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My Comparisons:Ferrari 360, Diablo and Murcielago

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Here are some of my initial comparisons between all three.

    First of all, I do miss the 360 but with the 430 inbound late 06 or early 07 I can wait.

    The bodies:
    The 360, simply beautiful!! The Diablo is simply very agressive looking, especially with the wing and pop up doors, slope in the window glass and large air intakes. The Murcielago, you have to see it in person to appreciate the tamed version of the Diablo, beautiful! The lines just seem to flow. The front angle lines on the hood are awsome. Both Lamborghini's have poor rear visibility and one can't see the front hood area. The best headlights are the Murcielago.

    The 360 is very spacious and very comfortable and generally good visibility, could be a daily driver. The Diablo and Murcielago remind me more of a racing cockpit and feel awsome. I prefer the individual guages to the sterile look of the single cluster of the Murcielago. You can read the Murcielago guages much easier. Slight edge goes to the 360 guages. Bring back the carbon fiber of the Diablo to the Murcielage. I'm sure the elegance of all the leather will grow on me, but it's a race car isn't it? With the 2 tone interior, it's not fair to compare it to the others. With the red/ivory, what a dramatic look!!!

    Wheels and rims:
    The 05 rims are probably my favorite of all time. With the Lamborghini symbol in the middle and the cut outs, they are a work of art. Second place goes to the Lowenhart's with the red accents on the side of the spokes (my thanks to Ron Harper who chose them). If I had the modular 360 rims, IMO they would be a close second to the 05 rims. I like the larger tires of the Lamborghini over the Ferrari.

    Driving impressions:
    I feel like I could drive the 360 all day and everyday. The Diablo, drives like a heavier car and is not as reponsive as the 360. The torque and acceleration of the Diablo is as close to my 77 March Formula Atlantic as I can remember. To be fair the Murcielago will be as fast or faster than the Diablo as it has higher horsepower. Also the Murcie has a 6 speed instead of the 5 speed and should be a closer gear ratio.
    The biggest surprise to me is that the Murcielage is 2/3 the distance from the Diablo to the 360 in driveability. The Murcielage does not steer heavy, the clutch is much easier to engage/disengage and the gate seems looser. For the minutes I listened to the stereo, it is much better that the other two. The Murcielago is close to the preciseness of the 360 but not completely there. I don't know about the Murcielago being a daily driver, it's too early to tell. It won't be in Indiana anyway. The worst news I just learned, is that the break-in period will not be up until 4500 miles. At least the Diablo is there finally. Right now I am limited the 4000 rpms. Boy do I miss the 8500 rpms. I can state from experience that a proper break-in pays dividends down the road.

    Murcielago-Tubi, what can I say!! The 360-Tubi and 8500 rpms, the ultimate. I must say the OEM on the Diablo is fantastic. It is very close IMO to the Murcielago and Tubi. The nod goes the the 360-Tubi and 8500 rpms. I only wished I'd done it sooner.

    I know we have favorites, but if we didn't have the competition of Lamborghini and Ferrari, IMO we would not have the quality of these fine cars.

    My many thanks to all here who have educated me, listened to me and helped make my sports car experience more enjoyable! Thanks to all the older sports car nuts that gave me their time when I was a teenager. Now it's my turn to return the favor.

    To all the younger fans on this site, stay in school, stay away from alcohol and drugs and find a job where you will be stimulated to do your best and treat your customers like they are #1. Find a life long mate and find happiness in your family and these other things will come in due time.

    Thanks for reading, lets go drive!
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  3. Dave,

    Many thanks and appreciation for you taking the time and effort and writing the article. Your advice is greatly appreciated and rings true in this world we live in.

    Enjoy the cars in good health, and most importantly have fun and be safe. Your knowledge on the board is a welcome addition to the other L car Gurus we are lucky to have.

  4. I'm still learning and my knowledge is dwarfed by others here who are trully experts.
  5. Awesome and detailed comparison! Thanks for taking the effort and I hope to see you on the road some time! Cheers!
  6. Good Luck Dave, and I'm glad you went with the 6 speed. Enjoy them, and the two tone interior is beautiful.
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  8. Nice write up. PPPasss on the 430, and pick up a Murcie roadster in a few years !!!!
  9. Nice write-up. Much appreciated from those of us who have neither of these cars while still dreaming about them.

    This being said, I could do you a favour. It's a big sacrifice for me, but I could do it. I'll do the break-in for you while you're away. :D lmao
  10. Excellent write up Dave! I love your Murcie. The wheels & interior look phenominal.
  11. Thanks for the review. I would love to see a similar comparison with the Gallardo as well. I saw a Gallardo for the first time in person the other day, and I must say, I think it looks better in person and looks way better than the Murcielago or the Diablo, IMO that is. Dare I say that it resembles the mighty Countach than the other two, and if Lamborghini had put the scissor doors on the Gallardo as well, I would say that it even out "Lamborghini" it's big brother, the Murcielago. I can honestly say that out of the modern day exotics, the Gallardo may be the only one that can sway me away from the Ferrari camp. However, the interior does bothers me a little tho, especially with the shared pieces with Audi/VW, ie. the stereo and control switches etc. By no means am I trying to start a war of words/opinions here as I am a proud owner of an Audi as well, but it does bother me to think that a car that cost close to $200K does not have it's very own trim pieces. Sharing within the Lamborghini cars I can understand and accept, but not with Audi,VW, or even Bentley.

    PS: Sort of like the Lotus Espirits' sharing the GM F-bodies' steering wheel and other interior pieces.
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  13. Don't forget though Ferrari used to raid the Fiat parts bins back in the 70s and 80s for some things as well! While I'll agree with you that I'd prefer it to have it's own set of bits the interior has grown on me by leaps and bounds. In my mind that is... I don't own one. :( But, like you this model has swayed me away from Ferrari quite a bit. I now find myself spending more time in this section than the other non-racing sections of the board.
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  16. Thanks Dave! Very very equal in all measures. Except the Diablo (according to your numbers) has much more clearance,and is much much shorter!

    Thanks a lot :)
  17. Very nice racerDJ I love that, you have the best of 3 italian cars. Nice advice to the younger ones, what do you yourself do for a living ? Im sure can realate to your advice in some way.
  18. That was the classiest and most insightful post I've read on Fchat in a while. Thanks Dave.
  19. Excellent post. Very consistant with my feelings of my former 355 to the Diablo. Looking at the above pix the Diablo is still on the top of my list for the most scary thing too see in your rear view mirror :)

    One comment on the rear visibility of Diablo. I made a set of convex side mirrors and the results are outstanding. Each mirror gives 160 degrees and is a quick and easy remedy.
  20. Excellent review.

    Did you have the opportunity to take the Lambos in the twisties? If so, what were your impressions to the 360?

    Was the Diablo a 6.0?

    Many thanks,

  21. Nice pic! of those red cars.

    1) Lamborghini Diablo, I saw it in person its the best looking car i have seen in my life so far.

    2)Ferrari 360, I saw one of these cars in person with the hardtop and sliver and i thought it was a Mclaren F1 but as got closer i notice it was a Ferrari. I like the styling of the car because theres nothing else i have seen in my life time that looks like it espcialy when you see it in person.

    3)Lamborghini Murcielago, I have never seen one in person.
  22. Wow, what a great post. Truly awesome cars, great choices. I hear the same advice you gave to us kids all the time, but from a true car guy and someone who is obviously succesful, it makes a lot more impact. I'm only 16, and I know that I will have a similar collection one day, plus a Viper.;) I know I'm well on my way, and seeing that collection motivates me even more. Thanks again.
  23. The Diablo is a 6.0

    The 360 is still my favorite in the curves as you have the quickest steering I have driven. The Murcielago is very close to the 360 in responsiveness but not quite there. I have never tracked the three cars, but have felt with my racing experience that if and when you go over the ragged edge with the Lamborghini's you'll probably be out of bounds. Whereas the 360 will give you feedback when getting close to the limit. Accereration out of the corners is all Lambo but you are comparing V-12 power to V-8.
  24. Keep the dream alive and work for it. My success came after the education and hard work. I give my Creator all the credit of success in my life. I am a non drinker and have never tried illegal drugs but have a problem acquiring Itallian Cars. BTY there is nothing wrong with a Viper. I'm one who appreciates all kinds of sports cars.
  25. Dave, drop me a line with your address and I'll be right over. You shouldn't have to suffer through those break in miles. I'll take care of it for you. =)

    btw, great review. I dig the personal, subjective views rather than the magazine - please the manufacturer - type of views.
  26. One more update a difference between the Diablo and Murcielago. The power/accerleration on the Diablo come on with the cam timing whereas the Murcielago pulls strong and steady kinda like a jet accelerating down the runway! BTW I haven't seen over 5k RPMS yet.

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