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Murcielago questions

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bostonmini, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, brand new here, also keep an eye on Lchat.....didn't want to say it tho;) In all seriousness, I have a murcielago question, and I think this site is used a lot more, maybe this is for Allan in particular, he seems like a lambo guru....why didnt lamborghini use an ALUMINUM frame for the murcielago as a new design? wouldnt it be far better for the handling, to have these cars get lighter? I saw one the other day, GORGEOUS black on red, but man, its HUGE! looks comfortable, but I hope that it can handle as well as the lighter cars as it is a sports car that really is supposed to be "better" than the gallardo, unlike the 360 and 575M, which are diff. Also, does anybody know if this car could be used for longer drives? comfortable or really meant for half an hour of tearing it up only? Ive heard this, but I cant believe it, the ride can't be THAT bad...It is interesting, bc it is superior (at least in acceleration, maybe handlin?) than the modena, but seems to be basically as user friendly on a daily basis, while the next "step up" to an enzo or Carrera GT seems a lot less practical still....and the quality is finally passeable;)
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  3. The Murcielago is a fantastic car. As for comfort, i find my Diablo comfortable, so the Murci is like a Cadillac. Why the frame was designed the way it was is beyond me, have to ask the factory that one. My guess is cost. But, if you consider the 360 a good handling car, the Murcielago shaves 16 seconds off the 360's Nurburgring time. The Murci is up there with the best. As for Lambos quality, its just as good, if not better than any corresponding Ferrari. Been that way forever.
  4. The Murcielago is a very well put together. It feels "tighter" than a Diablo when you drive it so don't be fooled. It may look big and bulky but it wraps itself around you at speed.

    How tall are you? Yes the car is comfortable. I put 23k kms in mine in one month. My wife hated it for negotiating the hills in San Francisco, but you should see some of these inclines.

    The car feels very planted at speed. The faster it goes the more it glues itself to the ground. Do a search on the old threads. I've replied a bunch of times to this kind of post.

    As for what Allan says, I have to agree.

  5. My neighbor and I have recently purchased Murcielagos. They are daily drives, solid cars that are very comfortable for his average and my 6'2 frame. The interior has plenty of space. I do not feel cramped as in many other sports cars.

    He also has a 550 and I have a 575 Maranello.

    At our recent monthly Ferrari club meeting he drove the Murci to the eatery. It acquired all the attention from club members and onlookers. The car attracts the most attention.

    I do not see how an aluminum frame would work. The car is very low and there is no room under there. The engine has a ton of torque to handle. The top is steel, the doors aluminum and the rest is carbon fiber. It is probably as light as it's size will allow.

  6. Have to agree that the Murci has some of the best high speed stability that I have ever encountered in a car... just feels STUCK to the road no matter what speed you do.
    It's also got a fantastic engine.
    It does not turn in like the 360 (no car does) but definitely has more outright grip - traction is IMMENSE - thank the 4wd system.
    It's really comfy but the UK Right Hand Drive models don't have a proper clutch rest and the gearlever is further away from the steering wheel than I would like.. rear 3/4 visibility is pathetic so reversing/parking is a bit of an issue (for me).
    Odd clutch action (yawn) but otherwise near perfect supercar.
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  8. You guys definitely turned me on to this car!!! hehe, I saw one here in boston as i said,and it was beautiful, and seemed really well put together,and while I am not in position to acquire one just yet, I am shocked that more arent being sold...the one I saw was a '02 with 2400 miles....for only 249K!!! prolly get it down to the 230's since its been there FOREVER 6 months. Thats LESS than what the people want here for a 360 spider! and also, does anyone realize that the prices for Fcars are WAY cheaper in europe? i think maybe were getting screwed in this country...anyhow, I hope at some point Allan talks to his ppl at the factory and asks that Steel question, interesting to me. I sure hope that if I can get one in the next two years, it is as nimble as I hope;) hehe. Altogether, I am more and more impressed with Lambos. Its good that as a competitor, as we blatantly see with the upcoming 420 or whatever, lamborghini is forcing ferrari to get better as WE all win...
  9. There is a lightweight 2wd in the works. That car will be awesome and
    then some.
  10. 230k USD for a 360 Spider? Not sure about that one.

  11. You better believe it - they go for $220K and up. I've seen them go for up to $245K for a 2003 with less than 1000 miles.
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  13. Wow! My uncle must be a lucky man, to walk in and have bought one for STICKER! TWICE!
  14. Wow, I just asked my friend who bought one and he says that is waaaay too high. I feel sorry for whoever pays that much.

  15. "There is a lightweight 2wd in the works. That car will be awesome and
    then some."

    Any info available about this? Thanks, Will
  16. No official word, but rumors are it will be lighweight, 2 wheel drive Sv type, 635hp.
  17. Allan is right it will probaly be the equivalent of the Diablo SV.
    It will be considerably lighter and more agile than the current car. It may even suprise a few unsuspecting Enzo owners...
  18. as a follow up, does anyone know if the murcie chassis is really identical to the diablo 6.0 (and presumably the plain older diablo?) I would hope not, but if it is, when will they go to aluminum and have a car that weighs in at 1400 kilos :) i hope that happens, because I appreciate the best of what all marques have to offer both in history and innovation, but i must say that right now, i am much more taken by murcielago as a younger persons car than the 575M and probably the replacement, as mid-engined is more exotic, and now, the Murcielago is reliable as an audi, from what ive heard, even superior fit n finish, which means A TON to me at that price level...combine that with a superb (for the buyer, NOT the seller) resale price and you have a V12 Lambo, a gorgeous one at that, for the price of gallardo....
  19. Here they want $250k for an '04 spyder. At least it's azurro! :)
  20. I have the 575 M Maranello and the Murcielago. They are both as good as they get. So far there have been no reliability issues. They seem as though they would go forever. The upkeep is easier than older models. The Jaws of Life cannot separate us.

  21. How on earth did you drive ~15k miles in one month? And that in SF?

  22. Well a friend of mine finally acquired a silver Murc and took me out for a ride. My previous Lambo driving experience was about a year ago in a yellow 2001 6.0 Diablo that I got to roam around in for about an hour.

    First off just sitting in the drivers seat with the engine off the car felt more...substantial, solid. There were a few things around the cabin that I thought could've been finished better, like the grab handle on the passenger side where it meets the central tunnel. The steering wheel was rather pedestrian too. The view out the front is not quite as good as it was in the Diablo in my opinion. There's just more front end on the Murc than there is on the Diablo. In that car I felt like there was nothing between myself and the road. In the Murc the dash and metal of the front end seemed to fill my lower vision. Don't worry, I got over it pretty quickly.

    The engine note wasn't as aggressive sounding at idle but the Diablo I drove had an aftermarket exhaust. An item that is already on order for this particular car. Under throttle it was far better but still not all it could be. On a roadtrip to Vegas however I'm sure my ears would appreciate the stock pipes.

    We were tooling around the streets of West LA and the ride was quite comfortable, even on the rough streets. There were some surfaces I was sure the car would bottom out on and it just didn't. I've ridden in and/or driven heavily modded M3's and Audi S4's with rougher, less compliant suspensions.

    The public reaction however is even more severe than it is in a Diablo. Something I didn't think possible. In the Diablo folks at least waited for me to stop at light before attempting conversation. In this car the shouts were constant with people (the drivers no less)leaning out of their windows asking everything from, "how much?" to "are you hiring?" before launching into their life stories. I kid you not. This behavior prompted me to comment that a full black out tint be on the mod list as well. Might as well disconnect the window buttons too. You'll never want to drive around town with them down. Nice to know however that in car jaded Los Angeles there is at least one car that can still bunch the panties. As anyone who lives here can attest, Porsche 996 Turbo's, GT 2's, and 360 Ferrari's can been seen with alarming regularity. As a matter of fact this particular friend also has a Ferrari 360 Stradale. As special as that car is, and the two tone suede interior is really, really cool, visually the car itself just couldn't hold a candle to the Murcielago. Quite frankly it looked dated and a Ferrari enthusiast is the only person who is going to be able to tell the difference between it and a regular 360.

    Anyway, those are my notes. I'm not picking on the 360 but it just happened to be the car sitting closest to the Lamborghini. There was a yellow Tech Art modified 996TT that acquitted itself quite a bit better in the looks department. If only Porsche interiors hadn't gone down the tubes of late.

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