My Sincere Thanks to all you Lambo Experts!! | LamborghiniChat

My Sincere Thanks to all you Lambo Experts!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, May 8, 2004.

  1. Just a quick note to all you Lamborghini EXPERTS who taught me great things and helped me find the Diablo. I appreciate the info and sense that you are sports car enthusiasts. If any of you are in Indy please get in touch with me. Did I say that my defination of TORQUE has been redefined!
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  3. The commadre is definitely there among Lambo owners. I'm sure you'll enjoy
    the ride. Going to "Running of the Bulls"?
  4. Dave I am glad you like your new beast.

  5. Dave,Im dying to hear your first drive reports,and some real pics!!!! A.J.
  6. 250 miles. My understanding of "Torque" redefined. It's more of a car than I remembered from my 40 minute test drive (Gallardo and Murcielago) at Fox Valley 3 weeks ago. Beautiful carbon fiber.
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  8. Some more Pics.
  9. What an impressive line-up!!Have you ever thought about gettind a RED car?LOL.That 6.0 looks amazing.
  10. LOL guess he likes red, a great collection you have there. It is very interesting to compare the styling. Houses you nice too!

    Enjoy and just one little question if I may. Do you feel like you are sitting on the front wheels with the Diablo? or is it about the same as the F360?

  11. The house in the background is my next door neighbors. In the Diablo, you feel like sitting in a cockpit of a race car both space, ride height and view. The center console is higher as well as the gear shift. In my 360 the drivers position is more upright. Therefore the 360 produces much better visibality. The Diablo has tinted windows. At night you must be very careful on turning around obstacles. I wouldn't do the window tinting. I was tired after driving 230 miles where I have never driven my 360 more that 30 miles at a time, so I can't compare. I feel that the 360 would be a more comfortable car.
    Ever since I quit racing, I lost the desire to track any of my sports cars, but feel the Diablo would be more fun on the track because of the drivers position and V-12.
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