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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bentasm1, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. I've seen this 5 times today, and I wanted to announce:

    Merci is something you give your dog when he pees on the carpet.

    Murci is the real short name for the Murcielago.

    Murci = Murcielago

    (Merci != Murcielago) == BAD

    Cool? :)

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  3. I think that would be mercy, no? Merci = thank you.

  4. thank you ben, that's been bugging me too
    even worse is Merc
  5. Merc reminds me of Mercury Racing as in marine motors....

    I chose my name because when my grandmother first saw my car she said"mercy mercy are'nt you uptown now":D:D:D

    And she had no idea what the name or anything else about the car was, just a funny coincidence.

    So I slightly modified her saying for my username;)
  6. I hate it also, castilian is my natural language and it bugs me to see so many lazy people who don't want to write it all because they think is too long, but then when they say the name they add this long MurcielAAAgo accent which makes the word sound like a mile long, the accent is MurciElago and all syllables in the same tempo.
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  8. What's worse is I speak French fluently and didnt even make that correlation. Tied it to some stupid crap about a dog peeing. That'll teach me to think it out next time! :)

  9. Pas de problem, mais c'etait trop amusante!

  10. No objections here.

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