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Murcielago - real world running costs?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Ade, May 24, 2004.

  1. OK, I'm a very proud owner of a Ferrari 355 Spider. I love it to bits and have learn't alot about this fantastic car. Despite my love for Ferrari, I am seriously looking at buying a Murcielago to probably replace the 355, potentially a second-hand one.

    My insurance is going to be sky-high and therefore I need to plan quite carefully on other costs of running this beast. I would love to hear about some real world examples of running costs (in whatever currency) and depreciation. The more information the better.

    In the UK, second-hand prices are very high - e.g. £150K as opposed to £170K with 5,000 miles on the clock. I want to work out whether this is worth it, considering at 5,000 miles it could be halfway through a clutch (?!)and potentially other wear parts. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. BE sure NOT TO DRIVE ONE first as then you won't care about the costs!!
  4. Ha ha! I like your fleet of cars by the way. How much have you had to spend on the Diablo?
  5. Ditto from racerdj.

    The running costs are oil and filter if you can do it yourself (not recommended unless you are experienced with Lamborghinis). There is no timing belt so no big cost there. It is a chain and requires no care or replacement as in most other cars.

    Your biggest cost will be gasoline. If you run a thin oil as I do (30 wt) you can get another 2 or 3 miles per gallon. I am getting 14 MPG with only around town driving and the car has only 1,700 miles. It will loosen up more with time. Also I am going from 30 wt to 20 wt oil soon. This should get maybe 1 more MPG.

  6. i cant believe most murci owners would care much about 1 mph difference in gas milage or gas milage at 360 spider gets mid teens at best with only 8 cylinders,,,,..but for these cars who cares..i want a murci everif got 1 mph!!!!
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  8. Murci's are considerably faster than this!
  9. Further yet DON'T EVEN LOOK AT ONE. Stay at home where you will be safe as the car magazines don' t due the cars justice.
  10. Has anyone actually had ANY problems with a Murci... ya know, had to get a new clutch.... how much did it cost etc etc?

    Perhaps we don't have that many owners on this forum...? Or perhaps nobody actually has a car old enough to have encountered any problems yet.

    For interest, I'd like to know rough running costs for a Diablo - potentially a good starting point for running costs for a Murci.

    Thanks in advance guys
  11. There are people with 70k miles on there original clutches. If you try to spin your wheels a lot then they could last as little as 5k miles. Four wheel drive cars cannot spin wheels. Trying to do so will rapidly waste the clutch.

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  13. I have a customer that has over 20k miles on his Murci and I only see him for oil changes and normal service intervals. We had one glitch with his car, something in the traction control. Replaced a sensor somewhere and he was back down the road. I rarely see these cars in the shop. Actually, the only thing that I have seen them in for more than once is for the dash leather bubbling from excessive heat. You can drive the car in heavy traffic and it does not get hot, the clutch is very smooth and easy pedal actuation. It also has 4 different settings for the suspension so that you can make it a little more liveable on rougher roads. Ali already said it but the car is belt driven so no more timing belt services to the tune of 5-7k. I think your biggest worry outside of insurance and gas will be tires if you ride her hard and brakes if you see a lot of cops!!! Good luck and let us know if you get one.

  14. 3 weeks and 500 miles counting the 220 mile trip home.As Chris has stated "You can drive the car in heavy traffic and it does not get hot, the clutch is very smooth and easy pedal actuation. It also has 4 different settings for the suspension so that you can make it a little more liveable on rougher roads." I did not think I would enjoy the car so much. After the Armorfend was installed the car is very easy to clean. The biggest problem is the brake dust.
  15. Thanks for your input Chris, very helpful. I'll keep you posted with how things go with my decision over the next few months..

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