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Murcielago Performance Bible: All Tests To Date

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Silver99, May 31, 2004.

  1. There isn't one definitive list of ALL the different magazine and television performance tests on the Murcielago thus far, and this post will help to rectify that. Below are the figures that have been recorded for the Murci on various tracks, by a variety of professional evaluators.

    Please feel free to add any tests that you're aware of that I may have missed, but please know in advance that we'll need a link or reference for accuracy. NOTE: I have omitted the Car and Driver timed roadtest results of the Murcielago due to their editors stating that the results do no reflect the true potential of the car (broken shift stalk limited shifting) therefore it's not absent through mistake.


    3.5 - Motor Trend (USA)
    3.6 - Auto (Italy)
    3.6 - Automobilismo (Italy)
    3.6 - Road and Track (USA)
    3.6 - Top Gear (UK)
    3.7 - Auto Motor und Sport (Germany)
    3.8 - Car and Driver (USA)
    3.9 - Sport Auto (Germany)

    0-100MPH (160KPH)
    8.7 - Road and Track (USA)
    8.8 - Top Gear (UK)
    8.9 - Sport Auto (Germany)

    11.5 @ 124.3mph - Auto (Italy)
    11.5 @ 123.4mph - Automobilismo (Italy)
    11.7 @ 122.5mph - Motor Trend (USA)
    11.8 @ 121.2mph - Auto Motor und Sport (Germany)
    12.0 @ 121.0mph - Road and Track (USA)
    12.3 @ 120.3mph - Top Gear (UK)

    30.5 @ 169.2mph - Motor Trend (USA)

    20.9 @ 158.6mph - Auto (Italy)
    21.0 @ 155.2mph - Automobilismo (Italy)
    21.4 @ 156.0mph - Auto Motor und Sport (Germany)

    7:50 - Nurburgring, Sport Auto (Germany)
    1:12.0 - Hockenheim, Sport Auto (Germany)

    1:38.6 - Ferrari F50
    1:39.8 - Porsche 996 GT2
    1:39.8 - Lamborghini Murcielago
    1:43.4 - Porsche 996 C4S

    1:40.9 - Ferrari 360 Modena
    1:40.4 - Porsche 996 911 Turbo
    1:39.6 - BMW M3 CSL
    1:36.9 - Honda NSX Type-R
    1:36.6 - Lamborghini Murcielago
    1:36.0 - Lamborghini Gallardo

    12.7 - Motor Trend (USA)

    205.1mph - Top Speed
    12.5 - 0-200kph
    37.6 - 0-300kph
    696ft. - 150mph to 0mph (braking)
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  3. Nice recap.
  4. Nice job, thanks for the compilation! Just a note to add. The Car & Driver test is not a true indication of performance, as they had a car that had some minor problems, so they were not pushing it to the limit.
  5. Great job!! I'm going to copy your idea and start a Diablo similar thread!
  6. I forgot what magazine but the 2004 e-gear Murci did a 7:43 at the ring, only 4 seconds off the cgt the current record holder.
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  8. Sweet. Now, remove the heavy stock exhaust, replace with a Tubi/Larini, then remove the cats and install test pipes, and install aftermarket filters. Weight savings of about 150 pounds, and additional ~40hp. I'd love to see the lap time on the car after those mods...

    I love how Ferrari fanatics and Porsche enthusiasts say that Lambo's are only good to look at, not drive fast. Sure.
  9. Results from highspeed tests from Nardo oval in Italy preformed by German magazine, Auto, Motor und Sport, January, 2002

    Aston Martin Vanquish
    0-62 mph 5,6
    0-124 mph 17,4
    0-186 mph 55,0
    Actual Top speed km/h (mph) 316 (197)
    Claimed Top speed km/h (mph) 305 (190)

    Ferrari 550 Maranello
    0-62 mph 4,7
    0-124 mph 14,6
    0-186 mph 61,2
    Actual Top speed km/h (mph) 306 (191)
    Claimed Top speed km/h (mph) 320 (200)

    Lambo Murciélago
    0-62 mph 3,6
    0-124 mph 11,4
    0-186 mph 34,2
    Actual Top speed km/h (mph) 330 (206)
    Claimed Top speed km/h (mph) 330 (206)

    Mercedez SL 55 AMG
    0-62 mph 4,6
    0-124 mph 13,7
    0-186 mph 32,5
    Actual Top speed km/h (mph) 325 (203)
    Claimed Top speed km/h (mph) 250 (156) (limited)

    Porsche 911 GT2
    0-62 mph 4,0
    0-124 mph 13,1
    0-186 mph 40,9
    Actual Top speed km/h (mph) 315 (196)
    Claimed Top speed km/h (mph) 315 (196)

    // Peter
  10. Wow great find Jim. Any chance you could identify which magazine or driver performed that test?
  11. would love to see a diablo recap, esp for the different models also
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  13. Thanks a lot for compiling this data. Its amazing how such a heavy car can produce such amazing 0-100 mph results!! Is it just me being stupid, or are these figures mostly faster than what the factory claims? I though they claim 3.8 secs for 0-62 mph?

    I recently saw a video (posted by chaa) where a GT2 beat a Murci around a track.. could just have been driver error/ability.

  14. why shouldnt it? GT2 is a lightened track car, rwd, etc, not nearly as nice an interior, the murci is a razor edged road GT that has incredible style. Not really a track machine at all.

  15. 1. Factory times are often very conservative.

    2. The winner between a GT2 and Murcie would depend on the track in question.

    A Murcie is a bit faster than a GT2 in a straight line, particularly at speeds above 140MPH. At tracks like the Nurburgring, which have some areas where ultra high velocities can be achieved, the Murcie is able to match/beat a GT2. For reference, a stock GT2 has turned dry laps at the Ring in the 7:46 - 7:48 range consistently. The Murcie has a 7:50 time in the hands of the same driver (Horst Von Surma). However we're trying to verify that newer 7:43 time mentioned previously, which is an e-Gear model and was likely piloted by Horst for Sport Auto as well.

    Another track time that we have for the Murcie and GT2 is at Hockenheim, which is a smaller and tighter course. At this venue the GT2 timed a 1:12.6 lap while both the Murcie AND Gallardo timed identical laps of 1:11.8.

    So it really depends. I've seen other results as you have that show a GT2 beating a Murcie at various places, but the cars are really so close (MUCH closer than the average anti-Lambo person believes) that it would certainly come down to the driver under all circumstances. :)
  16. While true in the past, Audi's influence seems to have caused a transformation. These are now machines that don't seem to fear turns. :)

    An example:

    1:12.6 - PORSCHE 911 GT2 (996)
    1:13.2 - PORSCHE 911 GT3 (996)
    1:13.5 - BMW M3 CSL
    1:14.6 - HONDA NSX-R
    1:14.7 - FERRARI 575M MARANELLO
    1:15.1 - FERRARI 360 MODENA
    1:17.6 - AUDI RS6 (2004)

    Also based on recent time comparisons, the Murcie and Gallardo are both around 11 to 15 seconds faster per lap at the Ring than the previous Diablos were, including the lightened Diablo GT.

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