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Murcielago RGT ALMS Update

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by markr, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. I am at the track and typing from my Blackberry so bare with me.
    -cars look real good, one painted team colors, one silver. -cars had good speed, very fast down straights, 1.5 off lead Vette, not bad at all.
    -no. 6 car tangled with a 911, major body damage, rear suspension damage, team said they would be back tomorrow.
    -both cars were shooting 2ft. flames on decel., sounded much like the 550/575GTC's
    -team was very nice, let us into garage to get pics, took40 just today
    -looks to be a first class effort
    -I will try and keep the updates coming, it is hard typing on this thing!!!
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  3. Great report Mark. Keep them coming. Sounds good considering 1 day of track time in these new cars!!
  4. Is the Murc going to be competing on July 5th at Lime Rock Park with the ALMS cars? I am planning on attending and would love to see the Lambo go at it with the C5R and 575.
  5. Yes that is the plan.
  6. Quick update from Mid-Ohio-
    Unfortunately, the no. 6 lambo sustained to much damage. Mechanic told it was nothing that could not be fixed but they just did not have the time to do so. The 5 car looked really fast in morning practice. Qualifying is this afternoon I will keep you posted.
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  8. Well qualifying just ended and all I can say is that I am very impressed. According to the times the Murcielago qualified third with David Brabham at the wheel. The times posted had them out pacing not only the Saleen but the no.63 Vette!!! The Lambo and the 360GT had the last few minutes of qualifying all to them selves. The announcer were saying how impressed they were with the Murcielago on its final laps. Let me tell the car was flat out singing coming down the back straight and around the backside of the course. With the other car dropping out, this helps make up for it. The 360GT was very quick and was second in practice. I am not sure where it qualified but most likely pretty high. It sure as hell sounded good burning out from the pits during practice.
  9. Great report Mark, the man on the scene!! Here is a pic of the # 5 car.
  10. ****, this is why I hate these dman score boards. The race engineer just told us that the timing charts are not really that accurate depending on who is on the course at any one time. Well at any rate they were 5th. So ok I feel like an ass but hey what can I say I was excited. The good news is that they knocked 6 seconds off their time from yesterday annnnnnnd I have tons of pictures!!!! I imagine we can beat the Carsport Viper, they are having engine trouble and are changing the entire engine as I type this. That leaves the Vette and the Saleen. Maybe we can get the Saleen but the Chevy's are just to fast. My updates for tomorrow will be much more accurate, I promise!!!

  11. That car looks insane, Anyone have any specs on it? HP, weight, gearing, tire sizes, etc?

    Lamborghini had best build a streetworthy approximation of this, if not, they should expect a visit from me...
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  13. Great reporting!! What kind of lap times are they running??
  14. Just leaving the track. Pretty good race even though we didn't do ass well as we liked. I posted some updates on ****************. I will update here with pics ASAP.
  15. I think it was a good race for a first time. Coming in 4th in GTS is no small feat. The car looked and sounded incredible and appears to have a lot of people routing for it. I cannot wait to see how it does next week at Lime Rock with the full GTS contingent back in action!
  16. It was certainly great to see the Murcielago on the track sparring with the likes of Porsche and Ferrari and of course Corvette!

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