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My brother's Gallardo arrived today

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by JeffB, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. My brother's Gallardo was delivered this morning and I must say, I was WAY more impressed with it than when I previously saw it at the auto show. I followed him in my car to the Ferrari dealership to have the 3M Stoneguard put on it and on the road it even looked more incredible. Then he pulled over a few miles away and we switched cars. Having less than 100 miles on it, I didn't want to get on it too much, but it's power is impressive.

    The sound is awesome. My 360 has a TUBI and with the TUBI, my car sounds better, but if both were stock, I would have to say the Gallardo sounds better.

    I stand corrected. My initial opinions of the Gallardo were not favorable, but to see one in my driveway, on the road, and driving it changed my mind. I would still take my 360 over it bcz I have a passion for Ferraris, but the Gallardo is damn good competition.

    I lost my digital camera last month, so I don't have any pics, but I'll get some pics up soon of the Gallardo & 360 next to eachother.
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  3. Congrats to your brother, what color combo and options did he get if any (sport suspension, suede wheel, etc).

    F-chatters would be well advised before pi$$ing the Gallardo to follow the old cliche "Don't knock it, till you try it."

    Words a few of us have been preaching since the car debuted.
  4. He got yellow with yellow calipers, as well as yellow alcantera interior, which is beautiful. He chose the 6 speed rather than the E-gear bcz he's not crazy about my F1 tranny.

    Motorcars Int'l has pictures of his car on their website. Here is the url -
    All yellow in the interior is alcantera and IMO, there is a perfect amount. It's not overdone where it looks tacky.
  5. i sat in one at the LA auto show. it just feels "strange" and disconnected sitting there. i couldn't get out of it quick enough. maybe it's a teriffic car, but to me there is something uncomfortable about it. not to mention that i'm no fan of those harsh lines. too extreme for me. but it does grab your being in las vegas and seeing a show girl with big fake boobs and tons of make up. it sure gets your attention, but i'm not sure i could live with it on a regular basis :) just my two cents.
  6. I don't bash any car until I see it in person and I am not a fan of the styling of the gallardo I love the interior a lot. Just the front view I don't like. IMO I would rather have a murci. I did like the back view though and the one at the philly autoshow was yellow and I loved the color.
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  8. I wonder does anyone know what MSRP is on Gallardo compared to 360 coupe. It sure is a interesting design I wonder what you do for service I don't believe their is dealer in Detroit.
  9. I felt similar when I sat in it at the auto show. I thought it was a glorified version of my friend's A6, but like I said, my opinion changed completely when I got to drive it and see/feel it where it's meant to be seen/felt, on the road. If you ever get a chance to ride in one or drive one, I'm sure your opinion of it will change as well. Probably not to the point where you'd take one over a 360, but like me, you'd probably view it as a formidable competitor.
  10. The MSRP on his was $165,900 (6 speed). The MSRP on my '03 360 was $169,400k+ (F1). I don't know what the MSRP is on an '04 360, but the prices are going up in a few days. Likewise, his salesman told him that all Lambo prices are going up 8% in March.

    The nearest Lambo dealership is Fox Valley in Chicago, which he has a relationship with. It's a hassle, but not a major one because having them pick up and drop off the car is reasonable. I heard somewhere that the Detroit area might be getting a Lambo dealership soon. A major car group called "The Suburban Group" owns 30+ dealerships in this area and I heard they are behind it, but I don't know if it's true yet.
  11. 165900 plus 1300 transportation. March 1st they go up 5 %Mine with Egear,anti theft,car cover, colored calipers,computer upgrade
    came to a little over 181000.Still about 15000 cheaper than 360 CS
    which I cancelled.
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  13. That's a good price - I just love the color you picked - Thanks for bringing it out this weekend! My wife & I enjoyed seeing it. :)

  14. Hey We had a blast!!
    And everyone was great (no Lambo bashing or anything)!
    I love to do these things but a 5:30 AM wake-up on her only day off?
    Think my next early drive will be solo!
  15. Why did you cancel your 360 CS slot? What dealership was it with? Could I take it in your place or has it been allocated to someone else?
  16. Not to start a flame war but I cancelled because I preferred this car.The dealership was Auto Gallery in Woodland Hills. I think they have a
    backup list or maybe they will sell at a premium ,I really don't know?
    Adam was my salesman ask him.
  17. Jeff B was your brother's car the one that Kip Sheward had for sale in his Northville /Novi showroom ?
  18. No, his came from Motorcars Int'l in Springfield, Missouri. I saw Kip's for sale on Ebay a week or two ago. Where is his showroom? I remember he had the place way up on Orchard Lake a couple of years back, but am not familiar with where his place is now.
  19. I spoke to him on the phone and he said he's on Novi road about a mile south of Twelve Oaks mall.
  20. I live about 7 minutes away from there and drive on Novi Road all the time. I've never seen his place. I don't think he has an actual store or showroom. Somebody mentioned a while back that he closed down his place on Orchard Lake a couple of years back because the rent/expenses were too high. Much of his biz was being done online & out of state, so why pay all the expenses that come with having a beautiful showroom when so many of your customers are never even gonna see it.
  21. I too remember his showroom in Orch. Lake , i live 5 min. from there.He did tell me on the phone that i was welcome to stop by his place , so i am assuming he has some sort of place to display the vehicles.
  22. How long have you had your 355 Spider? I've seen a couple on the road over the past couple of years, one of which might have been you. I had the same car (yellow too) up until April of last year.
  23. I've had my 355 for 2 years now. I'm still waiting for a 360 Spider.......don't know when though. I really love the Gallardo.Need some time to decide.
  24. JeffB,

    It wouldn't surprise me if Suburban got a Lambo franchise. They just opened the new "Bentley Detroit" or whatever they are calling it. As part of the VW family, Lambo is a sensible addition to the Bently dealership.

    Plus, VWNA is in Auburn Hills, so it's a disgrace that they don't even have dealers for all their brands in their "home" state.

  25. I would agree. I can't believe with all the Ferrari owners and other high end cars that a Lambo dealer isn't in the Detroit area.
  26. Will take delivery next week on a 6 spd 360 with power seats, shields, and modular wheels, MSRP is $159,000. But as you say, prices are going up within days.

  27. I didn't know they opened a Bentley Detroit. Where is it at? Would it be in Troy?
  28. Even though Oakland County is the 3rd wealthiest county in the country, there wasn't much of a market or demand for exotics around here a few years ago. Then Cauley came and waiting lists started to build, awareness and demand increased, then before you know it there are a couple of Ferraris per day rolling around B'ham. It makes sense that Lambo would get in on it a few years later once they see there are plenty of cars to be sold around here.

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