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Murcielago questions from new owner ;)

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Clax, Mar 15, 2004.

  1. OK. The car is getting prepped for me, oil change, etc. But, I want to change the exhaust and possibly have the windows tinted. First, which is the best exhaust to get (best sound, lightest, etc), and does anyone have a photo of a metallic yellow Murcie with tinted windows that I could see.

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  3. clax,

    the stock muffler on a murcielago looks like a treasure chest and is probably as heavy too. 77lbs. On my murci i used the larini pipes and depleted the muffler. the larini system was a hair under 20lbs, so i lost almost 60lbs of weight. Nice gutteral growl, but with 4 cats still on the car its not as loud as i want it yet. Platinum motors has a really nice exhauast as well with an "H" built into the piping to displace air and give a more "f1" type pitch. Their exhaust also depletes the secondary cats. For a large v12 however i still prefer the growl over a whine. Ive used the Fuchs and its a nice muffler too, but your looking at over 5k in price. I'm going to stay with the larini for now, maybe try a quicksilver, ive used the fuchs and have been happy with it but not the price. In addition im also going to just make my own set of test pipes but leave the primary cats on the car. i can upload a pic of the stock murci exhaust if you'd like, its sitting in the back of my shop.
  4. Take a look at tubi. Verdi ferrari in the UK have one on a mucielago. They even have a sound byte on the web site.

  5. Definately stay away from burtoni. Id have a custom setup made. Cheaper and better. I would make sure to delete atleast 1 set of cats, i would dump all 4.

    Make sure the dealer checks the throttle bodies are synched properly. Common problem, causes idle to jump.
  6. Matt, thanks for the info. I'd like to see the pic of the stock exhaust, if you have a chance. Thanks.

    Dunc, I can't seem to find the sound file. Can you send the direct link? Thanks.

    Allan, I don't think I have the time or the patience to get a custom system built. I really would prefer to stick with something out-of-the-box (like Tubi, Capristo, Fuchs, etc).
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  8. Clax, the rear muffler is a rectangular box that is alsmost identical to the one on the Diablo. Big piece of crap.
  9. The treasure chest of doom. I would definitely at this point for all around gains and considerations stay with either the larini with test pipes, or the platinum exhaust. PM me if you want any more info on either. The only set of cats i would deplete are the secondaries which are mounted horizontally behind the muffler. Allan, i've already had the throttle body issue a few times lol. Definitely a great combination between that and an exhaust when sitting in traffic.
  10. That looks exactly like my Diablo box.
  11. Wow, that is ridicoulous!
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  13. Wow. That sound was AWESOME.
  14. My spine is still tingling !!!

    Congrats Clax !!

    PS.....everyone is going to look at the car.....tinting the windows isn't going to make you any less visible.......I'd pass on it personally......if they are sitting next to you at the lights they can see thru the tint anyways.
  15. I'm appauled at how shoddy that stock exhaust looks!

    Yeah, if you're going to $225k, another $5k for an stock exhaust is only 1.75% of the cost, and I think it would be worth more than that in enjoyment.
  16. What exactly are these? i found them on the site for around 3K.
  17. Clax - listen to me mate - I was actually running around in the silver car in the video (after all that is my company website :) ). Replacing the muffler alone will mean you keep the skinny stock end tips which have valves on them (to reduce noise).
    To get a proper noise out of this car you need:
    - Tubi 110m straight through tips
    - The Tubi "rumore" model extra-loud muffler (near enough direct exit)
    I believe US cars have secondary cats which our UK cars don't - you will also need Tubi Test Pipes to replace these cats. It doesn't cause any problems because the lamda sensors in these cars are in the manifolds.

    Believe me - it sounds AMAZING - it sounds like nothing you've heard in your life. I suppose Allans SV sounds similar but ultimately because it is completely straight through it sounds even better.....
  18. PS. I also think that tinting the windows (although it DOES look good and is nice for discretion) may be a decision you come to regret.
    The car is not particluarly generous with visibility as it is and if you go for a particularly dark tinting option you will be making it potentially harder to drive...
    I am really interested in this throttle body alignment issue.... would be great to have a steady idle.
    By the way - the HRE 547R wheels on this car look AMAZING... In hindsight though I would probably get the hub blacked out and have the outer rim polished!!
  19. terribly sorry this is the pic i was reffering to.
  20. What system did you have on the silver car in the video? Was it the extra-loud muffler with the straight through tips?

    My concern with the test pipes to replace the cats is that it may be too loud. Did the car in the video have cats, or no?

    Can you please PM me pricing and delivery time? Thanks.
  21. Hey Allan your always going on about how great Lambo's are, but I have to day, I am wayyyy impressed with the design of that muffler, must reflect well on the rest of the cars 'unseen' components lol... Sorry could not resist, blame Mr Carlsberg.
  22. I've seen the stock 360 exhaust as well, and it's not an engineering marvel by any stretch of the imagination.
  23. Yes, if youd like i can post the marvel of engineering that Ferrari calls its headers and exhaust on the 355. Or i can show you how rediculously even the silly air boxes are done where they clamp off the air going out.
  24. That looks horrible.
  25. Clax, euro cars only have 2 cats, while U.S. cars have 4. Get rid of atleast 2. There are vids of my car on the Lambo site we're not allowed to talk about here, and also on that you can hear to get an idea on sound with no cats at all.
  26. Sorry I gave you the wrong site, try and click on media at the top.

  27. I hear the Borla exhaust is pretty good, can any of you back that statement up?

    I also love the quad tips on the Borla, looks awesome.

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