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Murcielago Roadster being show in a couple weeks!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Blue S2, Feb 25, 2004.

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  2. Put the money in the "next one."

  3. Looks good. I see an E-Gear tranny.
  4. Did you notice that the Car has the E-Gear in it for the first time instead of the usual 6 spd Manual from the photos?
  5. An e-Gear Murci Barchetta. Is there a better GT cruiser for sunny climates?

    Seriously, at any price that's a hell of a car with little to no competition.
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  7. I agree.
  8. The board's been slow lately, boring really. Geneva will spice it up hopefully, if they show anything on the next version of the Maranello I'm sure there will be reactions. If it looks anything like the clown show extreme type R 612 uglietti, then you can predict what my respone will be, lol.

    I also love 6-speeds, but in SoCal, they just aren't practical anymore. Too much of a chance of getting caught in the random half hour 3mph traffic jam. Even on weekends. That turns a nice Murci Barchetta cruise into a calf workout from hell.

    No fun.

    Besides, the new electronic clutches have come a long way. They're pretty solid now, and actually quite a bit of fun.
  9. What's the square panel behind the door, almost a solid rear quater window?
    Does it still have movable cooling panels? Is roll over built into the head rests? Does it have any top?
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  12. I kinda like the wheels...they are different. I am curious as to the kind of closing the car has? Is it a hardtop like the Diablo Roadster? I can't tell from the pictures what sort of roof goes on that. Unless its totally open. And those squares behind the seats, possibly pop-up rollbars?
  13. Thats a good question. Im not sure what the setup is. I would assume that it is hardtop like the Diablo Roadster, but like you said the pictures make it hard to tell. I dont know where they would store the hardtop.
  14. The Murci Roadster does have built in roll hoops behind the passenger headrests. The cooling intakes still move and the top is going to be similar in concept to the 550 Barchetta...meant to be used for emergencies. The only difference I can see from the concept vehicle shown in Detroit, is that the production car has fewer vent on the engine lid.
  15. Hi
    What about the solid panels behind the door? What are those?
  16. Very cool car! The only thing is how the rear deck looks. I did not like it on the Diablo roadster either. Apart from that, a good addition to the Lamborghini programme!
  17. Napolis:
    Those black panels behind the windows are the only parts of the car that I am not crazy about. On the prototype, they did not go down with the windows, which leaves them sort of sticking out. It would have looked very cool if they went down with the windows.
  18. Comparing the Prototype and the production version I see what you mean.
    A dark tint on the window might help as would making the panels dark glass.
    Having them retract with the windows is a good idea also. On the protype as they are lower and slant down they work but on the production version they look weird. The rest of the car is great.
  19. Looks disappointing to me. I like the coupe better.
  20. Looks very slick! I also love those new style rims!
  21. Personally i like the roadster better. I have always liked the Diablo Roadster and i think he new Murci just improves upon its existing looks. I do think that the Murci has a little too much elegance for the wild Lamborghini styling. More Miura than Countach flair. I love it, but i am hoping they make a roadster Gallardo. If they can make the Gallardo look as sharp as this new Murci as an open top, my money will be on the table!

    As a side note, not meaning to hijack the thread...Since Audi money is now building the new cars, how has this effected maintenance? It may be too early to tell i guess, but im just curious. Are services still an ordeal of taking the car apart, or has the German influence made things more realistic to manage.
  22. someone tell me why... why oh why... why does this look so right?! damn. a work of art.
  23. Blue S2, It is still early, but we have really not had any issues with the Murci or the Gallardo regarding maintenance and/or reliability. Both cars have been well put together, and quality, fit and finish, and quality control are at a level of the best engineered German cars.
  24. looks really really good.
  25. I like it, with 2 exceptions:

    1)The sidepanel behind the window, as previously discussed.

    2) The area behind the seat, where the covering is rounded, then meets the angular body panels. It seems like an awkward transition.

    Interesting to see there's no provisions for a real roof. I liked how the Diablo Roadster had the Targa panel, and the ability to store it on the butresses.

    I'm guessing the Gallardo Barchetta will be more along those lines, to be more user friendly.
  26. like the mercedes?...(15th in jd powers intial quality 2003)...anyway from personal experience with 2 friends gallardo...both have been back to the shop for major and minor problemsseveral times in the first 1k miles...the fit and finish of the car does appear to be very good and much better than the some of the previous lambos that were built like kit cars

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