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My new Murci. e-gear

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jim g, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Well thanks to Allan and Wayne I went to FC Kerbeck to check out the new Gallardo, and left spending way more then I wanted. I liked the Gallardo way more then I thought, but the Yellow Murcielago with e-gear just took my breath away. for anyone interested Kerbeck had many Gallardo's available yellow, black, and blue all at MSRP. My saleman is Joe Innaurato please tell him Jim Gress referred you, he's a great guy. Also thanks to Wayne for help with Symbollic Nick wouldn't budge from ten over on the Gallardo because I lived out of state, and he would be missing out on the services, so needless to say he made Joe's day. Allan all the yelling at me you did a couple weeks back and I told you I was very objective. For anyone interested my black over beige Stradale is on the boat catagory 90 as of Feb 1, its available just PM me. Allan any articles you have of the new egear murci would be greatly appreciated, please send them over to me if you'd be so kind. I'll post some driving impressions, and many more pics as soon as it gets fat bedded to me. Please no grammar flames I'm no brainiac just a hard workin guy that likes cars.
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  3. more pics....
  4. Congrats! Car is awesome! I dont have any new articles on the e-gear yet, but i do know that an e-gear Murci was recently tested on the Nurburgring and clocked a 7.43. Thats incredible.

    Ok, should i start yelling at you to change the exhaust now, or wait till later?

    Make sure the dealer properly synchros the 4 throttle bodies. This is a common problem that cause the car to idle incorrectly and robs performance.
  5. Yellow is best Murci color. Your car is amazing. Enjoy!
  6. Thanks guys, and Allan NO MORE BILLS. Stock exaust is fine for now.
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  8. Now now Jim, you spent 300K on a car, a few more thousand will not make a difference! Especially for 100 less pounds and 50 more hp!
  9. Are you talking about that quad ehaust? I don't like the look of that one. But, what are the others out there?
  10. No, no Burtoni crap. Borla, or even a Larini. Or a custom steup.
  11. The mechanic at the Lambo dealer here did not have anything good to say about Burtoni, I hear he is involved in several lawsuits. Any truth to that?
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  13. YES!!!!
  14. Yes.
  15. Jim,

    Congratulations! Car looks lovely, and I'm sure the e-gear will be fun! I saw a black/black e-gear Murcielago at Classic Coach on Saturday. Thought the car looked stunning -- even the e-gear paddle was cool!

    What's MSRP on these bad boys these days?
  16. awesome - congrats. Far better than a Gallardo - I love the looks of the Murci -must be the width..
  17. Very nice! Congrats and good luck. I take it you drove both back to back, what were your impressions?
  18. Nope didn't even take the six speed out, wasn't interested once you hear the e-gear blips your sold. I'll post tons of pics, impressions, and hopefully video as soon as I get a few hundred miles under my belt. Maybe a day or two. LOL

  19. I meant the Gallardo egear. Did you drive that?
  20. I would be interested in a blue gallardo egear at MSRP, I looked on Kerbecks site and they only showed the 2003 Murcie 6 spd in blue. Chicago has the exact same car but the msrp is $287k vs $306k, what could the $19k difference be? What would a good price be on a brand new '03 Murcie? The best qoute I have so far is $15k off msrp....Lets face it with the Gallardo ,'04 Murcies, and Murcie egears coming I think the '03 6 spds are going to lose some value pretty fast.

    Am I wrong or pretty accurate with my assumption?
  21. OK, so what gives? What's the story? I thought Al Bertoni had a good reputation.
  22. Jim

    So glad AllaN and I were able to get you to look at the Lambo.
    They are SO MUCH better than the Ferrari offerings don't you agree?
    Obviously you do you passed on the Stradale as I did.
  23. C'mon guys, don't be ugly.
  24. Wow, I didn't even know they had an E-Gear in the Murci, anybody know of any tests or write ups on the car, with E-Gear?
  25. Congrats!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I look forward to the day that I can do what you just did. Awsome just, . . . F'ing awsome.

  26. Um, you own a new Murci, only an idiot would flame you for grammar. I actually didn't notice any errors because I only read a little bit of your post before drooling over the pics.

    Had I bought that car I would have been so excited my post would have looked like this:

    ;alsnvpooweipsnvasn yellow Murci. alsdnfasdlapknfpakosf aopsdn aposf Egear. asodnplask[aowij coming soon.........
  27. Not to get off topic, but what exactly is the function of the "e-gear"? Beautiful car by the way!!!!!!!!

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