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Murcielago Hunting Problem

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by manu, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. Any Murcielago owners or people who have driven the car....

    I have a question.. when you drove it like I drove today (for the 6th time and in both a left and right hand drive example) did you find the engine hunts around after startup for around 2 minutes.
    In fact when I engaged reverse, with the clutch depressed the ECU was causing the car to rev up to 2000rpm and then back down to idle (1000rpm) and then back up and down... hunting around without me going anywhere near the throttle and this is after 10 minutes of normal driving NOT after a startup.

    I don't touch the throttle on Murcielago for at least two minutes after startup because of all the computer self checks..

    I have been told ALL Murcielagos do this but when I drove a LHD example 5 mins later it was MUCH better behaved....

    Also do you find that if you try to idle the car of the line the ECU goes mad and revs the car up to 2k -2.5k making your babying of the clutch a little pointless....?
    Do they all do this because it's getting on my nerves. I still can't figure the ridiculous clutch/ECU blipping out - is there any way of disconnecting the hydraulic assistance for the clutch (yes I DO have large leg muscles :) )
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  3. The one I drove did no such thing. It was a US spec car.
  4. The one i drove didnt do that either.
  5. I have driven a few with no such issues.

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  7. So what then is my Ferraris excuse for its niggling faults? Its F1 background? lol
  8. Lambos
  9. My take.

    The car should "hunt" only during warm up. I think it is attributed to the priming of the cats.

    Having the car hunt around for 10 minutes is way out of line.

    As for the computer booting up or whatever for over 2 minutes, that is also odd. Should take less than half a minute, if that. I never timed it, but my mental chorograph tells me 2 minutes is way too long. Just waited for the beeps and such to stop. The only time it took any real time was when the car had an ABS leak or something like that. So what ended up happening is that the computer was trying to right the ABS pressure. It was a simple fix.

    I'm in Houston right now and just saw a Murcielago in action. It too didn't show any of the symptoms you mention. Could it be that the car has been sitting for a long time and something went wrong? I drove my car often, so that is the only thing I can think of. I have been in and driven five and three Murcielagos respectively. None of them showed the symptoms you mention.

    The overassisted clutch is another issue altogether. To be frank, I'd love a happy medium between the light clutch and the Diablo's heavy clutch. If I had to pick between the two I'd pick the lighter clutch though. Those Diablo clutch pedals are STIFF. No idea if the hydraulic assist can be disabled.

  10. It is normal for the computer to take up to 90 seconds to "normalize" the ECU. Rough idling is common during this initial time period.

    I was told that the 2004 Murcielago has an updated ignition. I will take delivery of one soon so as to compare the 03 and 04 side by side.

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  12. Having felt the unassisted weight of the Murcielago clutch I would have no problem if they dumped the ridiculous hydraulics...
    There is no "feeling" of clutch engagement - the car starts to move but this is not discernible from your left foot.

    This is a far more exciting car than anything Ferrari currently make (exclude Enzo) IN MY OPINION... I just want them to get it perfect because it's almost there... and then I'll get one!
  13. Manu,

    I think your patience might pay off.

    I know of others who have complained about the lack of feel on the clutch.

    Given how the Gallardo is supposed to take the "everyday Lamborghini" niche of their lineup I wouldn't be surprised if they stiffen the clutch. That said, do keep in mind that there were many complaints from Lamborghini owners on the stiffness of the Diablo clutches.

    How did the Murcielago clutch pedal feel unassisted to you? How do you feel it compared to a Diablo?

    They're exciting cars. A better sound and a better clutch would be the first things I'd do to it if I were Lamborghini. Then I'd work on creature comforts. Given the price and it's contemporaries the car should have a navigation system with really good park assist type cameras or something. I also remember Jim complaining about the storage space in the car. I never noticed it given how I never really carry anything, but I could definitely see how it is in need of that too. Maybe door pockets that you can zipper at the least. Having them open would prove to be messy when the doors swing up...but I wouldn't leave it out of the question for any Italian carmaker, let alone Lamborghini. :D

  14. I dont find the weight of my Diablo clutch bad at all. Much easier than that of the Porsche, and not much difference between my 355.

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