must do maintenance while she waits for my return.... | LamborghiniChat

must do maintenance while she waits for my return....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. i m leaving the country for biz next monday for approx. 1 1/2 month....

    other than turning off the battery switch, is there any prerequisite and/or recommended maintenance i should do while the roadster sits?

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  3. Hi Tom
    Does your car have the battery charger in the engine bay?
  4. hey guy.

    yes..... just installed last wk along w/ brand spanking new yellow top optima battery.
  5. Use the Disconnect and plug it in and you should be fine.
    Be safe on your trip!
  6. cool, shahram.....

    even with trikle charge, it shouldn't damage the battery if overcharged, should it... you think? also, thanks for the well wishes, guy.

    btw, there won't be anyone around (or check on it in my absence.
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  8. I dont think so but i would ask AJ or Ben about that.
    Have fun and make alot of $!
  9. hey thanks... :)
    i'd be happy to settle for 1 out of 2...(preferbly the later than the former)

  10. Tom, the battery will be fine with the trickle. Have a great trip!!
  11. thanks, a.j.
    you guys be safe here at home.

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  13. Have fun AND make a lot of money. Is it a nice destination?
  14. will cover 5 countries (thailand, singapore, japan, taiwan and vietnam) that encomprise 22 different cities in 41 days with means of transportation ranging from planes, trains and automobiles to donkeys, water buffaloes and paddle boats......

    if god willing, i shall return free of bird flu, madcow or diseases... (ok, at least i know there are meds. and cures for

    thanks for the well wishes, guys.
  15. have fun! i dont know how it's possible for you to stand being away from your cars that long!! if i were in your shoes i'd be upset!! lol. jk.
  16. Where do you go in Malaysia, my girlfriend is from KL.

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