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Murcileago vs pagani zonda vs 996ttx50

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Johnny USA, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. Anyone remember this article from autocar? I remember the 996ttx50 blew the Murci away, even in the standing mile. Harsh!
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  3. If youve ever spent any time behind the wheel of both, youd know that this would never happen. The Pagani however, is a faster a car.
  4. Is that right? I would think that with something around 150 more HP, a lambo would annihilate a TT, or even an X50 equipped one..but I dont know, Ive never driven one. Also, The awd of the current lambos makes it a much better brawl off the line...
  5. Whats the real world loaded weight difference between these anyway? and for that matter a 360? not "Kerb Weight" i mean "CURB weight," as in what they weigh at the curb next to my house:)
  6. Not sure about the weights, but a 996TT is gonna be somewhere around 3500pds with fluids. Murci is quoted at 3600-3800 pds with fluids. Murci is substantially faster than an X50 Porsche. No ifs, ands or butts.
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  8. Yes the Pagani smoked them both but the x-50 beat the murci 0-60, 0-100 and standing mile (with quicker et and higher mph), it also braked quicker. It was a really good article, can't seem to find it on the net though.
  9. The porsche then maybe was a ringer? the times they got were AWFULLY good, even for a turbo...Its not like an uprated ECU is so hard to install...or the GT1 turbos:)
  10. No, its simple, just like the drag race they staged by Top Gear on the Murci vs Zonda race where one person dumped the clutch on the Zonda, and Jeremy babied the Murci off the line. In any case, the Murci is much quicker than an X50. Several mph through the 1/4, and seconds faster to 150mph. Autocar sucks anyway, they tested the Murci at 13.00 seconds in the 1/4. Thats substantially slower than any magazine, even Road and Track, on a dusty track, on 91 octane gas got 12.00, while most magazines place it in the 11's. Autocar also tested a 911 Gt2, and somehow got a 128mph 1/4 mile trap speed, something to the tune of 8 mph faster than they actually trap. Autocars number mean squat. If your not sure of what a 128mph trap speed means, i can most easily tell you that according to Autocars results, a Porsche GT2 driver could laugh at a Ferrari F40 and F50. Not going to happen.
  11. Uh, I doubt that very much. Try not to believe everything you read in print.
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  13. LOL, that is great. So this GT2, did it get the extra 100bhp package? :) Glad for the headsup though, I thought that rag was worth something.
  14. Exactly. Not to mention don't believe everything you read on the internet.

    Johnny USA, whats the date of the issue with this article? i rarely miss Autocar, and this isn't rinnging any bells.
  15. who is this johnnyusa, that keeps starting threads and then kinda disappearing...haa
  16. Someone scanned it on on a porsche forum. The Zonda time was really amazing though. Barely behind the Porsche(ringer?) in a 0-30mph sprint.
  17. I have no idea which issue this was, I found the article scanned on the net somewhere. Funny when I go on the net and try to dig it up I can't find it. It was an awesome article though, the Zonda was really awesome and the turbo took out the murci. Nobody remembers this one?
  18. Just wonder whether anyone has seen the race video of the murcie,the F50,nsx-r,porsche gemballa at - Japanese Exotic Cars - and check out the media archive section. It takes time to stream but worth a look

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