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Murcielago = most exciting *production* car

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by manu, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Well it's been a complete u-turn...
    Through my business, I have been lucky enough to run a Murcielago for a short time... (it has subsequently been sold) not just a quick 30 min test drive and I thought I'd give you guys a quick write up:

    What can I say? WHAT A FABULOUS CAR! The 6.2 V12 has to be a contender for the worlds best engine. I cannot think of any car which throws just soooo much torque at the wheels at such low rpms.... wring it out to the redline and your next shock will be the length of the gear ratios... they're sooo long and pulled with such vigour that you end up doing silly speeds in 2nd.. (I saw an indicated 131mph in 3rd - hadn't hit the limiter).
    The clutch is still too light but on the LHD car I was driving (bear in mind, here in the UK we have a right hand drive market), it was OK and feelsome with an adequate clutch rest on the left. The brakes are perfect.
    What is amazing is how comfortable the beast is. It sounds absurd but it really can double as a long distance GT car... The seats are perfect and the pedals (although slightly offset) are cool.
    Also the sense of transmitting 570hp through 4 wheels makes sense.... The LOVELY *fiorano-equipped* 575M spins it's wheels EVERYWHERE whereas the more powerful Lambo just translates BHP into forward motion.
    The steering is PERFECT - one of the best I've ever felt- feelsome and perfectly weighted. No the big car doesn't appear to change direction as quick as a 360 but in a quick rolling race against Ninja Eli's 360 Spider, I was just walking away....
    Most impressive elements of the car are:
    1. The engine (WOW!)
    2. Stability (everything - at V high speed, cornering stability, and under extreme braking)
    3. Sheer comfort.
    I absolutely LOVE the skyward-opening doors, and the overall look. The interior needs to chosen in flattering colours (like crema) - the dash binnacle is a little Audi (read boring) but OK..... It's fabulously easy to drive (I conceed that I've drive all different supercars everyday as part of my job) and all this nonsense about not being useable is just idiotic journalists talking ****. I was driving an LHD through tight London surburban streets and it was EASY - the car even get's over speed humps easy (without needing to hit the suspension lift button). Yes it sounds LAME in standard trim but the car we ran had a the super-loud rumore model Tubi (see my website for videos) - with that it was even more visceral...
    It's a very weird car the Murcielago - it's got subtle styling (for a Lambo) but sledgehammer presence... it's comfy and yet visceral... easy and yet exotic... it's pretty much perfect - it's even BUILT properly!
    I was out as a passenger in a 360 CS yesterday which is another fab car but very much a limited edition.

    My conclusion - The Lamborghini Murcielago is the currently the most exiciting *production* car for sale in the world today and with the way prices are dropping I reckon it represents excellent value for money.

    The next question is: which interior colour should I get with Orange (Arrancio Atlas?) because black doesn't do the interior any favours??

    (sorry about the essay)
    Edited to say: Why the HELL do they ALL (I've driven a LOT of Murcielagos) hunt around at idle.... (revving to as much as 2000rpm...).it's a little disconcerting and witha Tubi can be a little embarrasing as people think you are revving the engine like a prick... - only niggle with an otherwise GREAT car.
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  3. Manu....loved the write up...I remember when we were out in the Lambo, utterly astonishing piece of machinery.
    As for interior colour with orange...thats a tricky one beacuse its hard to compliment such a striking exterior colour.

  4. I noticed the idle variation, as well. I've only driven 1 Murcie, so I thought maybe it was just a characteristic of that particular car I drove. Too bad to hear that it happens with other Murcies, as well.

    Did you also notice that engine had a little trouble settling down to idle when revved in neutral? I found that characteristic on the car I drove. Other than that, damn, what a piece of machinery. I couldn't believe how much torque there is.
  5. What color for the Murcielago ? I like the Verde Vipera / Viper Green with black or brown interior (of course with the Green stiching).

    You could also get the orange car with a dark brown / tan interior with the
    orange stiching. Perhaps that may look good ?

    Thanks for the write up on the car. Just imagine when they produce a SV
    Murcielago with 2WD and less weight ?
  6. Get this interior:
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  8. The tan inserts do look very superior actually........
  9. Manu

    I loved that Murcie you bought along. When you sped into the Scuderia carpark it was like armageddon approaching. Such a menacing dominating look the Murcielago has, along with the exhaust that the devil himself would have chosen. Simply stunning.

    Along at VW it was the car of the day. Made the 360spyders in attendance look plain and boring (sorry guys).

    When you took Kevin off for a ride and let her rip it was sheer automotive heaven. Possibly the best sounding engine ive heard.

    What modifications were done to the car? Just a standard Tubi exhaust?

    Take care,

    Rico (same username on Pistonheads)
  10. Have to agree with Rico, it made the rest of the attendees at Virginia Water look pretty ordinary........even my smart :D, I could've stayed gawping at the Lambo for the whole of the VW meet, and the noise, oooooooh, good noise :D

    Absolutely fantastic, made my day, thank you!!

    Graham.J (again, same on PistonHeads)
  11. I just downloaded the video of the Tubi, and that sound is still ringing in my ears! Just awesome!

    Orange interior on Orange looks pretty hot. As someone else said, its tough to imagine a colour to complement Orange...other than itself.

    Personally, I've settled on the Yellow inserts on a Lime Green exterior as my ideal combo. And of course a Tubi exhaust would have to be installed. Now if only I was in the market...
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  13. Verde exterior
    Amarillo interior

    I was going to say that but....

    Don't forget the green stiching in the yellow leather. LOL

  14. What tubi video?

    I like all the Murcie colors:) At first the Green was ugly but it has grown on me...

    id really like to see the new vid of the murcie taking off..
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  17. never liked orange or lime green...things they are a changin'...
  18. anyone wanna clarify in that review how it has so much torque so low, when a NA engine has its torque actaully peak HIGHER than in say, a nice turbo engine? Is he saying that its just sheer displacement, or the valve timing etc that does it? as for the take off video, check on ****************!
  19. I'm the same way: I used to LOATHE orange and the thought on a car was profane... but slowly I've come to embrace orange first as a fashionable color (there was a burst of it in clothing 2000-2002), and then on Lambo's.

    When you see the Orange Pearl paint, it's gorgeous- almost like a two-tone.
  20. Here's a quick P-shop idea...
  21. What causes the Murcielago to hunt at idle is a dealer produced problem. During PDI, the dealer is supposed to properly synchro the 4 throttle bodies, and from what ive found, many arent doing so. Someone else on another board had this problem. I told them about this, and the problem was cured. Very easy fix.
  22. I had the pleasure of listening to a murci with exhaust all saturday at Texas World Speedway and it was beautiful sounding. Mean, mean,mean. But an orange 01 diablo stole the show. It atracted attention everywhere we went. It outshined my yellow 355 spider. What a car.
  23. Thanks for the good info. The car I drove had this problem, so it appears that this particular dealer was not aware of the requirement. I'll let them know.
  24. Clax, how is the comfor level of the murcie compared to 360?
  25. Rico/Graham J. - Thanks for the comments - When I took Mr Tony (on pistonheads) down for a ride I hit a peak of 260km/h (!!!) on Egham bypass before I hit the brakes (BIGTIME) to slow down for the roundabout.
    There were only two modifications to the car:
    1. Tubi Style Exhaust (Rumore model)
    2. 18'' Custom HRE Lightweight Polished Alloys.
    We put them both on for the previous owner. When we sold the car on, the new owner kept the exhaust but not the wheels which we currently still have.
    As a rule, both Ajay and I prefer our own cars to be LHD - for some reason Italian exotica just drive better when you're on the left. We thought this might be a problem on a Murcielago but not at all...

    The great thing about this car aside from the sheer level of comfort and the enormous performance potential is it's handling - just so STABLE, giving you the confidence to corner and experience RIDICULOUSLY high speeds.
    It also looks (and w/Tubi) sounds like nothing else out there - I'm still young enough to remember my university days very well, so I LOVE the attention. (which is wayyyyy more than any Ferrari except F40/F50 etc)...However bringing it back home through the 'rougher' parts of London late at night can be a little worrying..... that's the only time there is too much attention... people follow you and you are worried that someone will get a little overfriendly while your sitting there at the traffic lights alone.

    That's the first Orange/Crema I have EVER seen and I like it A LOT. But Ali Haas interior is GORGEOUS.... so I'm thinking perhaps two-tone, black and cream.
    The thing is, I'm probably going to get Left Hand Drive (they're just better) and I'm not going to buy new (don't want to get kicked in the nuts on depreciation) so I'll have to find an Orange car and get the interior re-trimmed (oh nooo $$$$$)... let's see what happens!

    Alan - interesting note about the throttle bodies.. every single Murcielago I've ever driven has hunted like a bast*rd at idle. I wonder whether the boys at Lamborghini London know.....

    P.S. IMO Murcielago is AT LEAST as comfortable as 360. Only the 575M beats it.
    P.P.S The car was costing me and Ajay around 80GBP per day in petrol (that's around $150 for you US folks!)
  26. Who cares what people think, even if you are intentionally revving, other, jealous people are the pricks. Fock 'em!!!

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