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murcielago vs diablo 6.0

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Nov 9, 2004.


02 murcielago vs 01 6.0 diablo, which would you rather have?

  1. 2002 murcielago

  2. 2001 6.0 diablo

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  1. which would you rather have, a 2002 murci or a 6.0 2001 dialbo...the price gap on the two cars has narrowed as the murci has been decreasing in value while the diablo has been holding steady....also, which car do you think will be worth more in 5years?
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  3. Even if price were equal, I would take the 6.0 Diablo. To me that car oozes sex and the lambo mystique. The Murcie is a great car, but the Diablo is to my generation what the Countach was to the generation before mine.

    As far as 5 years down the road, who knows and who cares. I live my life for now, so I would get the Diablo and enjoy it today. :)
  4. If your are looking for an investment, one needs to be able to predict the future.

    If you want the more reliable, solid, everyday car, get the Murcielago.

  5. Why choose? Just get one of each:D
  6. great idea, one small problem.....$$$$$$$$$$$...I guess its not such a small problem after all....
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  8. The Murci will be worth more in 5 years of course. That's easy. :) Hence countaches are cheaper than Diablos.........

    Reliability I'd go with the Murci. Looks I'd go with the Diablo. Both are extremely reliable, but the murci will be more so than the 6.0.

  9. i would choose the diablo because I think it looks better and I always prefer looks to performance .... but the new murci roadster might be better looking than the diablo, I have to see some more pictures first
  10. the diablo is lighter, and waaay more exotic. scores big there for me.
  11. Diablo 6.0, hands down its still superior over the Murcielago

    The Murcielago has been somewhat of a dissapointment lately. Just look at the 40thanv model its not as powerful as the pervous 30thanv model.
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  13. I think the murci looks much meaner than the 2001 6.0. I think the Diablo looks more of a tamed car. Well the 2001 does at least. But the older diablos looks much meaner than the Murcielago. I think if you ask between a 99 Alpine Edition and a Murcielago, i think you might get more people to take the Diablo over the Murcielago. But in this case the murci wins.
  14. I thought the SE30 had "only" 530hp? How much then to best the Murci's?
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    Only 525 little bulls. That is it. No more - no less ! The car is much lighter than the 6.0 and Murcie. I hope they build a lightweight Murcie. - I doubt it.
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  16. 6.0 has 550hp
  17. Its still has a higher topspeed than the Murcielago. To mention the they both have the same 0-60. They are just about the same.
  18. Great Comments!!
  19. the diablo is catching up!!!! most likely due to its classic styling that is both timeless and wild at the same time... this is dispite the fact that the murci is the more modern, better built car more newer technologies....but do we really an exotic to be more user friendly and have everyday drivability? i am not sure...
  20. here's my $0.02, take the diablo! the diablo is more italian than the murcielago! the diablo even looks better more exotic!
  21. I'd go for the Murcielago.
  22. I'd go for a Murci, but I must admit the recent threads about the 'occasional murci lemon' are pretty thought provoking. I had been led to believe so far there were no instances like this. 1 or 2 in 1200 cars is not bad I suppose

    I'm ultra careful with Exotics now, considering I've spend nearly £15K ($28K) on repairs my 355 spider in 2 yrs. I want a Murci, but I don't want a repeat of my 355...

  23. what ever the problem incidence is for the murci, the diablo was worse....this is according to a few of my lambo dealer and mechanic friends..i have heard of some problems with 360s also, although mine has been occasional honda or toyota may have problems, although i have never seen it
  24. 6.0 here, purely for aesthetics
  25. Only a Lamborghini with rear wheel drive is a real Lamborghini! So i'd choose a Diablo with RWD! D
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  27. I am deliberating this very issue now. I can get a pristine 6.0 in Rosso Vic or a 2003 Murcie at a deep discount. I personally like the look of the 6.0, but the Murcie in black/black ain't bad, either. My biggest worry is that, because i tend to put real miles on these cars, i may get into serious maintenance issues with the 6.0 than could be avoided in the Murcie. I know i'll lose money on either car once i stack up the miles, but what's the point of having the damn thing if i don't drive it.
  28. are right...the newer car will be a better bet if you are going to roll the and pieces are MUCH easier to get for the Murcie and Gallardo



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