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Murcielago reliability, usability

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by WILLIAM H, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. I'm still weighing either acquiring a chopped TR or the Murc Barchetta but since I know a lot about TRs I'd like to know if any Murcielago owners can tell me how reliable there cars have been.

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  3. when i was murcie shopping earlier this year i asked around on this and the feedback i got was generally that they are very solid cars when they're solid, but when something does go wrong (and it will, it ain't a honda accord), it can really be a pain in the ass. between service facilities being few and far between, and parts acquisition being often challenging.

    if you own it under warranty and you have an authorized service facility close by, then you're pretty well golden other than the occasional (presumably very occasional) N week downtimes now and then to track down problems and get parts to fix them.

    fwiw, i've heard told by folks in the trenches that dealing with lambo in italy can make dealing with ferrari in italy look like a walk in the park sometimes ;)

  4. Ive got an 86 Countach so I know about finding parts etc

    As for the Lambo people when I was in Italy on the car guy tour back in 2000 or 01 we visited the Ferrari & the Lambo factory.

    The people at Ferrari came off as extremely snobby insecure Aholes for the most part while the people at Lambo were happy, smiling, & friendly.

    The friendly people at Lambo really made me want to buy a Lambo instead of a Ferrari

    We even got to sit & chat w the then President of Lambo, Dr Grecco & I complimented him on his beautiful new factory & his happy friendly employees

  5. ya know...William,

    if you are itching for something "hot and topless", my stunning and practically perfect 97.5 diablo roadster is on the trade block....
  6. William
    From what I've heard the Murcies are fine esp. if you have a good dealer. I'd go for the Lime Green. The one I saw in that color looked great as did the black. Much more modern/better car than a cut TR but as you know it's also a lot more coin. I'd also go for a egear I know you don't like them but go for a test drive and you may change you're mind.
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  8. My Murci has been very reliable, and I am impressed by the build quality and solid nature of the car. I would say the fit and finish is slightly above that of the 360 I owned. My dealer experience has always been very positive, and scheduled maintenance costs are very reasonable. Apart from the car itself, the feeling that the dealer & company give you is that you are part of a small family that is very open and helpful. Much different than the feel that I always received at Ferrari. Since owning my Murcielago, I have had the opportunity to be treated to a variety of privaleges through the dealer/company that were never even offered by Ferrari. But in summary, the reliability of my car has been excellent.
  9. What color is it ? Any photos ?
  10. Very solid car but from what I heard the 2002 + 2003's have mechanical problems so if you are looking 2004 is the best way to go.

    Also keep in mind this car gets LOTS of attention but half the time you will not see it because they car has soooo many blind spots that you have to sometimes guess to get out into traffic. That is a MAJOR problem with the car.
  11. William

    The lime green (verde viperia) certainly rocks. - You can also special order her with a green interior. Do not also forget the blue with the white leather and blue carpets !! Certainly in Miami there are plenty of places to get the car serviced. A Murcie is 80% of the Diablo. Why wait ? Run to the dealer and order the Roadster. Senoritas Latinos bonitas, me gusta Murcielago Roadster.
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  13. Mr. Woods,

    I don't think attention grabbing is a bad thing. Our resident pimp, William loves attention, and he has fun with his cars. :)

    I would agree with Mr. G and suggest a Lime Green or Burnt Orange topless Murcie. William, you need a good/wild graduation present to yourself, and I think this will do it.

    Keep us posted. :) :)
  14. Donde esta Julietta? Yo necessario ella :D :D

  15. Necessito mas tiempo por favor. Gato necissita mas tiempo.


    I figured you would show up on this thread. Holla Senor Ryan !!

    Most folks would probably agree - Lamborghini's tend to look better in pimpin colors. Unfortunately I could never get the hot colors, to go to the disco with. It is pretty much opposite when it comes to the RE's.
  16. Rock solid here.

  17. Hurry up with your game, before she disappears :D

    Holla mi hermano Ralph. Hope things are good.

    Don't want to hijack Bill's thread, but I agree they look great in pimp colors. Also I think Bill has the true personality for an L car. He is not docile and like some of the other people *cough cough* that drive 55mph all day in 6th gear.

    Bill will buy it, show it off, rip it up, and hob knob with the ladies. He is the ultimate driver for the scissor doors imo.
  18. I work at a Lambo dealership and apart from the recall in early 2002 for a defective airbag switch in 28 cars, there have been no lemons to speak of. It is as solid as a rock.

    Honestly William, if you want to the ultimate in top down motoring, the Barchetta is for you. Plus, you already have an F40! Add another bull to the stable. You won't regret it.
  19. Blind spots for those who cant use their eyes. I can see everything around my Diablo, and the Murci is the same for visibility.

  20. I have to disagree with my friend Ben:

    The Murcielago has better visibility than the Diablo, almost as much as my Ford Expedition.

    Ben is fairly short, probably no more than 6 foot even. I on the other hand am over 6'2, even more with shoes on. I have not driven but did have the pleasure of sitting in the Murcie rag top. I was able to see 360 no problem.

    During the run from LA to Peable Beach this past August my neighbor's wife drove with Valentino himself for a full day.

    My neighbor has one on order. Your problem is not whether the car is the one to get but rather if you can get one.

  21. Honestly, can not see how that is possible. A friend of mine has one and there are spots where you can not see all over.
  22. In 2002 there were 4 Campaigns, instituted by Audi on the Murci including one very important one involving the steering rack!

  23. 5'11.75" :)

    We should finish this discussion over dinner! We'll be at the Ferrari dinner on Wednesday next week........ :)


    This is a helpful post. Can somebody shed some light on what the 4 recalls were, and how many recalls (if any) subsequent model years faced.

    Any other comments on reliability? Does ANYBODY have a problem with their Murcielago?
  25. i remmeber the lifting system being one - and all 02 murcies have a problem with thier windows (slow and jump off the track) i think that was all i rememebr
  26. Info on MY02 / MY03 steering wheel recall(s):


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