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My new g-car

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jim g, Apr 5, 2005.

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    Well thanks to all the praises bestowed upon the Gallardo by the best car guys on the net, especially wayne (g-force) I traded my Gt3 today. More pictures to follow as it will be here from the great people at Fox Valley tomorrow evening. I just hope that it is more reliable then the Murcie I had but I got a GREAT DEAL, and its an '05 black on black 6 speed with red stiching.
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  3. Stunning car! Enjoy in good health. Can you give us some more info on your murcie problems?
  4. I couldn't part with my Stradale so I'll fill everyone in how the g-car, stradale, and Mucie compare, I know I won't be able to sleep I'm soooo excited.
  5. Blown Cat on the right side for know particular reason the inside just blew apart, It was one of the first e-gears in the country so hopefully they sorted it out bye now but it got stuck in second gear, 3rd trip to FC kerbeck was because it just started smoking terribly, and at the time the codes were coming up that were unknown and the car was there for a month b/c the fuel injection cable was rubbing on something and the car was running on too little gas I guess, 4th again e-gear glitch that wasn't remedied the first time. All in 3500 miles, and Four flat bed bills totalling $3200 . Its the yellow one on Fox Valley's web-site I guess they sold it and took it back on a trade already. I don't know if the new owner had any problems, but he only kept it for 1000 miles.

  6. Wow sorry to hear of your problems. Suffice to say a 6 speed murcie would be less headaches?
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  8. Welcome (back) to the dark side. The Gallardo looks particularly Darth Vaderish in black.
  9. The G-car looks soooo good in Black. Thanks for the photos :)
  10. Congrats. I would like to hear the differences and feel between the C.S., and Gallardo.

    I think the "possible" G roadster, with the split canopy would be *****in !!
  11. Congrats! G-cars look amazing in black!
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  13. Congrats - I hope your experience is better than the murci!

    I love the color and the two tone interior - very classy. I went back and forth on the Black versus Silver for months - both are stunning!
  14. Thanks for the nice comments. Only a couple hours to go I just hope the truck gets here before the rain, another couple great rainey days coming starting tonight and ending friday. You South West guys have me so jealous, I've got to get back out to the Vegas area.
  15. the g car looks great in black...the best color, imo..its funny, i didnt the styling at first, but over time it grows on you, and it looks great on the road in motion....also, the engine sound is great, even without a opposed the newer ferraris, which sound very uninspiring without a tubi like exhaust...with the exception of the f430,of course
  16. Allright Jim let's get some driving impressions!!
    Are you going to make it by Heffners?
  17. Congrats! It's the perfect color combo and a 6-speed no less!

    Looking forward to hearing your initial driving impressions and of course the many interesting comparisons you will be able to make.

    Enjoy it in good health.
  18. Looks great, and black looks even better on the road. We had one in convoy on a Sunday run a while back and it was a joy to behold. :)
  19. Looks hotter than HOT-T. Congratulations! The guys at FVMC are a good bunch!

    Unbelievable that you had so many issues on your Murci. Everybody I speak to says the MY04's are the best of the bunch, because they had all the prior issues sorted out. I guess a new bunch cropped up with the E-Gears. - :(
  20. Congrats on the new car. Enjoy it and one can't go wrong with the 6 speed!!
  21. Thanks for all the kind words. So far 250 miles on the g-car and I love it. It rides much nicer then the Stradale, and is far quieter. That being said the Stradale turns in much quicker and actually feels a little bit twitchy when going from one to the other, probably because the steering on the Stradale is quicker and lighter. The torque on the G-car is a real treat since the Stradale feels dead below 4500 rpm's, but there up though 8500 the Stradale feels quicker probably because of the smoothness of the G-car, and the Stradale's lower gearing. I plan on driving the g-car daily which is something I just don't think I would be able to do in the Stradale, Too much noise and the rocks that constantly kick up at the car make me kringe. I overall think Gallardo and the Stradale are equal both with there good and almost NO bad points, and I don't miss the Murcie at all. Anyone on the fence save $80,000 and take the G over the Mucie in my opinion its handling, and breaking are far superior to the Murcie's, and in terms of speed I think there too close, I would never buy another Murcie. Just my opinion of course.
  22. Wayne as soon as things quiet down at work I'll be heading to Heffner's I can't wait.
  23. interesting comparison, it makes sense given how big and wide the murci is...i would think the g car would be better on the mountain type twisties with quicker steering, and can one really tell the difference btw 3.8 vs 4.1 0-60 in everyday driving?as far as looks go, its hard for a smaller car to have the same presence as a larger a gallardo wont look as cool as murci, a 911 will never look as cool as carrera gt,the 355 wont have the same presence as a tr....but the large car will never feel as nimble as the smaller sports car....
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    What is the size difference? LxWxH weight?

    These photos don't show it well, but still fun to see both cars next to each other.
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  25. Compared to Murci, about 8" shorter wheelbase, bigger brakes, 5" narrower, 1 or so inches taller. All adds up to a big difference in everyday use and ingress egress, IMHO. Stradale after tonight out for Mexican food with the girlfriend both of us concur the Stradale is the more exciting visceral ride, but almost too much so if that makes sense. Also according to Lambo-spa's website the Murcie and Gallardo have identical dry power to weight ratio's of 6.4 lb's per hp. The G is by far more tossable then the Murcie but the Stradale still scares me, the braking feel, and engine noise is unreal, steering too direct for anyone that doesn't race IMHO. I'm not the smartest nor am I the best driver here, but I have been very fortunate in my life and my father insisted I always drive the best. Now I run the company and I still I do. But I drive very aggressively, push all my cars to their limits, and mine, attend all the track days possible in the N.E., and actually drive my cars every day. I was the second person in the country to hit 15000 miles for their '99 Modena so that tells the story. I love these cars (stradale, and G-car) but after 4 days in the Gallardo I'm considering selling my Stradale, its that enjoyable and this is from a very un-biased owner loving both marques.
  26. An interesting an honest assesment. I would imagine the Stradale is more of a toy/track car than an every day user, where as the G is surely an attempt by L to make a "usable" super car and your comments underline that.
  27. ;) - Another convert (almost)!

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