. I know of 3 that have sold in the last month from 147.5 to 153.9 and i am getting quotes of 165-169k. If that is the case i will go with a 360.

    Thanks again for all the help,

  23. Vince, maybe that's because you are just trying to negotiate on the phone, if you go to the dealer with the cash in hand and show you're serious then they are much more likely to get to the nitty gritty, but dont expect everyone you call to just give you their right out best price over the phone or via email, with dealers money talks, only!
  24. Got my orange G car from Harvey Ford at Nelson Auto Group in Ohio, he and his team are a class act. They also gave me a more than fair price for my 98 355 spider which, along with their honesty and sincerity sealed the deal for me. Their number is 800-606-9595. Good luck.


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