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MY05 Murcielago and Gallardo Updates

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ghost, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. Italiaspeed notes the following updates for the MY05 Murcielago and Gallardo:

    - New braking system, requiring 30% less pedal pressure
    - Suspension system has been optimized, with the introduction of Frequency Selective Damping
    - New wiper system
    - New "lifting" system
    - New wheels - roadster design
    - Coupe owners can also now specify colored calipers, and a Lambo badge on the wheels

    - e-gear sequential shift (what is the update here?)
    - "sports package"
    - satellite navigation system
    - transparent engine bonnet
    - track set-up
    - titanium painted rims
    - lifting system ("standard in the US" - is it?)
    - Lambo badge on the wheels.

    Not a bad set of updates for either car.
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  3. cool! for the colored badges on the wheels, does that include the steering wheel. imo that really adds a little touch to the int that makes it look better.
  4. Wasn't the transparent engine bonnet available in 04?
  5. i wonder what track setup includes?
  6. 1. Only 3 body colors to chose from:
    -Giallo Haylis (Yellow)
    -Nero Noctis (Black)
    -Arancio Ymir (Orange)
    2. Black interior
    3. Sports Suspension
    4. High flow filters
    5. Stainless spots exhaust
    6. Power steering cooler
    7. Heat deflectors
    8. Carbon Fibre rear wing
    9. Buckskin steering wheel
    10. Pirelli Rosso R-Spec Tires (Most likely Pzero Corsa's, same as 360CS and GT3RS)
    11. Anthracite coloured wheels
    12. Addtional set of stock wheels and tires
    13. Gallardo S Limited badging
    14. Lamborghini driving course

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  8. dealers have this info now? I assume you can get e-gear or 6 speed? The shifting wasn't tightened up on the e-gear? I'm liking this more than the 430 :)

  9. The only real advantage to the G, IMO, is that they are readily available. Car-to-car, I'd take the 430 any day, and plan to wait out the list. Depreciation is almost certainly going to be worse on the G, also.

  10. Gary,

    The availablity is what I find really appealing. The current market supply makes the pricing pretty attractive as well. Plus the V10 is something a little different. I'm tired of playing the give us 10k and we'll determine if you're worthy game the f-car dealers seem to like to play. At least in my case after purchasing a few cars from my local dealer I'd like a more definitive answer. :)

  11. I know what you mean, Chris, but the flip side of availability is pretty heavy depreciation. If that doesn't concern you, go for the G! I've been treated very well at Ferrari of San Francisco and am content to wait for the 430.

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  13. Gary,
    I generally don't look at a car as an investment. A nice benefit of Ferrari ownership is the small amount of depreciation. I've always liked the Gallardo and the improvements make it even more appealing to me. I have been treated well at FoW in the past but I was told one thing regarding the 430 and then something else later which was enough to sour my taste for them. The 430 sounds like an amazing car and I hope you enjoy it. I might pick one up in a few years from another dealer.

  14. By the time someone's spot on the wait list for the 430 comes around, the G will have 600hp, and numerous other improvements. Waiting for the 430 wouldn't seem to make much sense to me.

    If someone is concerned about depreciation, buy a slightly used G. Depreciation can then be used for the buyer's benefit.

    In my mind, I would possibly wait for the 430 if it were so far ahead of it's competition in all respects, but this isn't the case. The G and 430 are very comparable cars. Not only that, other manufacturers are releasing exotics at a high rate.

    And given the choice of a V8 or V10, I'd take the 10 any day of the week.
  15. Hey Clax -

    Good to hear from you. How's the M running?

    I agree with Clax on the depreciation front. You can get some GREAT deals on barely-used G's (< 2,000 miles) for 30K off sticker. Pretty amazing, when you consider these are '04 models. Given the large production volumes and ample supply for G's, you're probably looking at another 15K in depreciation for 2005, and then a gradual leveling off to about 7 - 10K of depreciation for the next couple of years.

  16. That's the way I look at it. To me it's a no get a great car for an excellent price. Out of curiousity....does anyone know how many Gallardos have been produced?


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