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Murcielargo Maintenance

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by albertl, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. What is the maintenance like for a Murci? I hear that since they have chains, the servies are around $500 for a 7.5k and $1000 for a 15k and 30k. Can any owner comment on this?

    Also what have your ownership experience been like?
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  3. I do my own maint. Mostly just fluid changes. Do it once every spring, and every 3k miles. Oil is cheep. I use the Mobil One 0W-30.

  4. Just curious, is there are reason to use 0W-30 instead of 15W-50 ??? Ive always used that in big, hot engines.

    From talking to various people and spending time here, it does look like the Murci and the Gallardo have benefited from the Germans immensely in terms of servicability and service costs. As i get closer to being able to finally order one, i almost think it wouldnt make sense buying anything older as i intend to put some real mileage on it. It seems that the old "which lane do you only see lamborghinis in.... SERVICE LANE!" joke holds more truth with the Miura/Countach/Diablo.
  5. my cousins best friend is a sales manager of a large lambo dealership.... he states the 15k needs a valve adjustment at 5-10k dollars...this seemed very high to me but that is what he said..? a way for dealers to get extra revenue?
  6. Apparently (so I have been told anyways) Stater motors are quite common to fail. The satart is about 2k..but the labor is 45hrs to change..I assume engine removal is required. Whether or not this is true I have no idea maybe someone can chime in a confirm..or (hopefully) say it ain't so.
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  8. If you read all my oil threads you will see why 20-50 anything is really bad. The factory recommends 5W-40 for track use. For around town that is just too heavy.

    A 0W-30 or a 0W-40 will at least make start-up easier. This will have the benefit of minimizing wear on the starter among other things. Go to the Tech section and read the review on SAE articles.

    Read my 10 chapters on Motor Oil

  9. 45 hours??? C'mon, these aren't Ferrari's...
  10. First the 15,000m/24,000km service takes about 25 hours plus parts, roughly $3000.00CND plus taxes at most, as for what Tom said about the starter going on these cars? NO, we have never replaced 1 starter since the Murci came out. And we have quite a few on the road.

    Also do you live in Washington D.C. or State? because we have a Lambo dealer in Vancouver who could help you out if your on the west coast.
  11. Excellent..Glad it was clearified. Because I would hate to have to change one!! Like I said,,it was second hand info from a supposed Lambo tech in the US. So I just thought I'd ask..Thanks for saying it anit so...
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  13. RaginBull..I never said they were bad for starters..I said I was told. I wanted to find out as much as you that this was not the case. Thanks for clearifing.
  14. Hey Tom,

    When I brought your quote up I wasn't trying to slam you, I just wanted to set the facts straight like you later said. Basically I hope no offence was taken.
  15. Good Info. Thanks - I am aware of weissach as a dealer in Vancouver. How about the 5k and 30k? Just ballpark would give the info needed about cost of ownership.
  16. There is no 5K sevice, the next service is 12,000km/7,500m is mostly inspections with an oil change and brake fluid flush, check all levels ext.....Price about $700 - 800.CND, the 48,000km/30,000m is roughly the same as the 24,000km/15,000m the only difference is that on the 48km service you also change the fuel filter.

    I hope that helps.
  17. A starter job is about 30 hours.

    It's not as easy as everyone assumes on the Murcielago or Diablo.

  18. Well it looks like we in the UK get ripped off as usual regarding servicing costs! My 04 Murci (4 months old) is in for a 7500 mile service at the moment. Am told it will be about £1500 ($2400). It did 8000 miles last week. The 15000 service is £2500 ($4000). And thats if they don't find anything wrong. All the same I don't care, I adore the car and drive it in all weathers most days..Workshop rate is about £60 per hour ($96). How does that compare with you guys?
  19. Our shop rate is $105.00CND per hour
  20. Good news,

    replacing the starter is a 12 hour job (on a Diablo, probably the same on a Murcie), yes, you pull the motor to do it.

    How do I know this? I had it done recently, 12 hours, done by Ultimate Motors in Orlando.

  21. I have never needed to pull the engine on a Diablo to change the starter. I just loosen the front exhaust manifold and collector..and play around a bit and out she comes.

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