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Murcielago Sound

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Murcielago03, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Although I've never heard one in person but in videos the sound of the murcie leaves me hanging like its a poodles bark in a wolfs body (ok bad analogy but you know what im getting at) is it A) just me B) Is it that the videos dont do justice to the sound or C) Do I need to change speakers on my computer. From what I heard in videos I think the sound of the 360 is much better than the murcie but that wouldn't make sense right? Murcie owners please help. Thanks
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  3. Murci sound's incredible with Tubi probley just a lack of adaquate video's online with murci sound clips.
  4. Stock Murci exhaust note is pretty tame. It gets decent at higher rpm, but still better. When I bought mine, I had the Tubi installed before I took delivery of the car. The sound is incredible.

    Sound comparo of 360 vs. Murci (I owned a 360, and now own a Murci):

    Stock 360 vs. Stock Murci - Pretty close, but maybe the 360 by a nudge.

    Tubi 360 vs. Tubi Murci - Murci sounds 10 times better.

    I have been told by many, many car enthusiasts that my Murci is the sounding car they have heard, bar none.

    Visit for videos & sound of Tubi Murcielago. Careful not to drool on yourself during the video.
  5. Stock Murci exhaust is LAME!!! The Gallardo (stock) sounds great though. HI CLAX
  6. Hey AMGirl! How are ya doin? You guys gotta get the Tubi on your Murci! And I have heard a Tubi Gallardo and it sounds wicked! Hope to see you guys soon.
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  8. the murci with a tubi is the best sounding car i have ever heard, not even close.....without a tubi it is ok, but the stock muffler system on that car is too big and restrictive
  9. I saved a video clip of a Murci doing a 150ft, 4-wheel-burnout launch and I think it sounds AMAZING.
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    At my BBQ party...4 Gallardos all modified exhausts! All different.
    Here's mine. Clax how does the Tubi Merci sound in comparison?
    Should be vicious with those 2 extra cylinders!
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  11. Wow, Wayne. Your car sounds nice!

    I don't know if the Murci sounds "better", just different. Maybe a fuller sound, is how I would describe it.

    If you check out, they have some video clips of a Murci with Tubi. My car sounds pretty much identical.
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  13. Clax, riding behind your car going into Cleveland, was just intoxicating!! That thing just sounds plain evil!!!!
  14. Hey NYSEguy! Sorry I missed you guys at AMGirl's & Doc's place. Sounds like I missed out on some good fun. Hope all is well down in Florida after all the hurricane activity.

  15. WOW!!! On that site the sound of the Murcie with the Tubi is almost frightning
  16. Eh, nothing that can't be fixed :) When are you supposed to come down to fl anyways?
  17. I drove a Murcielago with Tubi and was totally captivated with the sound. I even had the salesman take the car out so I could hear from the sidelines.
  18. i have heard several of the Murcis with Tubis (off the scuderiasystems site) in person..and quite frankly they are awesome..never heard a car sound so frighteningly loud.......the only other car that i have heard that compares (or better) is an F40 (straight through) with Tubi test pipes....

    The murci with tubi is def one of the best sounding cars/systems....
  19. The Murci, with Tubi, is an unforgettable sound- raw, forceful, dangerous. It is a deep, powerful bass to the Ferrari's slightly more melodic tenor. It is incredible.


  20. I saw the Scuderia Systems Murci-Tubi video a while back and thought it sounded awsome, but that was before I heard the Murci of one of our relatives. Unfortunately, I know little about his setup other than it being a custom job from a shop here in SoCal. Let me tell you this is one of the most ferocious sounding cars I've ever heard, minus the Cizeta. I haven't heard the Tubi setup in person--judging from the video it seems they might be similar with the Tubi being a bit deeper toned. It is extremely loud, but it is also very clean and sophisticated. Very racy and rich. I will never forget hearing that thing when he first started her up. As loud as it is though, it is perfectly tolerable inside while driving. Not dissing the tubi at all, as I was salivating all over my monitor when I first saw the video, but imagine that but better.
  21. I agree the stock murcis and gallardos are boring in person, but with Tubis they sound phenominal. Epsecially the Murci. Sounds down right wicked.
  22. The orange Murcie at the Gumball 2004 sounded amazing.
  23. The Murcielago is the nicest sounding car I've ever heard. I was right next to it as it was being revved to about 7K RPM while it was parked.
  24. you guys should check out then go to customize system, then lambo, then pick the car you wish then choose the kreissig exhaust, with the same tips then check out the videos, there are also ferrari videos. But i have to say the countach sounds amazing.
  25. I too purchased a Tubi exhaust before taking delivery of my new Murcie, I drove the car with the factory set up for a week then had the Tubi fitted. Sound aside, I was incredulous when the technicians showed me the factory silencer/back box. On the floor of the workshop it takes both hands to lift it and looks like its been tack welded by an apprentice.The tubi can easily be lifted with 1 hand and is beautifully made in shining chrome, I am a fan of these exhausts having had one on my 355, but the weight saving over the factory set up must be enormous. (Ive just been out to the garage to put it on the scales but it goes off the end)
  26. How much was the tubi for the murcie. I know Murcie exhausts are usually very expensive (more so than F-cars), perhaps because of how few are made.
  27. I found this one on the web (how silly, can't remember where).
    It shows a grigio avalon murci leaving the parking lot.
    Incredible deep & sonor exhaust sound when revving;
    is it the stock exhaust ?...then i like it a lot, otherwise what system may the beast have got. Adjust the bass on your player If u have the ability to do so. (If somebody knows more about this video, please tell me)

  28. Funny how videos of people's cars end up all over the place ;)
    That's a Tubi on that Murcielago - how do I know? Because it's ME in the driver seat. I was leaving a meeting of in February this year. God I miss that car!!!! heee heee

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