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My 2 babies.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by mattmeridian, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. I'd just like to take a moment to introduce myself and my kids to the forums. I'm the little Matt from Meridian in Los Angeles. You might have seen pictures of my associates stradales in the ferrari section, and I cant let him have all the fun. It's nice to meet all of you and I hope you enjoy the pictures.
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  3. Very nice.
    How do you like the Gallardo compared to the Murcielago?
  4. What's up Matt? Can I take the bigger kid for a walk in the park? How about some candy?
  5. Wait, what color is/are your Murci rims?
  6. art,

    extremely different automobiles. I really enjoy driving both cars, even here in LA traffic. They have exceedingly different personalities. The gallardo in terms of driver/instrument set up is more aikin to a 360 then to the Murci. It is an e-gear which in this first iteration from Magnetti Marelli is still very rough and clumsy at idle, similar to a 99' 360. On cold starts and at idle the system just doesnt feel intuitive, and for around town driving or traffic is quite trying. My other major gripe about the gallardo is the lack of lower lumbar support. After about an hour and a half of driving im just plain sore, and i have never experienced back pain. My next Gallardo will definitely be a 6-speed and i will definitely modify the seats. It is a wonderful driving car, extremely nimble and very quick. It is an exceptional balance of handling dynamic and grip, not handling vs. grip. The Murcielago is the sledgehammer while the gallardo is definitely more of a ball pein. both capable of tremendous force, just very different execution between the two cars. The murci is hard to navigate, big, heavy, a little unreliable, but it is the murci. The ultimate expression of excess in every way, and i love it, and would trade it for a gallardo period. Its fast, visceral, uncompromising, really a true exotic in every sense.

    He is available for babysitting, the fee is 2k a day and the sitter pays the parent ;).
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  8. wouldn't trade it for a gallardo. sorry about the typo
  9. The car itself is Argento Lame (light silver) and the wheels are gloss black with high polished lips. HRE 547R's with P-zero's. No TCS errors or rubbing.
  10. Beautiful cars.
  11. Wow Matt, you shouldn't call yourself Little Matt with those two cars. Where is Allan Lambo has he seen these two beauties?
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  13. Hey Matt, re lumbar support. Does yours have electric lumbar adjustment on the seats? Mine does, and that helps me.

  14. Nice...! i guess silver (or that silver-resembling color) is your favorite...? Are these your first exotics...? What, if any, have you owned prior and/or still own...? Any Ferraris...? Do you track either one of them...? i LOVE the rims on the Murcielago, just wish the lip was black, also...
  15. Dear Matt:

    Nice cars you have.
  16. mhh,

    no electric lumbar, just recline. i should have looked through the build spec sheets a little more closely. cant take anything for granted on these cars yet you get charged for everything lol.


    i've owned the murcielago for about half a year now, just purchased the gallardo about 2 weeks ago. I have my associates 360 modena, the one he's posted with the hood on it, and a 740hp 996 Turbo. My previous project was my 550 maranello, 99', which to this day probably still is one of my favorites. I can post pictures of these if you guys want. silvers definitely a very livable color for here in LA. if any of you live in the area or are out this way please feel free to let me know. The next gallardo im building im definitely getting in Arancio Borealis and with a manual transmission. Ill definitely have more fun stuff to post very very soon.
  17. Here's my lumbar switch - it's the one on the right. I thought it was standard. Maybe I just got lucky.
  18. beatiful cars.. seems the black painted centers are really in style now.. Normally you dont see many comparision pics of the gallardo and the murcielago, but i still feel the murcielago is much better looking.
  19. Matt,

    I see you also own a Maser with paddles. Is the Magnetti Marelli operation similar on the Maser and Gallardo?
  20. the maserati system is much more aikin in feel to the f1 in a 575m. The reverse is on a stem instead of a button, the point of initial slip is very slow to actuate and comfort oriented, and the paddles are probably twice as big as the gallardo's. The gallardo shifts as quick if not quicker than Matt's stradale after we adjusted the P.I.S., and at idle is on and off. Very clunky, especially on cold starts while the maserati is extremely smooth to the point of being lackadaisical.
  21. Matt, out of curiosity what problems have you have with your Murci?
  22. Nice cars/pics. One really needs to see the cars in person to appreciate the silver color though...
  23. So do you work for a dealership or are these your personal vehicles? If so which dealership?

  24. Matt I do live in the area and would love to actually see a Lambo close up. That would be a sheer pleasure as I never have before.

    That is only, if you hang out with commoners like us :D
  25. jason,

    the problems ive had to date with the murci are incorrectly sealed tail lights, and a drive by wire throttle body issue wich raises the idle rpm of the car to around 2200. basically the car is registering incorrect butterfly position in relation to the gas peddle, im working with James at Platinum BH to fix the problem.


    im an owner of Meridian Automotive Design here in Los Angeles. we do some exotic car sales, but the core of our business is providing sales/developent/installation of aftermarket performance and aesthetic upgrades for exotic vehicles. The cars are personally owned, used as product test beds and show pieces.


    feel free to come by our location any time, we usually have a few fun things going on.

  26. Thanks for the offer Matt. I will definitely take you up on the offer this summer. Can you PM me or post your location? Thank you. I wil bring a camera along, so that I can take F chat readers for a tour of your facilities. :)
  27. You beat me to it. Beautiful cars !!
  28. Based on my positive visit/impressions with Meridian staff at the LA Auto Show, I believe this brief article/accolade describes the Meridien team to a "T." They're Pros, not Cons.
    Address is at the bottom of above link & here's today's blue plate special: Meridian's site itself.

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