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murcielago in Dupont

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Juice It, May 10, 2004.

  1. Anyone know what the deal is with the Murci in the June Dupont for 160 that states that it is for sale by a wife that states she has the keys and title and her husband will get whats coming to him or something to that effect? Seemed a bit strange, I just wondered what the real deal was.
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  3. Its a wrecked car.Been on ebay a few times also.If something seems too good to be true........
  4. Haven't seen that ad, LOL. :)

    I wonder if this is the infamous damaged Murci that keeps popping up for sale?

    6.0 beat me to it by a minute....damn....;)

    Thanks for clarifying that. I guessing it was that car.
  5. I called just for fun it was a guy and he said it only was driven for two hours and it's just like out of the show room but it was in a accedent the first day 30,000 worth of damage but it's all fixed now and there are no problems with it . Then I hung up!
  6. Guys have I got a "deal" for you all.

    1st PM me and I will give you wiring instructions.

    ..... How about a 1994 512TR with 5,000 miles and all for 65,000 ?

    Wife says there is no room for her new Escalade. The car
    has to go tonight. Just wire the money and the 512TR is

    Cmon folks. The only good deals are in the country. You know
    somewhere Farmer Brown has a 1960 F.I. Corvette Roadster with
    the original motor, aluminum heads, big brake option, and an original
    28,000 miles. All #'s match. + hard top. Original paint. It is a
    survivor. The car has been sitting in a de-humidified barn for
    years. 12,000 dollars or two dairy cows. Anyone know where
    Farmer Brown is ?
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  8. Is it salvage or rebuilt title?
  9. I would love to see this above thread, early last year I bought my 94- 512 with 5000 miles and also a new Escalade for my wife,hmmmm,she wasn't all that happy when we had three full bays of toys not including her new Escalade, this one sounds to close for comfort!

  10. Hi Glen:

    Enjoy your hot SV !!!!!!!!!!

    Who has been snoopin and poopin around ?

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