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My wheel project-phase 1

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Well, here are some pics of my newly finished wheels. They are painted black, clearcoated, with all imperfections gone. I will be undertaking phase 2 now. Will have it completed by Friday(hopefully)
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  3. Looks great AJ !

    When I was looking into the Gold car that was for sale earlier this year @ Nelson, that was my plan as do the wheels black.

    It compliments the Gold much nicer.

    Nice exhaust too !

    Any plans for the wing ? Carbon or black ?

    Whats PH 2 ?
  4. Thanks Brian. You read my mind on the wing!!! Im thinking pure clearcoated carbon, the mirrors as well.
  5. i remember that car at Nelson. Very low miles!! When will MY car be arriving at your house??lol
  6. Talked to Passport Today. They will be picking it up this week......not a firm committed day though.

    Hopefully early next week it will be here in Indiana.

    It will be going into service to change ALL the fluids and go through a 2 HR front to back inspection just for saftey sake.

    This car will be driven!!! Although its only got 1570 miles......I like to play it safe. Very cheap insurance and piece of mind.

    You have the same vision that I did on your 01 SE when I was looking.

    The carbon fiber on the mirrors and wing will pick up the nose and rocker sills quite nicley.

    Black goes well with everything.

    Good luck, and once again thanks for your help on the SV !
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  8. Thanks. A few lovers of black wheels out there!!
  9. That is one bad boy,great job!
  10. Thank you Glen. A few more things to come......
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  12. Can't wait to see it! :)
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  14. love those sure look badass now! cant wait to see it with black wing and mirrors!
  15. I only have two criteria for wheels....

    1. They should be forged
    2. They HAVE to be black

    Gorgeous man!

  16. With black/carbon fiber mirrors and wing, it will be ridiculously badass!!
  17. AJ, was the cost of wheel repair/repaint in the $150-175 range?? BTY the wheels look great esp. clear coated!
  18. Hey Dave. Because of the size of the rear wheels, it was higher than normal. 220 avg per wheel.

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