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Murcielago in real world, daily conditions...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Cavallini, May 11, 2004.

  1. To the riders of the big Bull....How does it behave in real world situations? Potholes, driveways, stop and go traffic, low clearance, mountainous inclines etc.

    Many thanks for your insights and experiences.


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  3. Surprisingly well, and much better than I expected. The suspension has 4 settings, allowing the ride to be quite supple for general cruising. The engine, transmission and clutch are very well mannered in stop-and-go traffic. Driveways and inclines can be a little concerning, but the car has an adjustable air suspension in the front which lifts the nose about 2 inches at the touch of a button. I was initially concerned about going over speedbumps, but they have not been an issue. If you are looking for a daily driver, the Murcie is not it. But from a supercar standpoint, the car is very comfortable and well mannered.
  4. I agree totally with Clax, but I do drive mine almost daily (weather permitting). Not any concessions in the comfort department for keeping it home just the terror of some jealous a-hole doing something to it. Also visibility is a bit of a problem.
  5. I drove one in NYC on streets under construction, side streets etc. Car is great. No real isues that stand out in my mind
  6. Agreed. But once I got comfortable using the oversized mirrors on the Murcie, side visibility became much easier. Backing up is sometimes tricky, especially in the dark. This might sound strange, but I think that the visbility factor in the Murcie adds to the character of the car, and actually makes you a better driver (need to stay more aware of what is alongside you).
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  8. True, maybe its the fact that my daily car a 996tt you don't sit nearly as low in the car as the Murcie, so jumping from one to the other multiples the effect. I don't let the visibility keep me from taking it out backing up and parking is still tough imho.
  9. i wish i had your problems!!!!!

  10. How well does the rearview camera work? Is it standard or an option or only aftermarket?
  11. Here in Florida the car is a daily driver. The rear visibility is no worse than a big SUV. Use your mirrors. Yes, it does take a little getting used to, then no big deal at all.

    You do have to pay attention. The car is very wide, people are always looking over at you and although potholes and speed pumps slow you down they do not adversely effect anything. I would rather be in the Murcie than a vett or viper in the same conditions. Fortunately you can lift the front for angled drives.

    You cannot have a phone in one hand and a drink in the other. Turn your phone off - same for driving anything else for that matter.

    aehaas, MD
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  13. I have no rearview camera in mine. As far as I know, this is an aftermarket option only. I would never consider that for my car, I feel comfortable the way it is.
  14. there are many many better cars to be driven "regularly" although its an excellent weekend machine for me

  15. Elaborate, if you would.....
  16. Diablo comments here: The comment about a better driver by being more alert is very true!!

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