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Murcielago "Stradale"!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Titanboy_24, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. Hey guys,

    I took this pic at a dealership a few weeks ago, and then noticed the reflection of the wall on it...looks exactly like the stradale stripe! I can just see it "2006 Lambo Murcielago Stradale" ;)!

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  3. Lamborghini probably will make a race version of the Gallardo and Murci eventually.
  5. haha thats cool. if they really did make a "stradale" version of the murcielago that would be incredible. the car already has over 500 bhp. how much more do you need for the street?
  6. My Murci has 620hp, and I would like maybe another 100hp. Yeah, that would work. You can never have too much. Especially when the car handles amazingly, and grips the road like crazy with the AWD system.
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  8. Experts seem to agree that somewhere between 700-800 hp is the most power a street car can have and still be amusing. After that modern tires just can't keep and things get hairy even on dry pavement.

    30 years ago they had the same problem with torque mosters pumping out past 500lb/ft. 427 vettes and roadrunners just melted rubber going down the road.

    Scarey is not amusing.
  9. What have you done to your Murci to add the fifty horses? Exhaust?
  10. Exhaust, high-flow filters, removed cats. Stock exhaust and cats on a Murci are very restrictive. BTW, it's actually 40 horses more. Stock is 580hp.
  11. Clax,

    Did you get any more info on upgrading your brakes to 8 pistons? I seem to remember you talking about that not too long ago.
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  13. They already built the Murcielago GTR :) Sweet
  14. It was more hassle (time, money) than what it's worth, so I didn't do it.
  15. Yeah, besides, all brakes ever do is slow the car down!

    Seriousley, a Murcielago SV is supposed to be in development. I dont think anyone is sure when its going to come out.

    I would expect 675hp (just guessing here) and RWD (despite Lambo saying otherwise) with at least 300lbs less fat (guessing here too).
  16. That Murcie GTR is soooooooo hot. Yummy.
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    I don't think this has been posted before. Check the signature, it would seem to indicate this is authentic. At the very least, this is the beginings of the concept/design process.
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  18. Murcielago Barchetta GTR, SCHWING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  19. That yellow drawing is the one I am basing my mods on. Except orange of course, with ALOT of black accents!! Saw that about 6 months ago. Word is it will be coming someday, soon, as in 2006 MY.
  20. AJ, have you added the roof scoops yet? I can't wait to see that mod.

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