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My POS Balboni is back in the shop.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ammoman, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Seems to me that you've given them plenty of time. Force the issue under the NJ Lemon Law. You don't owe Lamborghini anything.
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  3. One step ahead of you.Hired David Gorberg the LL attorney.
    He said Lamborghini has agreed to buy it back but that was almost 2 months ago.
    They can keep dragging their feet because this thing is just getting worse.
  4. Did the fact that you agreed to take it back "one more time" have any adverse impact on your claim?
  5. Lamborghini CS after the sale has always been sub par, if Ralph wants to share the story of the Red SV that dates back to '99 you guys will see that this horror is nothing new.
  6. I did not agree.I had no choice.I called my attorney and he said that by law, Kerbeck could charge me storage if i did not accept it back.
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  8. With the tiny amount of cars Lambo sold to the US this year you would think they would be bending over to help you. By the looks of things(depreciation) and sales records I don't see how they can continue on with the Brand for too long. Its a shame.
  9. BTW the car went bad 12 days ago and when we called the service dept. at Kerbeck they were too busy to accept the car.They towed it in this past Monday and guess what?Not a single call from them or Lamborghini in 5 days since they towed it in.
    At least no call to me :)
    I have no idea what's up with the car at this point.
    Eric Bloom from Kerbeck did take the time to post today badmouthing a sponsor on this site.
    What a joke.
  10. Eric, I am really sorry to hear about your situation. Will make me think twice about ever buying a Lamborghini. For paying such as hefty price for a car, you would think they wouldn't even flinch and would replace your car or buy it back. My dad had problems with his brand new Mercedes S550 and after visiting the the service center at the mercedes dealership for same problem. Mercedes gave him a new car, without any issues.
  11. ...... I cannot wait to see what the 'new' Lotus Esprit looks like !!
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  13. To Roy.

    These dealers are so jealous of you its sick. Word on the street, lots of them are barely staying open.
    that dude from Kerbeck that was talkin ****, shows why these dealers struggle.

    You being flattered bigtyme.
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    Very True!!!

    Are many other Balboni's having serious issues like yours? It seemed to be a very anticipated car that was in high demand when it came out but as of right now it looks like the dealers cant give these cars away.
  15. If they do, in fact, take the car back, I would drop the car off and leave the biggest dump in the driver's seat to show my satisfaction with their customer service.
  16. Sounds like wonderful customer service. This is exactly what these boards (IMO) are for - helping other enthusiasts out. Connect enthusiasts and buyers with the RIGHT dealer(s) and help others (including the first time buyer you referenced in the now closed thread) steer clear of this kind of BS. Bad car or not, when the dealer you buy from doesn't help you, well...

    I'll end with this, something I learned while working at a (small) bank that I have never, ever forgotten that truly is applicable here: It is far easier to retain EXISTING customers than it is to attract new ones. Sounds like Kerbeck (and Lambo) haven't learned this philosophy.

    Eric, I hope it is resolved in your favor.
  17. I like this Eric! Need to order the 458!

  18. Lambo can be wrestled into submission. Much of it depends on your state laws with regards to lemons.

    I have a friend that lemon lawed a Gallardo spyder for............. squeeky brakes!!! It went to court. He handled the whole thing by himself....... AND WON!!

    They cut him a check for the price of the car + insurance + some other incidentals.

    If this can fly, I am sure that your issue can be handled. Just get tough.

  19. You're absolutely right--although I get the feeling it's easier to get satisfaction w/ the Aveo (customer service-wise, that is). Seems like raising hell to GM corporate is easier to do than to Lambo corporate.

    Real bummer to hear about the situtation. Sad that a dream car turned into such a burden.
  20. That's kind of right to the point.
    You go to the casino and spend money and they treat you like a king.You think that the high end car market will stand behind it and offer a different level of respect and service.
    Not the case with Lamborghini or Kerbeck.Sure they treat you like they want to treat you,but not always the way you want to be treated.They will only go as far as they choose and don't care what you want.I asked for this fire to be put out 2 months ago and they only went as far as they wanted.We will try and fix the car yet again and you take it back and see what you think.Enough is enough.Now i am determined to get as ugly as need be to get what i want.
    I want the car bought back and i want this nightmare to end.They have chosen to go to war, not me.
    I spent millions at Kerbeck and they only offer what they want and no more.Guess what? The car is still borken down, i do not have the use, i am out the money and no satisfaction from Kerbeck or Lamborghini.
    BTW in case you wonder, Kerbeck has offered to tow the car in and fix it or trade it on another Lamborghini.NO, NO and NO
    I want the car bought back.They know i spend money on cars and they know i am young.
    Why the hell have they let this get so ugly and so many hard feelings.
    It's horrible customer service and real bad business.
  21. His name is Eric Bloom and he works at Kerbeck.Anyone see a pattern here?
  22. +1 Mental note not to go near that dealer.
  23. I'm not too sure i will go that far, believe it or not but they will have to work harder to get any business from me.After all the business i gave them, they were nice enough to give me a ZR1 at 30k "OVER" list.That's right, i paid over list for that car.I did get one of the first 135 cars but you would think they would have tossed me a bone.
    That alone cost them the sale of a new RR Ghost and a new Cadillac esclade EXT in the last few months.Both brands they sell but after the ZR1, i gave the last 2 car sales to another dealer.
    I am now looking at a new Bentley GT
    Not too sure what they make on a new RR or the Caddy but multiply that over the next 20 years and it probably adds up to real money.My guess is more than the 30 grand they charged me on the ZR1
  24. Pretty outrageous that Eric Bloom comes on here to slam Roy in the other thread,... but stays incredibly quiet in the thread where his dealership has a role...


    If I was the GM at Kerbeck, Mr Bloom would be offered a chat in my office (with the door closed)...
  25. Simon:

    I think the problem goes beyond this one dealership. There is a culture of lack of parts & service support that has been allowed to foster in the USA Lamborghini dealer network for the last several decades. I see it time and time again amongst numerous dealerships, and 90% of the time it is not posted or broadcast because the car owners are too embarrassed to make it public. But, this type of treatment is starting to get reflected customer confidence in the competitor brand Ferrari and in its resultant sales.
    For example, in June 2010 Ferraris (according to our FML source) USA sales increased by 13.8%. 124 Ferraris sold this past June. Thats up from 109 cars for the same month last year. What about Lamborghini's sales in June? 19 cars? Can anybody tell me? Correspondingly Lamborghini's sales are suffering and going in the other direction, and I say the lack of dealer parts & service support has everything to do with it. The fact remains that if the public perceives that ownership is fraught with hassles, the cars depreciate more too, and as we all know the depreciation on Murcis & Gallardos (irrespective of what anyone will come on here and try to convince you of) is nothing short of spectacular.

    My whole point is this one car that is the subject of this thread is simply the tip of the iceberg of a large problem for Lamborghini.
  26. Maybe they need focus on, start producing replacment parts, instead of over producing #'s of cars made. imo
  27. Reflecting on the history of Lamborghini it is easy to see how the culture of lack of support has developed. Whether under the guidance of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the Italian government or later owners the factory was beset by questions of simple survival. From a corporate perspective it is very difficult to develop a strong dealer network if you are unsure if you will even be in business six months or a year from now. While the stability that ownership by Volkswagen Group is a godsend as compared to earlier years. The fit of the company within Volkswagen seems to be in question. From the perspective of Volkswagen is Lamborghini (A) a viable manufacturer (B) the "trophy company" of a rather large conglomerate or (C) a research and development arm?

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