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Murcielago under 200k, good buy?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by asianbond, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Starting to see real nice murcis for under 200k, good buy guys?

    I do not compare it over a CS since I consider they serve two different purposes, but who would take a used murci over new ford gt?
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  3. The Murci depreciation on 02-04's has slowed down dramatically. Reason....the increase of Diablo pricing has now slowed down the depreciation of the Murci's. Is one under 200k a good buy? Of course. The same car new cost 300k.

    Murci over GT....different cars for different purposes. I know a couple of Murci guys who now have GT's...and would not consider going back to a Murci. I also know 2 fellows who sold their GT's quickly...and are now in G cars or Murci's. I myself love the suits my purpose better than the Murci at this time. Which in my case is heavy modifications.
  4. AJ: nice to see you back! Do you still stand by your statement that your Murci was NICE but the Diablo is better? Its kind of the way I feel.
  5. LOL. I didn't say the Diablo was better. I said the Murci is not a Diablo. Different cars. That is what I meant. I am and will always be a Diablo guy...but the Murcielago is a great car.
  6. AJ: I know you are being politically correct up there in GA but the implication was that you preferred the Diablo to the Murci. Is that a better way to state it? You did sell your Murci did you not? The Diablo does it for me. I find the Murci a bit cold.
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  8. Spot on. I prefer the Diablo to the Murcielago.

  9. You suck at life.

    How's that for cold?!

    j/k. Peace and love for all. :)
  10. How about the one that just sold for $175k. Seems like it was under priced
  11. I was surprised to see 4 clean '03 Murcis selling in Chicago for under $200K. Prior to last week, it was difficult to even find an '02 for around $200K. The same ones are on Ebay, one of them selling with "No Reserve". Are owners dumping them now in anticipation of the LP640?
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  13. Gave it some thought. Still rather hold out for 6.0, even at same price as murci.
  14. following is the dealer auction cost from manheim on 2003 murci

    04/27/06 $158,000 26,366mi RED

    04/19/06 $185,000 6,212mi TITANIUM

    02/02/06 $170,000 16,720mi BLACK

    08/11/05 $192,500 7,650mi BLACK

    05/05/05 $188,000 6,981mi YELLOW

    04/20/05 $194,000 6,834mi YELLOW

    04 Gallardo:
    06/22/06 $138,000 8,861mi SILVER
    06/22/06 $140,000 6,827mi ORANGE e-gear
    06/29/06 $139,000 4,453mi YELLOW
    06/29/06 $136,750 8,366mi YELLOW e-gear
    07/11/06 $131,500 7,851mi SILVER
    07/13/06 $123,000 19,838mi YELLOW
  15. It' great to see you back, "Professor AJ"!!!!! We've all missed you and your extensive knowledge.
  16. Thank you Dave. I see a new "Horsy" in your stable my friend!!
  17. Well you know what happens to "older" people....
  18. Yes Sir!! I also see that the Lambo you kept was the 6.0, not the Murci. Following in my footsteps?lol.
  19. I've studied all your assignments and done my homework and decided to keep the Diablo. One civilized, one uncivilized car in the garage. Two very different rides both special in their own ways.
  20. "The Murci was "nice", but it is not a Diablo." AJ
    I now understand.
  21. LOL. Excellent Dave. Believe it or not...I am looking for a yellow 430!!
  22. The Ferrari Yellow like other Lambo colors do not photograph well but when seen in person are much brighter and deeper! My F430 order has been pushed back to at least December or early 07 and at this time I would order yellow/black yellow stiching and "tons" of carbon fiber.
  23. I might have found you one, AJ. It's here in Las Vegas at Penske-Wynn Ferrari Maserati. It will give you an excuse to come out here and see the sights, while picking up a yellow 430 and enjoying the long drive back to Georgia.

    Were you looking for the F1 or traditional manual version?
  24. Thank you Doug. Was looking for the 6 speed version...but I will check this out!!
  25. Well if you decide to come out, and possibly buy...let me know. I know a guy in the service department and might be able to hook you up with something. All I'll request in exchange is a quick jaunt around town. :D
  26. Oh, whoops. AJ I am also "dmcgill". This account wasn't working earlier.

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