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My 97.5 Diablo Roadster for sale

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Time to move on.....

    My beautiful 97.5 Diablo Roadster is up for sale. Approx. 8200km (+5000 miles). 7500 mile service completed. Bought her about 3 months ago from a pampered one-owner in NJ. Most of you know her. She is practically 100%. By far the best car I've owned (lord knows...I've owned a lot...LOL).

    PM me if you are interested or email me at

    PS: Shawn....My bad. Just saw your inquiry email in my AOL box this morning.
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  3. wow you go through cars fast....must be a blast!!!!
  4. It's a sickness...
    This is my 5th exotics in 12 months.
    Not a wise endeavor from the economic perspective.
  5. are you gonna get an S7 next?

    and can we see some pictures even though i can't possibly afford it?

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  7. best car you've owned and getting rid of it in 3 months? hopefully i'm not innoculated against this virus....

    then again, how many girlfriends can you say were "the best" if they lasted more than 3 months and less than 3 years? less than 3 months, fantastic, just before you really got to know her. more than 3 years, beautiful, a great woman who you still call your friend.
  8. Hi Tom,
    I can relate ,I average about 2500 miles a year on my Exotics as well and every year or so move up myself, you just do it way faster Wow! where do you find the time?
    I will also be selling my SV in the spring and will purchace an 02 or 03 Murci.
    I am still waiting for the Ferrari 575s to tank a bit, because I believe she will make the ultimate family sports car that we will keep and drive for several years, as our Murci alternitive .
    Good luck Tom and let us know all about your new ride whatever she may be!

    We All Have Our Thing!
  9. hey andrew....i love the S7 for its exotic look but its waaaay out of my leaque.

    glen, i've always admire your taste in fine automobile. look like you're about to impress upon me again, my friend....
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  11. Tom I can't believe it buddy. OMG, this is going to be fun.

    < Rubs his hands gleefully >
  12. Good luck selling your diablo, and as well with your next exotic car purchase!
  13. my dear friend, vik.....

    with equal gleetful anticipation, i am anxiously awaiting to see your new toy..... whatever she might be, i m certain she will be a beaut.

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