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My new "L-Car" - I just got it.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ralfabco, Mar 28, 2005.

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    #3096 Car # 51 off of the line. Rebuilt engine five years ago (Ultimate Motorworks). Engine now has the split sump !!!! Rebuilt chassis. Chassis reinforcements. Originally was a pimpin viper green / 60's GO-GO Boots green with black interior. Yes I would like to repaint the car; if I decide to keep it along time. It is a more difficult decision, given the quality of the repaint. A retired Delta Airlines 32 year senior pilot, owned the car for 28 years. The car was located in Newnan, GA. The owner and his wife, were very hospitable. They put me up in their Southern mansion that was over 100 years old. I felt bad when I took his car away. I am going to send him a thank you letter with a Kleenex. Car has a "boatload" of documentation of services back to 1977. Kudos to Mr. L. Ballatori for lending me his 2004 F-350 Diesel Redneck Cadillac, with radar detector, and AL enclosed trailer. We stopped to visit some friends of my co-driver when we went thru Alabama. The folks in Alabama, were more interested in the truck and trailer, than the inside contents of the organ donor bike and car.

    The sound is to die for !!! Where are some tunnels ? I could not put the BBi in the photos, because it is having the Major done. I also enclosed some genuine Italian Air Force Fighter Squadron/Gruppo patches in the engine pic.
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  3. Excellent!
  4. Very nice. I'm envious!

  5. Very nice Ralph, congrats!
  6. Mazel Tov! Really feeling your taste and choice in cars Ralph...
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  8. Mazel Tov ! I love the Miura . WOW . So sexy it hurts.

    We are going to need more pics :)
  9. wow!!!! sweet ride...
  10. Perfection! I love how you can see the stacks in the rear window, more pictures please!
  11. Red Miura's are very close to the top of my list in terms of most gorgeous cars ever. One of the two lambos i would consider owning...that and a diablo roadster. Now if only i can find a nice black SV
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  13. Sweet Ralph !!!

    The band-aid business is good eh..........
  14. Your eye is excellent!

    I absolutely LOVE the car!
  15. perfection!

    on a side note,where abouts in houston are you located? im up in the woodlands...
  16. Simply STUNNING! Congratulations!
  17. Nice to know I'll be appreciated. Congratulations.
  18. Hoo mama - ain't that a whole lot of red! Love it!! Congrats.
  19. gorgeous car, please put a fire extinguisher in it immediately.

    Good Luck
  20. Beautiful cars!

    Love the Miura!
  21. You own a piece of automotive history...treat her well. Congratulations
  22. wow!
    you're my new hero
  23. hi my name is michael I just discovered this little subsection of the f-chat site I have got to say you have made a very nice little purchase the I have a firend with miura he is currently doing an engine overhaul himself with which I am helping I have worked on both ferraris and lambos nothing major yet but you never know with italian cars I'm always looking for ferrari and lambo owners/fans to share my passion for these cars I am glad that such a forum exists where owners and just plain rabid fans such as myself (I'm 18 no ferrari no lambo) can talk about the thing we all love
  24. Ralph - the "pundits" say the front really lightens up once you burn off some of the gas in the tank. Have you found this to be true or myth?
  25. Hey Ralph: You suck! I mean really. Not only do you tease us about going out to fetch a "new" car- one that you told us was "a Lambo" and nothing else, ,but then it turns out that you go and buy the ******* crown jewel of the company's product line, one that is increasing in value daily, and that started the whole supercar thing in modern times. So, I pity you. You've simply got nowhere else to go now in Lamboville. It must really be depressing to think about.
    PS: Enjoy it. What a beautiful car.
    PSS: what was the color of the original Muira showcar? (I think it was orange...).
  26. Wow! That is the holy grail of exotic italian sportscars. Even the your purchase experience sounds intoxicating. Enjoy in good health!
  27. r man,

    i am envious.......
    you are da man.


    Awesome man, congrats!

    That is THE car!

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